Microsoft Launcher App: Customize Your Home Screen

A launcher that changes the whole dynamics of your phone and maintains your feed.

Updated on February 25, 2020
Microsoft Launcher App: Customize Your Home Screen

There are times when smartphones may start to seem boring to you. Not just because they are not fully optimized with new updates but also because you’re just tired of using the same default launcher that the brand has to offer.

Everyone likes a new smartphone interface and launchers serve that purpose in exactly the same way. Nowadays, we have various Android app launchers at our service, to help us in changing the overall look of your smartphones. With these launcher applications, you can add every important thing on the home screen that can be on your fingertips as soon as you unlock your phone.

These launchers cater to your needs and work efficiently while organizing everything in one space, we have one such mobile app launcher that can help you in assembling your mobile device in a clean way and not let you forget tasks or any other important day. We are talking about the Microsoft Launcher app. Keep on reading to know what all this app has to offer. 

Know All About Microsoft Launcher App

Microsoft Launcher is a highly customizable application that changes the format of your home screen to change the overall look of your mobile device.

Personalize your own feed in a way that makes your frequently used applications more accessible to you with ease in a simple yet unique way. Add different applications like sticky notes, calendars, and many more, so that you never miss out on anything important.

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Power-Packed Features of Microsoft Launcher App

This application is loaded with various innovative attributes that can really help you in changing your phone’s overall look. This is what makes it very simple for you to use with every major update on your home screen. Below are the listed features of Microsoft Launcher app:

1. Clean interface

An organized feed is updated by Microsoft for better navigation to apps. The app has really thought about the scrolling pattern and maintained that style in both folder scrolling and drawer scrolling.

2. HD Bing wallpaper

Supported by Bing, refreshing HD wallpaper coming to your war every day to enhance the look of your home screen, you can also change these wallpapers by simply clicking on the Bing icon on the home screen.

3. Organized widget on the home screen

Get quick access to search engine, recently used applications and QR code scanner without opening your whole app drawer. Everything is curated in one single space, with one more special feature known as Cortona.

4. Microsoft Cortona

Microsoft AI Assistant Cortona listens to you through the microphone and opens up the bing search engine to search for what you say to her. 

5. Own personalized panel

Swipe left through your home screen and your personalized feed will open up where you can log in to your Microsoft account and add your sticky notes, see the calendar, add tasks and track your screen timings with a news column covering all the latest news while you can select topics that interest you.

6. Various gestures

The launcher is all about gestures, making it easy to access everything at your fingertips, for example, double-tap to lock screen, two-finger swipe up to open Cortona and many more.

7. Themes

Themes like dark, light and transparent change the overall outlook of your phone. You can also change the accent color according to your wish while changing the app folder shape and style.

How To Use Microsoft Launcher App?

Using Microsoft Launcher app is very easy and the app is organized in a very clean format to make your functioning smooth, below are the mentioned points of how to use this application: 

Step 1. Install Microsoft Launcher app from Google Play Store.
Step 2. Open the app and click on “get started”.
Step 3. Allow Microsoft Launcher App to access your information.
Step 4. Choose  between your current or daily bing wallpaper
Step 5. Login to your Microsoft account or skip that option.
Step 6. Select the apps you want to have on your home screen or you can choose to have your old home screen apps.

Click on “let’s go” and you can set Microsoft launcher app as your default or think more about it by clicking on ‘later’ option.

Do You Need Microsoft Launcher App?

The Microsoft Launcher app can change the overall dynamics of your Android phone. You have complete autonomy to customize any aspect of your smartphone with this application.

The Microsoft Launcher app for Android makes your own personalized feed that can help you stay updated, with features like adding sticky notes, tasks, and calendars that you cannot forget anything because all your feed data is on the home screen.

The best part is that this windows application is completely free of cost for Android users and allows you to explore the possibilities of this application on an optimum level.

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MAD Verdict on Microsoft Launcher Review

Smartphones should have something new that can break the monotony and be a little more from what they are capable of doing. It's basic human nature to always try something new, it can be applied anywhere, be it our lives or our smartphones. Change is the only constant!

With the Microsoft Launcher app, you can constantly change your home screen with interactive and never-ending bing wallpapers. The launcher also keeps in mind that everything should be as accessible as possible on your home screen that you never feel the need to open your app drawer and search for that one app when you’re in hurry.

This launcher has the capability of changing every aspect of your phone to make it highly functional for you. Therefore, if you wish to see your phone’s home screen neatly organized then you can definitely try this application out and see for yourself, if not you can always go ahead and check out our detailed app review section for applications that are right up your ally.

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