Memrise App: New Languages On Your Fingertips

With Memrise app get access to languages that can help you to gain knowledge about cultures and people

Updated on April 04, 2024
Memrise App: New Languages On Your Fingertips

With technological advancements, you have a privilege to seek knowledge even if you are running on a tight schedule or having a sip of coffee at your home. You are heavily reliant on mobile applications these days because there is an app for everything to ensure comfort and productivity.

Learning never stops and neither should it. Everyone these days is ready to try something new and be unique from the crowd. In this growing world, people are trying to make the most of every opportunity and learning new languages in one of them.

Are you looking for an app that allows you to easily explore languages according to your convenience?

Well, the Memrise app is the right option you can trust. Choose from multiple languages and get the guidance of localities with other added features.

Memrise App Funding Rounds

The Memrise language learning app has been able to do exceptionally well in the market. As the number of learners and memrise reviews grew on the app, it has been getting huge funding to expand its AI platform and bring variations to the product which can help the users even more. 

mrise language

Facts About Learning New Languages

Knowing multiple languages can widen your horizons and change the way you think about the world. Below are a few of the mention facts and studies to know that why you should know different languages:

  • You are able to connect with a wide range of people from all around the globe if you know their language.
  • As per the study by a university in Sweden, you are feeding your brain when you are learning a new language.
  • Your inclination towards new languages can keep old age diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia at bay.
  • Gaining knowledge about new languages can give the right career path while changing your perspective while you are able to gain a strong vocabulary in your first language as well.

learn new languages online

Now you exactly know why learning languages can be a boom for you. Without taking much time, dive into our descriptive Memrise review and learn new languages online with this app. 

What is Memrise App All About?

Memrise teaches you new languages in a fun and creative way and helps you become fluent in any language that you prefer to learn like Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and many more. Explore huge vocabulary with various reading, writing and speaking exercises in the app.

Play numerous memory games and watch more than 30,000 videos of native speakers that will add a personal touch to your learning experience. You no longer need to mug up new words and sentences as an easy way to learn different languages is here to solve your problems without getting bored. 

Memrise app is designed in a way that maintains your interest throughout the whole learning process.

  1. Founder’s Name: Ed Cooke
  2. App Founded On 2010
  3. Worldwide User-Base: 40 million users
  4. Number Of Countries Serving: 189

Memrise Learn New Languages

How to Use Memrise Language Learning App?

The app offers simple ways to practice your selected languages that improve your skills on a daily basis. Become a fluent speaker of any new language within no time by using the Memrise app. Below mentioned are the points of how to get started with this app:

  • Download and install Memrise from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Sign in through Facebook, Google or Gmail account.
  • Select the language that you want to learn.

And start learning your chosen language from its very root while slowly and gradually moving to advanced phrases and words. The app completely dissects parts of language courses into levels so that you are able to get into a perfect flow.

Distinguishable Features Of Memrise App

The app has plentiful content that never stops you from learning. Below are the notable features of the app that will allow you to experience learning in the most efficient ways:

  • Levels: Learn languages with multiple levels and start from basic grammar knowledge to forming whole sentences in a correct tone.
  • Audio and Visual: Voice and video assistance allow you to learn and retain new information for a much longer period of time. While you can go back to revising your lessons anytime.
  • New Terms: Choose how many words you can read per day for your selected language to further enhance your vocabulary.
  • Offline Access: Download the whole course offline so that you are able to access it even in no internet connection settings.
  • Chatbots: Use the chatbots feature to practice and test your language progress via conversation and enhance your fluency in the language. 

The app is the free language learning tool that comprises a structured and enjoyable learning session for its users. The courses and exercises available on the Memrise app are prepared by linguistic experts and locals.

Is the Memrise Language Learning App Essential

Memrise aims to help you with learning new languages using interesting and creating ways and offers a number of languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and many more. If you are amongst those who wish to learn foreign languages but don’t have enough time or don't want to spend a hefty amount on tutors then the Memrise app is all you need.

The app offers various reading, writing and speaking exercises that will help you quickly learn new languages free. Memrise also offers language learning games that are designed to help in memorizing the vocabulary and improve your set of skills. Along with this the app also contains a huge collection of video tutorials of native speakers teaching language learning tips.

Is Memrise Learn New Languages App Free?

Although the Memrise app is completely free to use. You can choose to pay a minimal cost in order to gain more accessibility of the app. Below are the pricing plans of the app:

  • The monthly plan costs $2.61
  • Plan for 3 months costs $5.89
  • Yearly plan costs $15.71

These plans can allow you to access the courses offline and use a variety of scientific memory techniques to learn at a fast pace.

Memrise Learn New Languages

MAD Verdict: Memrise App Review

Memrise app instills great learning skills within you in a smart way and allows you to study a completely new language no matter what your schedule is. The interactive interface of the app can help you to enjoy your language learning experience and be the best way to learn languages.

Study new words, sentence formation, pronunciation, grammatical corrections that you can use in your daily conversation. Follow different exercises like sentence formation, jumble words and choosing the right answers to seek more knowledge about the language that you are keen on learning.

Memrise new courses are helpful for both beginners as well as professionals. Anyone can learn and be fluent. So, next time when you are visiting a new country and want to know and acquire their dialect, you know the Memrise app can be the one for you. 

Do you want to be a good linguist? Let us know in the comment section below and read our descriptive app reviews to know more about mobile applications.

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