Lockdown Privacy App - The Safekeeper of User Data

Keeping your privacy intact in the virtual world!

Updated on April 04, 2023
Lockdown Privacy App - The Safekeeper of User Data

The increased digitalization has made us prone to cyber threats at almost every point of our digital activity. And with time, as tech is evolving, these cyber threats are evolving in parallel. However, thankfully, there are tools that can be used to counter even the smartest cyberattacks to maintain the security and privacy of the data. In this Lockdown Privacy app review, we will introduce you to one of such security tools that you can install on your iOS devices to make them safer and more secure.

In 2021, the Google Play Store barred over 1.2 million apps just in 2021 from onboarding the app store as they one way or another did not qualify for privacy standards that would keep users safe from invasions. Every day, apps that you keep on your phone communicate with over 1,000 domains every day multiple times to share your data. 

To get this data, trackers are used and companies that receive this data use it for multiple purposes whether for surveys or personalized marketing. Until now, this VPN for iPhone app has managed to block over 1 billion trackers and is being used by 100,000+ people.

These numbers are the reason apps like Lockdown Privacy become a necessity for modern users. But here’s the fun fact- this VPN for iPhone app is not just a simple VPN app, it is equipped with some other amazing features that will provide you additional layers of security and privacy as an iOS user. You will know about these features further but let’s have a look at the background of this best VPN app.

Background of Lockdown Privacy

“They silently collect data on what you're looking at, your actions–every swipe, tap, and button click–your location, and more. When this data is collected, it's sent out to advertisers, data brokers, and analytics companies. 

By collecting this data on individuals from different sources, these companies build super-specific ‘shadow’ profiles of each individual. Those are the tracking attempts that you see being blocked in the block log.”  

-  Johnny Lin, Co-founder, and An Advisor- Lockdown Privacy

In July 2019, Lockdown Privacy was co-founded by Johnny Lin who now works as an Advisor to Lockdown Privacy. To overlook various operational and leadership roles of the organization, it has Phil Rogers, the General Manager of the company.

Skipping to May 2022, a leading mobile app development company known for building security and privacy-conscious apps, Appex Group acquired Lockdown Privacy, the best VPN for iPhone. At the moment of writing this Lockdown Privacy review, this best VPN proxy app is officially available to offer protection through multiple regions in Asia, Europe, America, and Australia.

Another important fact about this firewall to download on iOS devices is that it does connect to any servers or share any browsing logs with third parties. The tool is designed to ensure your privacy remains the top priority in the digital world. Let’s have a look at the features of this best VPN app to know the app better.

Features of Lockdown Privacy

Features of this best firewall app are offered under several premium packages but you can try these features for a while with a free trial irrespective of whatever package you decide to choose.

1. Remain anonymous

Lockdown Privacy

With SECURE TUNNEL features that you get to use on this firewall for iPhone, you can hide your location and IP address with just a single tap. This feature helps you hide from cellular providers and snoopers as well. Additionally, if you frequently use public wi-fi hotspots and websites, the feature keeps you safe from cyber-attacks from such sources as well.

2. Simple yet strong firewall

best VPN proxy

The next feature that we have to discuss in this Lockdown Privacy review gives a glimpse of the strong firewall standards that iOS users get with this app. It provides services like-

  • One-tap protection against thousands of data trackers;
  • Customizable blocking of domains and services (under premium subscription);
  • Offers protection against apps and sites both;
  • Updated preconfigured block list to keep privacy intact and evolved;
  • Blocks threats to your privacy without sharing the data with other parties.

3. Get insights into blocked trackers

VPN for iPhone app

This VPN for iPhone app offers a transparent service by making sure that you can review blocked trackers anytime you like. As mentioned above, these trackers are blocked on the user device itself instead of sharing any data on any kind of server. 

Its blockers block ads, trackers, and badware in apps on-device instead of having to connect with any server. Lockdown Privacy is the only best VPN proxy app that has been able to do that until now. 

Recognitions received by Lockdown Privacy

This firewall for iPhone has been the talk of the town for a while now and received many features. Some of its important recognitions are-

  • Featured by Forbes, Business Insider, The Washington Post, MacRumors, The Verge, iCulture, and more;
  • Featured by the Apple App Store as well

Lockdown Privacy app packages

You get a one-week free trial on subscriptions. Depending on the package you have subscribed for, once the trial is over, iTunes will automatically make the deduction unless the subscription has been canceled 24 hours before the subscription period ends. Here are the packages you can choose from.

Lockdown Privacy Packages Costs (in $)
One Month of Lockdown VPN $8.99
One Month of Lockdown VPN Pro $11.99
Lockdown iOS Firewall Monthly $3.99
One Year of Lockdown VPN $59.99
One Year of Lockdown VPN Pro $99.99
Lockdown Pro Annual LTO $59.99
Lockdown iOS Firewall Annual $29.99


Additional features of Lockdown Privacy

VPN free download

Wrapping up

Well, that is all for this Lockdown Privacy review that we had to share with you. But before we wind up the review for good, here’s our take. Our analysis of the Lockdown Privacy app helped us understand its privacy and security standards which are undoubtedly top-notch in the segment. 

For iOS users, this best firewall app offers a privacy layer that sets standards for its alternatives. So, if you are looking for a secured VPN app, give the Lockdown Privacy app a shot without thinking twice.

Lastly, this is for all developers reading this Lockdown Privacy app review for some inspiration to build their new apps. You can also have an opportunity to showcase your product on MobileAppDaily once it’s built and deployed in the market but for that, you have to submit your app to our experts for a review. Our experts will go through the app and make the final decision. Meanwhile, keep exploring MobileAppDaily and keep getting inspired and informed.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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