Qustodio: Smart Parental Control App

With children spending more and more time with devices, they are close to many dangers of the internet. Qustodio Parental Control App enables parents to monitor and filter what their children are getting exposed to online.

Updated on April 05, 2024
Qustodio: Smart Parental Control App

Today’s children spend the majority of their time with smart devices and being connected with the internet. With more screen time, availability of unsupervised content and presence of cyber predators on the internet, protecting their children from all of these hazards becomes a major concern for every parent. As much as the internet and technology are vital for the development of children, leaving them unattended can result in bad consequences. 

Qustodio App is a perfect solution for the parents who want to make sure that the time their children spend with devices, yield only good results. It is a comprehensive parental control app, giving parents complete control and overview of their children online, social media and cell phone activity. It works wonders in developing healthy internet habits in children and let them explore the internet in the safest and fruitful environment. 

What is the Qustodio App?

Qustodio App is a parental control and monitoring solution created by Qustodio Company, working to make internet browsing safe for children. They combined their understanding of consumer internet security and their experience to address the concerns of the parents who want to protect their children from the dangers of the internet. It is a paid app which comes with different subscription plans for different sized families. Though there is a bare-bone free version it doesn't provide most of its essential features.

Why is Parental control necessary?

The Internet is not a safe place, especially for children. With vulnerable minds and soft hearts, there is so much filth on the internet which can harm your children in many ways. Today more and more young kids are getting connected with the internet and spending considerable time with their devices. A study says that 32% of kids between the ages 8-11 owns a smartphone. Another study says that teenagers spend up to 9 hours per day on their devices. With so much access to the internet, some kind of monitoring system should be used by parents to keep their children away from harm's way. With problems like cyberbullying and cyber predators reaching up to 41 % children and sexting being a case for 31% children, parental control has become more necessary than ever.

Monitor, filter, supervise and do much more with Qustodio

Qustodio was created by internet security experts who carefully created solutions which could cater to any scenarios parents and children can come across to. Here are a few vital features of Qustodio.

Easy setup divided parents and children’s app

Qustodio offers a simple setup with specialised apps for parents to have complete data on their children’s online activity and children’s app which is installed in children’s devices.

Easy setup divided parents and children’s app

Easy to analyse data available at your fingertips

Qustodio app displays complete stats on the internet and device usage, social media activities, call logs, SMS details and locations of the children, in a matter of seconds. Analyse data with various charts and make comparisons.

Easy to analyse data available at your fingertips

Block Inappropriate Content and monitor social media

Children can feel drawn towards certain things which may not be right for them. Monitor such activity and start conversations to help them overcome. Keep an eye on your children social media activities and make sure they socialise in the best ways possible.

Block Inappropriate Content and monitor social media

Balance children’s screen, control games and apps

Children develop certain comfort in spending the majority of their time with devices. This may lead to several problems and can hinder the holistic growth of your children. Use Qustodio to balance the digital and real-life of your children. Restrict screen-time and make set schedules for the usage of certain apps.

Monitor calls, SMS and location of your children

Parents need to be aware of the kind of people their children socialise with. Qustodio allows parents to monitor the call logs, SMS records and location of the children to make sure they are away from any kind of bad company.

One app for complete parental control

Qustodio offers everything you need as a parent to make sure your children are safe while surfing the web. Some of the features are:

  • Smart Web Filters - It uses a smart web filter to modify the search results of your children, filtering out the sites which may be harmful to your child.
  • Multi-device - I can be used to control multiple devices in a family.
  • Advanced Facebook Monitoring - Keep an eye on the facebook activities of your children and make sure they are safe from social dangers of the internet.
  • Games & Apps Blocking - Block the apps and games for specific period of time while grounding your child,
  • Location Tracking - Always be aware of our children’s location and track that with the app.
  • Calls & SMS monitoring - Keep an eye on the call log and text messages of your children.
  • Call Blocking - Block the unwanted calls or block the phone usage through app for specific hours.

Qustodio App Review

How to use Qustodio?

Qustodio offers a pretty straight forward system divided into two apps. The first one is for parents which allow them to set filters, time tables and analyse all the data collected on their children’s online activity. The second one is installed in children’s devices which collects all the data and controls the children’s devices. Follow the step to use:

Step 1: Download the parental app in your Android, iOS, Windows or Mac device.
Step 2: Download the app on the children’s device.
Step 3: Integrate the children’s device by connecting through the Qustodio app.
Step 4: Use the app dashboard to monitor all stats.

Hits and Strikes


  • Extensive analysis and reporting with up to 30 days of data
  • Protection including filters, time-limit and reporting features
  • Limit device usage
  • Smaller footprint to go unnoticed in children’s app
  • Blocks apps and games
  • Youtube and Facebook monitoring
  • Location tracker and panic button’
  • Various plans for families for different sizes


  • The free version offers nothing useful
  • Reports of bugs

MAD Verdict

Design: 3.6
Usability: 4.0
Features: 4.2
Reliability: 3.4

MAD rates - 3.8

Qustodio is a brilliant app offering parents quintessential services which will help them keep their minds at ease. One of the finest parental control apps in 2024, it offers comprehensive control of the children’s devices, collects all the data related to their surfing and show a detailed analysis of the collected data. It's a great app to keep the internet exploration of every child healthy and help them grow to become a balanced individual. With a 30 days trial, we would recommend parents to give it a shot and see for themselves if it benefits their kids. Check out other mobile app reviews and know which apps are taking the industry by the storm.

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