Drawland App: Fun Guided Drawing for Kids

With the Drawland app, you have an option from over 200 sketches, ranging from numbers to letters.

Updated on December 11, 2019
Drawland App: Fun Guided Drawing for Kids

Pablo Picasso, the Spanish painter, once said that he draws like people bite their nails. Of course, drawing to him was as easy as falling off a log. But for many others, it’s not easy-breezy as it may seem. Especially, if you are a kid, you gotta learn drawing.

Gratefully, we have got an app called Drawland, that can assist you in drawing and make you learn things. To be specific, the app is for toddlers, who are new to the world of learning.

Drawland is a notable app that helps you learn drawing step by step, that too, in a fun and easy way.

Martin & Elena, the founders of the app, are of the view,

"Our goal is to enhance the creative skills of the next generations." 

Drawland is more like a digital drawing teacher, from where you pick images to draw. Drawland app also provides you with hints on drawing and measures your progress with every stroke. The learn to draw app stores the drawings and keeps track of the overall drawing skills. In addition to that, the app has an option that gives you feedback about the progress, as well.

You are free to choose from more than 200 different sketches, that contain animals, fruits, vegetables, numbers, and letters. With such features, Drawland perfectly fits in the apps that teach drawing.

Check out our detailed Drawland app review here.

How Does Drawland App Works?

After downloading the learn to draw app, you will be guided to the home screen, which has drawing categories and at the center bottom of the screen, there are three options:

1. My drawings: It includes all the drawings that are made by you. Also, it suggests the number of drawings cups that are required to reach the next level.
2. Tutorial: It comprises of a video tutorial, which can be of great help for beginners and instruct on the flat design, watercolor, and pencil drawing techniques.
3. Drawland Store: Here you can make purchases.

Then comes the categories, which include the following options:

1. Numbers & letters

  • Numbers
  • Letter part 1
  • Letter part 2
  • Letter part 3

2. Drawing with finger

  • Shapes
  • Autumn
  • Food and drinks
  • Home living

3. Popular

  • Christmas magic
  • Traffic
  • Magic land

4. In the garden

  • Meadow
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

5. Animals

  • Sea life
  • Safari animals
  • Farm animals

6. Our world and beyond

  • Into the space
  • European flags 1
  • European flags 2

In each of the drawing lessons app categories, there are numbers, alphabets, shapes, trees, and more. You can pick any of the categories and start drawing. For instance, if you start with the ‘Numbers,’ there are one to ten numbers listed. Once you start drawing by selecting the object, you will get options for pens, eraser, color pallet, and scale.

Then there is a meter in the middle of the drawing teaching app screen, that showcase the level of proficiency you have achieved in drawing that particular object or shape. The better you draw, the greener will be the scale.

If you think, you have drawn a perfect artifact, you have all the freedom to share it on other platforms like email, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. After all, appreciation can help kids learn faster. 

If you are still not clear about the object that you chose to draw, you always have an option to go through a tutorial, which can be accessed from the top-right corner of the screen.

Try to complete all the categories of the drawing class app and master your drawing skills.

In-App Purchases of Drawland App

The learn to draw app has drawing categories, which can only be unlocked by going for an in-app purchase. The following are the different plans that you can avail from this best drawing teaching app:

  • Letters Bundle 2: $0.99
  • Letters Bundle 3: $0.99
  • Christmas bundle: $0.99
  • Traffic bundle: $1.99
  • Magic Land Bundle: $2.99
  • Fruits Bundle: $1.99
  • Safari Animals Bundle: $1.99
  • Farm Bundle: $2.99
  • Flags Bundle 2: $0.99
  • Space Bundle: $1.99

You can go for a single purchase, else, there is an option for the bundle purchase, that will unlock all the categories and will help you save 40%. Also, you will be authorized to have all the future bundles for free. The deal actually sounds cool.

  • Unlock all bundles: $9.99

MAD Verdict: Drawland App Review

In our Drawland app review, we found the app a perfect tool for pre-school kids who are more into the drawing. Undoubtedly, Drawland is one of the best apps to learn drawing.

The other significant part of the Drawland is that the app helps to learn drawing, and at the same time, the kids can learn the numbering, alphabets, different types of objects, shapes, and more. For a pre-school kid, the Drawland app is a must-have tool for learning without putting many efforts.

In a few words, we can say that drawing with Drawland is fun from kids to adults. Work out a deal and boost your drawing skills and creativity!

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