Connect to encrypted WiFi and earn money by selling yours.

Updated on January 07, 2020

HotSpotMe is the world’s first on-demand Hotspot-sharing app that lets you connect to a mobile WiFi hotspot anonymously and securely while paying a nominal fee to buy wireless internet. Similarly, you can set up your own portable wifi hotspot router and earn money every time a HotSpotMe user wants to buy portable wifi hotspot. 

HotSpotMe is currently available in 11 countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. You can download HotSpotMe for free on Google Play. 

How to Use HotSpotMe?

As a User 

  • Once logged in, HotSpotMe offers you a map marking all nearby mobile WiFi hotspots within range. The ones marked with a red wifi icon are available for you to buy mobile hotspot.
  • Once connected to the wireless internet hotspot, you can browse, stream or use any app however long you need. 
  • The app keeps track of how long you’re connected to the wireless WiFi network. So when you disconnect, you can see right away how much did it cost to buy the hotspot. 
  • Charges for buying hotspot differs from country to country. 

As a Host

  • Register with your bank account or debit card.
  • Earn easy money every time a HotSpotMe user connects to your private WiFi network. 
  • Wireless internet hotspot hosts receive 72.5% of the total charge per transaction. HotSpotMe covers all payment and payout processing fees. The Payouts are initiated on the first day of the month and hosts receive funds within 2-7 business days. 
  • Your WiFi name and password are kept anonymous so no wireless internet hotspot user can access it. 

HotSpotMe App Review

How is HotSpotMe Special?

HotSpotMe pays special attention to user data security and privacy of your private WiFi network. All payments are safely processed by Stripe, a payment software used by major corporations including Facebook, Target, Lyft, and Shopify along with 100,000 other small companies. 

Moreover, when you connect to a public WiFi all your data including bank passwords and other sensitive details are vulnerable to hackers lurking in those networks, says Kaspersky. To avoid losing your sensitive information to hackers, buying hotspot from a secure and encrypted private WiFi network is way safer. 

Our take 

We can see why Robert J. Sabharwal, HotSpotMe and a Harvard graduate, would tout the app as “Uber for Hotspots.” We use apps like Uber to rent a taxi service, Airbnb to rent a temporary home and Getaround to rent a car among other rental services. Why not use an app that gives the same secure service for a private WiFi network? 

HotSpotMe review speaks of a product whose services were always asked for but never met until we found the ideal internet rental app. And, while it offers people safe and secure internet connectivity from trusted networks across the globe, it also has the potential to be a great income source as others buy your portable wifi. 

In our app reviews, we bring you technologies that are not just far-sighted in their vision but have the potential to change our interaction with mobile technology. And in our HotSpotMe app review, we find it to be one such app ideas that are bound to go global. If you think your app has similar potential, get your app reviewed to get the word out on the street. 

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