JanGan App - Connecting Communities Smartly

A community app for every Indian!

Updated on February 02, 2023
JanGan App - Connecting Communities Smartly

JanGan is an app that revolutionizes the way you interact with the people of your community. This app brings community members together by providing them with a platform where they can securely communicate, stay connected, and contribute their ideas. The JanGan for iPhone and Android is equipped with plenty of other features but to know them in-depth, you will have to read this JanGan review until the end so we can describe them better.

In this JanGan app review, we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of the JanGan mobile app. Later on, we will also rate this one of the social media platforms in India on the basis of a few factors.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Features of the JanGan mobile app

To help you in understanding the functionalities of the JanGan app to interact with people, we are listing down every feature individually. If you are a resident of India, then you definitely should have a look at these features to understand how the JanGan app download can help you in finding a like-minded crowd better.

1. Community chats

Community chats

It is very easy to find your communities on the top community app and engage in conversations with them. You can find your communities on the basis of religions, regions, political views, or spiritual beliefs. Additionally, conversations in this one of the best apps for community members are private and secure.

2. Create personalized banners

personalized banner

If you decide to download the JanGan app, you get a tool that allows you to create easily shareable and personalized banners. These banners can be a cause that you support, any rally you want to invite people to, or any message that you want to spread. You can simply create a personalized banner in this amazing design app and share it easily on popular chat platforms like WhatsApp.

3. Stay close to community leaders as well

community leaders list

The JanGan for iPhone and Android is designed to bring your leaders closer to you. You can easily explore the list of members and leaders in communities and connect with them by using the JanGan mobile app. This feature of the JanGan download is designed to ensure that you have a platform where you can actively contribute and discuss ideas to grow your community.

4. Use Audio Live to connect with community members

Audio Live

The in-built Audio Live feature of this best community app allows you to interact with members involved in any discussion by using your voice. This feature is like a group call where you get the freedom from endless typing. Instead, you can talk to them live, hear discussions, and even share groups with others so they can join. 

This segment is divided into two parts where you can be a part of the people actively involved in speaking and listening or, you can be the part of the audience that just listens. To avoid any disturbances and unwanted elements in the group, group modifiers have the ability to approve participants and then only they will be able to speak.

5. Create or engage in community tasks

community tasks

This one of the top social media platforms in India allows you to contribute actively to society. You can explore tasks created by others and pledge to complete them. Or, you can motivate others to participate in making communities better by creating tasks and asking members to join these tasks.

6. Donate to help causes you believe in

Donate and help

JanGan is probably one of the rare top community apps you will come across that actively provides you the opportunity to support causes in multiple ways. One of these ways includes the ability to donate to causes that you support. You can check the app to have a look at the causes that you want to contribute to by donating.

7. Explore the post feed of your community

post feed

The post-feed feature of this one of the best apps for the community allows you to stay up to date with discussions going on in the community group. You can explore the latest topics of several community groups that you are a part of by exploring these post feeds.

Pros and cons of the JanGan app to interact with people

Existence of a perfect app is a myth. Every app that exists in the market has pros and cons so it’s better to know them before you decide to install the app for a smooth experience. Furthermore, we are listing down the pros and cons of the JanGan app.

Pros of the JanGan mobile app

  • 100% free to use
  • Bilingual user interface that supports Hindi and English
  • Provides you an app-exclusive ID card
  • Provides privacy and safety features
  • Very easy-to-use 

Cons of the JanGan mobile app

  • Supports only Hindi and English 

Additional features of the JanGan app

Additional features

MAD Rating

Security - 4.8
Features - 4.9
Navigation - 4.9
Pricing - 5.0

Wrapping up

Well, that is all that we had to share to introduce you to this amazing community app. Going through the features of the JanGan mobile app made it clear that this app is an amazing initiative for people who look forward to making real impacts in their societies but due to the lifestyle that most of the members of modern societies live, it is hard to make time for that. The JanGan app keeps them updated, helps them in sharing their ideas, and contributes to several causes. So, if you are a member of Indian society, we highly recommend you give this best community app a try.

Lastly, we hope that this JanGan review helped you in knowing the app better. If you are a developer as well and want our experts to review your app as well, you can always reach out to us to get your app reviewed. These reviews are helpful for you in understanding the best potential of your app while you also get to know if there are scopes to improve your app further. You can also explore MobileAppDaily more to read more app reviews or to find top companies that are leading the app development market. While you do that, we will go and draft another top app review for you.

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