Cirkul App Review- Exploring Shared Mobility!

Find out how the Cirkul bike ride app is fueling a shift toward soft mobility!

Updated on July 20, 2023
Cirkul App Review- Exploring Shared Mobility!

Renting a two-wheeler through a secured application and wheezing through your city is extremely fun, exciting, and affordable at the same time. Whether you are living in any part of the world, many people are now preferring two-wheelers for their daily commute.

This is the reason why the global bike-sharing services market is expanding and is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. Whether you are visiting a new place or are on the lookout for an affordable traveling option, bike-sharing apps are sure to help you through it all.

Cirkul is one such ride app that has been developed to offer transportation services at affordable prices. This app will come in handy for all your travels and is thereby a must-have for your Android and iOS mobile phones. In our Cirkul review, we will further discuss all the peculiar features and functionalities offered by the app. With an in-depth knowledge of this bike ride app, you will be able to make an informed decision to use it.

Cirkul App Review| What is Cirkul App?

The Cirkul app is designed to offer unique and sustainable mobility solutions available for all users. The service is organized systematically with self-service hybrid bikes that enable you to travel easily from one place to another. The app allows you to easily rent a two-wheeler for short distances and complete your travel in the most affordable way possible.

The Cirkul ride app offers a large selection of bikes for the users to choose from. You can also opt for an electric bike that will create less pollution and will be better for the environment. The app supports working in multiple languages and is thus extremely versatile in its operations.

Through an integrated channel, the Cirkul app enables you to book a bike and ride it to your destination. You can drop the bike at the nearest center to your destination. The process is simple, pick the bike you wish to ride, unlock it, and start riding.

Two-wheelers are the best way to reach your destination on time without having to worry much about the traffic and cost. The Cirkul app has perfectly designed assistance for users to help them travel easily. As per the Cirkul app ratings, the app has grown immensely popular among users since its inception and is preferred by many of the now. With multiple rental options and subscription plans available, this bike ride app is the best way for cutting down on the notoriously expensive travel cost around big cities.

Cirkul App Review

Why was the Cirkul app developed, and for Who?

The best cycling apps have been developed with the aim to protect the environment from the harmful gases emitted by cars and other fuel-based vehicles. The Cirkul app was developed with the aim of resolving traffic congestion on the roads. Most people traveling from home to work use their private cars, which can cause major chaos on the road. To resolve this issue, Cirkul has designed a unique and sustainable mobility solution that can be helpful for both the environment and the people.

With an ambition of maximizing carbon neutrality, the Cirkul app offers efficient traveling solutions directed toward:

  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs and Executives
  • Employees
  • Social landlords
  • Communities

Why was the Cirkul app developed, and for Who

Cirkul App Review | What do we like about the app?

After a lengthy period of popularity of taxi sharing and car rental applications, apps like Cirkul ride have brought around the much-required reformation. The Cirkul hybrid bikes offer the simplest and most affordable means of transportation. The app is packed with a variety of features, and here’s why you should use it:

1. Reservations and Instant Bookings

The Cirkul app offers multiple options for users to book or rent bikes for their everyday travel. You can either request a reservation priorly or opt for an instant booking option available on the mobile app. You can make an easy booking through the app with just a few simple clicks.

The instant booking options and ease of use offered by the app save you a lot of time traveling. With multiple rental options, the Cirkul self-service bike app is highly recommended for simplifying everyday travel.

Reservations and Instant Bookings

2. Affordable Cost

Cirkul app offers bike rental services at affordable prices as compared to other applications available in the market. Users can easily choose a bike to reach their destination and save a lot on their travel expenses. There are many benefits of renting a car with a car rental service. However, this can be quite expensive for everyday travel and is thus avoided by many users.

This bike ride app resolves this issue by offering Cirkul hybrid bikes at multiple locations. Users get the benefit of selecting their preferred vehicle and paying as per the time taken and distance traveled to reach the location.

3. Location Tracking

Similar to other bike rental apps, the Cirkul app enables a GPS tracker that allows users to reach their destination easily. With GPS, riders can accurately get traffic updates and directions. Along with this, a GPS tracker also allows users to track and locate the nearby Cirkul station for renting bikes.

The app can automatically trace your location and direct you toward the nearby station for hiring Cirkul hybrid bikes.

Location Tracking

4. Lock and Unlock Bikes Using the app

The users of the Cirkul app can unlock their bike using their mobile application and return it back at any time. All the Cirkul rental bikes are available at a bicycle parking station. The bikes are automatically secured through an automatic attachment system and can only be unlocked using the mobile app.

Cirkul App Review | Mobility Solutions

Cirkul is a unique initiative aimed at reforming traffic management in cities. With its innovative solutions, the company has made its name as the best bike rental service available in the market today. Some of the exceptional solutions offered by the Cirkul app are listed below. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Self-service Bike Stations

Cirkul self-service bike app solutions help companies and communities to develop a softer mode of transportation for their employees. Using a bicycle for traveling is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for everyday travelers.

Bike stations are supplied with electricity to charge vehicles and keep them secured through an automatic attachment system. The hybrid bikes offered by the Cirkul app are an excellent solution for ensuring the well-being of the employees as well as the environment.

2. Company Bikes

The huge variety of bikes offered by this bike rental service is worth mentioning in our Cirkul review. Unlike other popular rental services, Cirkul enables users to choose a bike as per their preferences and requirements.

Renting company bikes is a simple solution through which companies can assign personal bikes to employees. These bikes can be used for both personal travel and commuting to the office. You can rent a simple bike for daily travel or a sporty bike for your adventurous solo trip.

3. Charging Stations

Cirkul simplifies the process of installing your electrical charging stations. These stations are supplied with electricity to recharge your Electrical Vehicles or Rechargeable Hybrid Vehicles. Cirkul deploys VE/PHV terminals on your site for long-term rentals.

With a daytime connection, Cirkul enables you to reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable solar energy. Vehicles can also be charged at home, in the evening. This is the perfect option for employees who travel regularly to the office.

4. Car Sharing

Car sharing can simply be understood as the shared use of a fleet of vehicles by different users for a short period of time. Carpooling is extremely sustainable and economical, enabling users to save a lot of time and energy. Car sharing ensures a sustainable budget for the company and saves the traveling cost for the employees. 

5. Multimodal Offers

Cirkul app not only offers rental bikes but also lets users benefit from car rentals, as and when necessary. The company offers a long-term electric bike rental, coupled with a car guarantee. This combination gives you an opportunity to pick up a vehicle as per your preference and liking.

Why are Cirkul Solutions Relevant and Necessary?

As per the Cirkul review, its mobility solutions are extremely effective in creating a sustainable and environment-friendly model for resolving traffic issues. Some of the main points that justify the relevance of Cirkul solutions are:

  • Cirkul self-service bike for rent is the best response to growing carbon emission and traffic congestion.
  • As per the Cirkul bike review by its users, the hybrid bikes offered by this app are extremely effective in reducing commuting time.
  • With the charging stations installed by the Cirkul app, you can make your site more accessible for customers and employees.
  • Traveling with bikes and rental vehicles, users can save a lot on transport budgets and the costs of their vehicle fleet.
  • The Cirkul app offers you an easy way to contribute and engage in the ongoing energy transition. You can do your bit to save the environment and energy by using a Cirkul self-service bike that runs on electricity.

Cirkul App Review | How To Use the Cirkul Mobile App and Bike?

You can easily download the app using the Cirkul PlayStore and Cirkul App Store download link mentioned below. The mobile applications make it easier for users to manage their electric bikes and track them easily. The app sports an intuitive interface that makes it ideal for all users.

As per the Cirkul review, renting bikes and vehicles through this app is extremely simple. If you are wondering about how to actually rent and use the Cirkul rent bike, we have got you covered. Follow the below-mentioned steps and ride freely.

1. Download the Cirkul app for free from Google and iOS app stores

  • Register on the app
  • Fill in the information about your payment option
  • Give access to your device’s Bluetooth and camera

2. Begin your bike ride on your preferred vehicle

  • Choose the ‘Start a Trip’ option
  • Scan the QR code placed on the right side of the bike
  • Turn your bike on with a long press on the ‘ON’ button

3. Take a break during the journey

  • Easily secure your bike outside the station using an anti-theft cable
  • Unlock the bike using the padlock

4. Complete the task and return the bike

  • After completing the job return the bike to the nearest center
  • Insert the bike into the free slot
  • Click on the ‘End My Trip’ option through your mobile app
  • Upload a photo of the bike at the station to complete the process

Final Verdict!

The Cirkul app is undoubtedly the most unique innovation in the bike rental business. By integrating advanced technology and innovative ideas, the app has successfully managed to make its name as one of the best rental services available for companies, large enterprises, and individuals.

As per the Cirkul bike ride review by the existing users, this app is a great solution for shifting your everyday travel to sustainable mobility. This app is not only beneficial for its users but is also great for the environment. The list of benefits offered by the Cirkul app is endless, to explore more you must try the app for yourself. You can download Cirkul app from PlayStore or App Store and make your big shift towards soft and sustainable mobility.

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