Ijura : Data protection app for smart devices

With so many looming threats in the cyberworld, does the cloud-based Ijura app act as a saviour? Read on.

Updated on February 02, 2023
Ijura : Data protection app for smart devices

Your phones are getting smarter and privacy weaker. With so much data leaks, phishing scams, privacy theft stories, you might be wary of trusting any anonymous app that promises to secure your personal info. Well, there is an app which you can trust as it comes with the best security services for smartphones and it is called ‘Ijura’.

Ijura is a cloud-based cybersecurity app and a part of Tata Communications’ strategic investment. It is known to give utmost importance to data protection. The app won’t fish out your data like browsing details or personal IDs and sell them to third parties for profit; in fact, the opposite. Ijura safeguards your phone from mobile device security threats by providing real-time monitoring of your data traffic, bars dubious websites that are known to carry out malware and spyware attacks, phishing scams and other advanced assaults on your confidential particulars. The app comes with amazing ways to improve your mobile app security.

A study revealed that unsafe transactions happening in North America through mobile devices aggregates to a whopping 59 per cent! It’s a scary figure and that’s just one type of illicit activity which is happening. That’s why there is an absolute requirement of strong cybersecurity means for smart devices. To keep your phone(s) safer, you will need the Ijura app as it provides a holistic protection system. Whether it’s detecting malicious traffic, stopping OS exploits, keeping vulnerable apps at bay, defence against mobile malware threats or network exploitation harnessing, acting as WiFi protector, Ijura comes with security at different layers to keep your devices pitch-perfect.

In this Ijura app review, I’ll explain the features that make it so trustworthy.

Features of the Ijura App


It’s a very simple representation of the logo, there’s nothing much to one’s notice, nor does it possess any noticeable attribute. It may not be true but I think The text ‘Ijura’ is locked inside a circle of trust that could represent what the app is about. I’m just thinking aloud.

Usage and Login

The app is customised to suit both regular users and corporate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users. After installing the app, you get to choose the type of user who’ll be using the app. This includes two divisions- ‘Adult’ and ‘Child’. The next step involves where you have to register or login (if already registered). It involves the standard formalities of providing names, email and phone number. You also get to enter a ‘Device Description’ where you can give clever one-liners which only you can decode. Along with it, you get the ‘Select Profile’ option where you can choose from either-

  • Adult Device
  • Parental Control Device

Once you’re done with the details, the final step will involve an OTP generation, post which, the Ijura security is enabled.

Services that the app provides

  • Robust network protection- Instant and continuous threat detection with fraud protection.
  • Savings on cost- Ijura itself creates a safe and flexible environment for enterprise apps (EA) to act as consumer apps without making server-side integration necessary. This reduces costs.
  • Enhanced UX- Vanguards against fraudulent information which can be generated via emails, DMs and SMSes without hampering the device’s performance.
  • Cloud Deployment- Since it provides cloud-based solutions, it’s availability is at a global level. The app enables real-time protection against the most notorious threats and phishing attempts.

Hits and Strikes


  • Cloud-based security
  • Easy to manage
  • Security management is excellent
  • Protects smartphones, tablets and IoT devices


  • User Interface not highly interesting
  • A few bugfixes still required

The Verdict

Design- 3.5 stars
Usability- 4 stars
Feature- 4.5 stars
Support- 4 stars

MAD Rates- 4 stars

Ijura is certainly amongst the greatest apps which guard your phone against any and every vulnerable cyberattack that devices are prone to. As it is cloud-based, it makes the app extremely powerful and not only for protecting mobile devices but tablets and IoT devices which enjoy equal safekeeping. Deadly attacks such as MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) which steal your credentials, fake cell towers, data breaches and backdoors, malware, malicious spam emails and messages are all detected by Ijura with fail-safe methods. Thus, it’s needless to say, Ijura should by on your phones, right away.

I personally recommend it for those who connect their devices in public spaces like offices or restaurants. Hope the Ijura app review makes you feel at ease from the dangerous world of cybercrime.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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