Happin App Review - Change the Way you Hangout!

Search events and like-minded attendees!

Updated on February 02, 2023
Happin App Review - Change the Way you Hangout!

Smartphones and apps have revolutionized the way we socialize with each other. From bringing the concept of dating apps into existence to helping people find friends virtually, these apps have turned out to be a blessing in disguise to connect with new people from anywhere. Among such top apps to boost your social life, Happin is also emerging as a leading name.

This one of the top social media apps for adults is designed to help you find friends and connections to hang out with easily. Instead of having to ask your friends individually to invite them to hang out, you can simply create events and let like-minded folks join you. This way, you simplify the process of finding friends who love everything you love.

To understand how Happin works, we will dive into its individual features in this Happin review. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Features of the Happin app

Happin is thoughtfully designed with a few factors like connectivity, safety, verification, and exploration. Among all apps to make friends you see in the segment, Happin has some unique features which make it an ideal choice for planning outings. Further mentioned features of this one of the top apps to meet new people will give you more insights into it.

1. Find events and attendees

best app to find friends

On this best app to find friends, you can explore events planned depending on your interests. You can explore events based on your age, trends, areas of interest, etc. However, the better feature of this one of the best social apps to meet new friends is its ability to connect you with people who are attending the same events.

You can just filter and explore profiles of people on Happin, one of the most popular social media platforms and swipe to see if you receive a match. If you do, you can talk to them and plan to attend the event together.

2. Find and connect with people nearby

best social media platforms

This feature has an extra charm that makes the app unique compared to other social networking apps. While finding people to connect with nearby, you can find them on the basis of what you like or the events they are attending to. That way, you get the perfect hangout partner that shares your interests. In short, this one of the best social media platforms helps you in finding people you vibe with.

3. Create virtual audio parties

top chatting apps

To communicate with people or to create audio rooms where you can discuss plans or parties virtually, Happin combines the advantages of top chatting apps as well. The best app to find friends lets you create audio rooms, add people in these rooms and organize events that can be attended by people from anywhere in the world. Creating audio rooms on this app is a simple process and can be easily understood even by new users.

4. Plan events with specific friends

social networking apps

On this one of the top social media apps for adults, you do not have to plan only public events. Instead, you can just create hangout rooms or events with specific friends that use Happin as well. You can create rooms with specific people and plan events or hangouts you are planning to attend. 

5. Create your own events and invite attendees

top social media apps for adults

You can use this one of the top apps to make friends as an event planner as well. Plan events, list them on the app, invite friends specifically or let others find your events so they can attend them. This feature of Happin is perfect for building fun community events and networking with people who share similar interests.

6. Share live streaming of events with friends

Other Happin users can get on board with your plans virtually by joining live streams of events that you choose to share with them. Simply create live streaming events and invite friends to view them. Or, you can just wait for them to see your live streams and share every single moment of your favorite events with the help of this one of the best live streaming apps.

Pros and cons of the Happin app

After going through its features, we can certainly say that Happin is a strong contender for the answer to the question of which is the best social networking app. However, this modern social app is still growing so, it might have a few pros and cons both. To get a clear look into its pros and cons, let’s discuss them in points.

Pros of the Happin app

  • Customization of events and plans
  • Easy to use
  • Interesting user interface
  • Filters to sort out results
  • Good to create networking
  • Combines features of multiple types of social networking apps
  • Comes with USPs like connecting with like-minded friends

Cons of the Happin app

  • Low userbase because the app is new

Additional details of the Happin app

Additional details

MAD rating

Features- 4.7
Security- 4.5
Navigation- 4.6
Pricing- 4.9

Wrapping up

Well, these were all facts that we had to share with you under this in-depth Happin review. Reviewing and discussing these features of the Happin app has indeed helped us in building trust in the app. The app definitely has great potential and it would be no shocker to see it becoming a part of leading apps to meet new people in the near future. In a world where our smartphones are turning into a space to make friends, social apps to meet new friends come into the existence to make this experience more enjoyable and safer for everyone.

Anyway, before we wind up this Happin app review with the above statement, we would like to let you know that you also have a chance to get your app featured on MobileAppDaily. You can simply get your app reviewed by reaching out to us and letting our experts go through it. These reviews are a good opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of the potential that your app possesses and if featured, your app gets an opportunity to boost its visibility in front of a global audience of tech enthusiasts.

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