Drupe App: Enabling Chats and Calls Together

Drupe app connects all communications based apps like phone, messages, whatsapp, Skype, etc. for easy accessibility.

Updated on August 18, 2020
Drupe App: Enabling Chats and Calls Together

Imagine, on a normal day of work when you have to make a quick work call on the phone. You also need to WhatsApp your friends about the night out plans and you also need to message an acquaintance for a birthday. You would first have to make a call on the phone dialer and then open up WhatsApp to message your friend and you suddenly remember, you have not stored his number, yet.  Then you again go to the phone dialer and number. The message is still left. The Drupe app resolves all these requirements.

Drupe: The Phone Dialer App that Empowers Communications

The drupe dialer enables calling as well as sending messages on other platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, phone messages, telegram, etc. through one app, at one place itself. It thus makes communication and messaging tasks very easy for the user. With Drupe help, a user also saves on time that is wasted in maneuvering through these communication platforms.

The drupe is a holistic dialer app in itself. One of the best dialer app, it was founded by Barak Witkowski in 2015 in Tel Aviv. Drupe helps the user to connect with the stored contacts of the phone and dial calls. It is an innovative caller id app that informs the user about the callers and also gives an option to block spam calls. With drupe, the user can record the calls made and stay in charge of his or her communications always.

Unlike other available phone dialer online apps, Drupe enables its users to message through the WhatsApp chat, Facebook messenger or SMS, and more all through a simple swipe. The overall interface of the app is like a simple ‘match the following’ connecting the contact to the mode of contact.  It is one of the best android dialer apps available that ensures communications stay easily accessible and easy to use at one single place. Just open the drupe, and message, call, all that you want. 

drupe app review

The Comprehensive Dialer App

Drupe is amongst the smartest phone dialing apps available, which helps the user immensely in organizing their calls, texts, messages, and their timings from one single space in the smartphone. Thus, user operability and accessibility gets pretty easy and handy.

It includes the best phone dialer app for android as well as iOS-based features like caller identification online,  call recording and spam blocking in one place.  This caller id app features an inherent telephone directory within the system, that enables the users to identify who is calling them. The drupe id identifier, thus lets the user to easily decide as to which calls to pick and which to decline or block. A user can also choose to record an important business or personal call through the drupe app’s voice recorder with a single right swap.

This caller id app also includes a calendar, that allows the user to set reminders or to set notifications about making calls or messages at some specific time.  Thus, the user no longer requires to keep going back and forth to organize communication details.

What makes this phone dialer app for Android Unique?

Drupe App inculcates an important but basic feature that is mostly neglected by another phone dialer online: When the user is on a call and suddenly receives another call, this iPhone dialer app gives you 5 options. The first is to "Reject" the 2nd call. Second is to "Accept" the second call and put the 1st call on "hold". The third is to "Accept" the 2nd call and "Cancel" the 1st call. Fourth is to Send SMS for the 2nd and then reject the 2nd call. Fifth option is to set a schedule for the 2nd caller to be called later. By default, the commonly available phone dialer app provides only option no. 1, 2, and 4 in all Android devices. Drupe floating feature allows you to do option 3. Option 5 as well. It is in-built in Drupe.

Another important unique feature of this phone dialer app is that it allows the user the option of sending whatsapp messages even to phone numbers that are not permanently stored on the phone. Thus, a user can directly key in a number and send them a WhatsApp message.

Drupe Dialer Features

Drupe is a holistic people’s app that allows easy communication in all forms from a phone with one single access. It supports Dialing, SMS texting, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Email, Calendar scheduling, Navigate, Twitter, reminders and a lot more. Its features include:

  • Single Point Access - The app allows dial, message, video, schedule, twit, mail, reminders, etc. from one single point.
  • The customizable user interface allows the user to personalize their drupe looks, screens, and apps to match their personal style and preferences. They can opt to select their own preferred theme.
  • Smart dialer - Cross app dialing made fast & easy.
  • Organizing the contacts directory also becomes easy as all use contacts get stored in one place.
  • The drupe dialer also allows to search and explore businesses by name, category or just explore nearby places. Instantly call or navigate selected businesses.
  • Drupe is the best phone dialer app for android as it helps the user to  block a contact, unknown number or range of numbers as well as to  Merge duplicate contacts. This helps in contact  list cleanup  and removal of invalid entries
  • Drupe app also allows contact based reminders
  • It is integrated with WhatsApp, Waze, Viber, Telegram & many more

best android dialer app

MAD Verdict: Drupe App Review

Design- 4.5 stars
Usability- 4.5 stars
Features- 4.3 stars
Reliability- 4.2 stars

MAD rates- 4.4 stars

Drupe is the best android dialer app that simultaneously allows the user to make calls and send messages through a variety of platforms including Whatsapp, Waze, Telegram, Viber, Messaging, Facebook Messenger, amongst others. The phone dialer inculcates all best dialer app features seamlessly including call recording, setting reminders, notifications, instant messaging (with or without storing of numbers), call blocking, etc . The overall interface of the Drupe Contact Dialer is also simple, smooth and completely customizable as per personal choices. This is the best phone dialer for android and iOS platforms that enables an easy to access comprehensive communications platform to its users.  MobileAppDaily provides your daily dose of the latest news on mobile applications, reviews and app store’s trending charts in our detailed app review section. It is a comprehensive platform that provides complete information about the usability, efficiency and market presence of the various applications entering and exiting the virtual space of the wide web.

Written By Pallavi

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