Changelly: A Convenient Way To Exchange Cryptos

Changelly app is a go-to solution for those who want to buy or exchange crypto.

Updated on April 04, 2024
Changelly: A Convenient Way To Exchange Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity over the years, and a considerable number of the population prefer trading in cryptos today. As per a report, there are about 16,58 cryptocurrencies in the market currently, but choosing the best medium to buy or exchange these currencies is what becomes problematic. A safe and fast-medium for cryptocurrencies is a thing of a rarity even today.

Likewise, while multiple platforms claim to offer the safest and lowest prices on cryptocurrencies, it is challenging to tell which platform is the best. Extensive research is needed from a trader’s end to come to this conclusion. After all, a safe and fast app offering the lowest deals on cryptocurrencies is the need of the hour.
But what if we get an app that works as an efficient wallet for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is proven to provide the safest platform to buy or exchange cryptos?

Well, we have Changelly app that can give you all.

Changelly, a simple and functional solution for those who want to buy or exchange crypto. The Changelly app comes with a highly interactive and easy-to-use interface that really works as a treat for customers. The users can now purchase and swap crypto with ease without having to follow too many processes.

Here’s what Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly, has to say about the app,

"The Changelly mobile app has completely transformed the way in which our customers interact with the platform. The intuitive interface makes it easier than ever before to use Changelly on the go! By focusing on building a very easy-to-use mobile application we wanted to make the purchase and swap of crypto even easier for our customers. I couldn’t be more excited about its continued development." 

In short, Changelly app is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange. So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the app and gain some insights with our Changelly app review.

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What is Changelly All About?

Designed specifically with an eye for a solution, the Changelly app makes buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies effortless and swift. With this app, users can explore the crypto market and monitor prices in real-time. The app charges only 0.25% of the commission fee on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The developer of Changelly has integrated the app with rare features. Users do not need to create an account since all transactions through the app occur on Blockchain without any additional checks. Customers get access to over 150 cryptocurrencies with the option to buy crypto with fiat.

Standout Features of Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange

The simplicity and functionality of the Changelly Coin Exchange app are telling. Here’s a list of some advanced features that are being offered by the app:

1. Instant Bitcoin Exchange:

Exchanging Bitcoin or other 150+ altcoins happens within minutes through a safe and secure platform.

2. Buy Crypto With Fiat Currencies:

The Changelly Bitcoin exchange app offers the purchase of cryptocurrencies with credit cards. In a scenario where you wish to buy crypto with USD or EUR, you can do the same with fiat currencies using Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

3. Hundred Plus Currencies:

Customers get access to over 150 cryptocurrencies at the lowest rates in the market by far. So they can buy or exchange crypto as per their preference.

4. No Hidden Cost:

There are no hidden charges when you make transactions through Changelly. All customers need to do is to pay a commission fee of 0.25% on currency exchanges.

5. 24/7 Support:

For customers who wish to exchange large amounts of crypto or have any confusion, there is 24/7 support provided.

6. Non-Custodial Currency Exchange:

Changelly is a non-custodial currency exchange platform where no user funds are held by the company.

7. Real-Time Bitcoin Price Prediction:

Users can explore the crypto market and monitor prices in real-time.

How to Get Going With Changelly Coin Exchange?

Using the Changelly bitcoin currency converter is easy as falling off a log. Once you have downloaded the app, follow these steps to easily get going with it:

  • Head over to the app and pick up the crypto pair.
  • Once you have chosen the crypto pair, make sure to see the price, whether you’re okay with it or not.
  • Make up your mind about the 0.25% commission fee which is the only one you will pay.
  • Tap for confirmation and sign-up with your email.
  • Remember to provide an email where you want to save your transaction history.
  • Make the exact amount of payment to the address provided.
  • Receive the crypto in your wallet within minutes.

The app is free to download for both Android and iOS users.

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MAD Verdict: Changelly App Review

Safety becomes a big concern when it comes to buying or exchanging cryptocurrencies. With cyber threats increasingly becoming a concern, the need today is for a genuine platform that not only claims to provide safety but delivers the same. Changelly is one such app that is worth a try, particularly because of the kind of safety it provides.

Transactions on the app occur on the blockchain with no additional checks so you can expect safety when you process your transactions. For customers who prefer opting for the lowest price, Changelly provides the lowest prices in the market. Around all the talks related to prices and safety, Changelly certainly fulfilled the claims.

Another thing about this best bitcoin wallet app is the real-time dashboard where you can explore the market and crypto prices. So you buy and exchange crypto while keeping track of the price trends as well. If you think this app is worth a try, let us know your views in the comments below or read more of our app reviews for various categories to gain an insight into the best apps from categories like finance, sports and so on.

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