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Mark Zuckerberg Announces A Big Change In Facebook's News Feed

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announces that the Facebook’s news feed is getting the new algorithm to show more user connected content.

By Akash Singh Chauhan
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Instagram Testing Story Cross-Posting Feature To WhatsApp

Just click and share on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook at once

By Akash Singh Chauhan

Facebook Live Streamed 10 Million Users On New Year's Night

Facebook Live experienced record breaking users anticipation on new year's night

By Akash Singh Chauhan

WhatsApp Accidentally Rolled Out Feature Is Now Everyone's Favorite

Contrary to its nature, WhatsApp has accidentally released yet another feature that’s now trending to be everyone’s favorite

By Meenal Vashistha
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WhatsApp Went Down As People Were Saying Goodbye To 2017

Users waited for hours to send and receive new year wishes

By Akash Singh Chauhan

Snapchat Stories Everywhere Could Become A Part Of The Web

Snapchat reportedly developing stories, could feature it on the web

By Neha Baluni
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