ChatGPT-4o Now Has What Apple Always Wanted, But Never Got

ChatGPT-4o Now Has What Apple Always Wanted, But Never Got

Date: May 14, 2024

Sam Altmann has achieved a new feat in his AI chatbot venture, something that Apple has been trying for years without success.

AI Chatbots are rapidly becoming more realistic in the output they generate and their interaction with users. OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4o was launched recently at the OpenAI Spring Event with a powerful demo of the voice assistant feature. The new AI chatbot voice is lifelike, and the interaction is highly conversational. Sam Altmann’s impressive achievement for OpenAI has left many tech giants speechless, impacting Apple’s Tim Cook the most.

For years, Apple has been working on making Siri, its AI assistant, realistic and comfortably conversational, but it has not succeeded. While Siri and Amazon Alexa are stuck with a neutral, robotic voice, ChatGPT is making strides in enhancing user interaction. OpenAI’s CTO, Mira Murati, showed a quick demo of the interaction with the GPT-4o model, and the global audience applauded it.

The new voice feature will expand OpenAI’s ChatGPT interface to act as a life-like voice assistant that doesn't require a mandatory calling to activate Siri or Google Assistant. These voice commands are known as Wake Words, something that OpenAI won’t need to assist its users.

The latest version of ChatGPT is supposed to have a natural back-and-forth conversation with its users, extending support from powerful outputs to highly human-like conversations. However, the actual capability of the voice assistant feature will be tested after the commercial launch, as the public demo was in a highly controlled environment. The actual interaction will show the real face (or voice) of the AI chatbot’s newfound flagship capability.

AI chatbots are rapidly improving themselves, whether in how they work and train or offer human support. The voice chat assistant comes with a default female voice, and the option to have other voices is unclear as of now. The voice assistant can, however, adapt to the user’s custom needs like tone, expressiveness, length of sentences, and much more. The latest ChatGPT-4o will be gradually launched for all devices in coming weeks, giving more real-world reviews from its global userbase.

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