Google Is Supercharging Workspace Apps With Gemini AI

Google Is Supercharging Workspace Apps With Gemini AI

Date: May 15, 2024

Google has made multiple announcements about unveiling AI features in various service offerings, including the workspace apps.

Soon, the users of Google’s workspace apps and software will experience enhanced capabilities powered by Google Gemini 1.5 Pro. With Google Gemini for workspace apps, multiple new AI features will be unlocked, the most prominent of which is the Gemini icon plastered to the side panel of Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more. Google Drive and Gmail will also enable Gemini to support various functions like summarizing, searching, and forming email replies.

The tech giant is riding high on the AI boom wave by leading flagship AI features across the board. Placing the Gemini icon right next to the sidebar prompts users to try out the newly launched feature and utilize the capabilities of Gemini AI for workspace tasks. During a Google Docs demo video, Google showed how the Gemini extension created a system to sort various files into a Google Drive folder.

Google Gemini for workspace apps will centralize a user’s AI usage pattern and collect data for training purposes. The company has been internally discussing new end-user agreement policies to enable the collection of publicly available Google Docs to train its Large Language Models. In conclusion, the company has incorporated data only from those users who opt into experimental Google features.

It is worth noting that the slew of new AI-powered features has appeared only in the demo videos and presentation slides. The real-world applicability, efficacy, and accuracy of GenAI features will be tested as they gradually roll out throughout the year. Gemini has collectively clocked over 2 billion users from the direct Gemini AI chatbot and its extensions on various product offerings.

By expanding its AI offerings, Google has made a strong statement regarding its commitment to improving user experience through AI. OpenAI is not far behind in expanding its reach beyond ChatGPT users, but it has faced multiple backlashes for bringing the product to market too early. Inaccuracy, delusion, lying, bias, and many other factors still prevail in AI. The fact that many people active on the tool don’t know how to use Gemini AI tells a lot about the disadvantages of early adoption and loss of opportunity stemming from inadequate technology awareness.

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