OpenAI May Soon Launch Google’s Search Engine Rival

OpenAI May Soon Launch Google’s Search Engine Rival

Date: May 13, 2024

OpenAI plans to introduce its fully functional in-house search engine powered by ChatGPT and associated LLMs to compete with Google.

OpenAI is renowned globally for pioneering generative AI with its flagship ChatGPT AI chatbot. The chatbot gained popularity quickly, making it the first and the fastest AI startup to reach 100 million users. However, the advent of GenAI gave birth to more AI chatbots, bringing a rollercoaster ride of audience fluctuations to the AI tech giant. OpenAI reportedly plans to launch a direct rival to Google’s Search Engine offering to tackle the rapidly rising competition.

According to sources, Google Search’s competitor offering is being built using ChatGPT’s computing power and Microsoft Bing’s integration with the internet. The final product's name is unknown, but the tentative launch will be on Monday, as confirmed by two of the internal sources at OpenAI. The announcement date is subjected to change, but the launch is confirmed. OpenAI has not made any official statements regarding this development.

OpenAI’s effort to launch a search engine alternative to Google that bests it at a service that it has been leading for over a decade looks like a far-fetched dream. However, new AI capabilities have made catching up with industry leaders like Google possible, but only if you have enough funding to beat the heat.

This introduction will bring OpenAI in front of another well-funded competitor, AI startup Perplexity, specifically designed to make online searches smarter and facilitate easier summarization of collective information. According to the secret sources, OpenAI may time its launch with Google’s annual I/O conference, where the company will be announcing a slew of AI-related products.

Experts and layman users alike have collectively used ChatGPT as an easier alternative to gathering online information from search engines. However, the lack of accuracy and constant loops of delusional prompt results have reduced its credibility in providing reliable and accurate information. The conversational search format brought over 100 million people to ChatGPT, but the inefficacies effectively removed their interest in the product as well.

But, the general user base has gotten the hang of AI-powered chatbots for many tasks. With Google’s AI offerings remaining expensive, users across the world are looking for the best Google search alternatives to save their time and effort.

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