WhatsApp Is Refreshing The App’s UI After Ages

WhatsApp Is Refreshing The App’s UI After Ages

Date: May 10, 2024

WhatsApp has been consistently adding new features to improve utility offerings. This time, it has refreshed the app’s visual experience.

WhatsApp has been the go-to messenger app for almost every Android and iOS smartphone user. The app gained popularity in computer devices after refining its web and computer interface. This time, the tech giant is refreshing the User Interface of its app collectively across all platforms while introducing new features that enhance the overall experience.

WhatsApp has finally admitted that the company has been introducing only new utility features while keeping the User experience upgrades on the backseat for over a decade. However, it has been realized that as the product grows, a refreshed look is needed to facilitate all the features in an easy-to-navigate UI and expand customization capabilities. 

WhatsApp is introducing a new color palette of 35+ diverse colors, focusing on deeper tones to reduce strain on users' eyes in low-light situations. The app has also made the Dark Mode one shade darker, which may help improve eye comfort for many users who prefer black over light screens. Being a late entrant to the dark mode, WhatsApp has faced huge criticism as the feature is highly comparable to Instagram and other social media platforms. 

The app also introduces a native navigation bar at the bottom for Android users. This feature will provide easier access to users who want to find things quickly. The new bottom navigation bar is already present in iOS devices and makes swiping through chats, updates, calls, and communities quickly. 

The age-old attachment layout is also getting a new look, making sending photos and videos much easier. Users will now be able to expand the attachment tray to see things more clearly while selecting media, polls, documents, and others. The icons on the app are getting rounder corners, something almost every tech giant has introduced in their UI to give their users a premium look and feel of their services.

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