Top 5 Announcements You Shouldn’t Miss From Google I/O 2024

Top 5 Announcements You Shouldn’t Miss From Google I/O 2024

Date: May 15, 2024

Google recently made multiple announcements during its Google I/O 2024 event, some of which may completely reshape how we interact with it.

Sundar Pichai recently took to the stage during the Google I/O 2024 event and made announcements that may completely change how we use Google’s various service offerings. Google has brought AI to the forefront of its major announcements, making a huge statement around its commitment to developing and leveraging AI capabilities for end users. Let’s see the top 5 announcements that can significantly impact your experiences with Google hereon.

1. Ask Photos

Google has continuously improved how we search for photos and other media on our smartphones. Taking a step further from in-app features to find specific people, places, or things in their photos, Google has leveraged AI to make this process more convenient and conversational. Using Google’s NLP, Google Photos can now scan and identify what you’re looking for with simple prompts.

2. Gemini in Gmail

Are you tired of manually managing Email tasks on Gmail? Gemini will soon come to Gmail to search, summarize, write, and, to some extent, automate various email tasks. This integration will benefit small businesses and startups by helping them better manage customer interactions, find receipts, and prevent missing critical escalations.

3. Gen AI Learning

One of Google’s most interesting announcements is about Generative AI learning. Google has unveiled LearnLM, a new family of Generative AI language models fine-tuned for educational purposes. The LearnLM models will provide conversational tutoring to students of diverse backgrounds on a range of subjects. Google is also working with educators to help simplify and improve the lesson-planning process.

4. AI Scam Protection

Almost every other Android user has Truecaller to minimize spam interactions and block fraud. However, these apps fail to provide support during calls, which now Google has taken charge of. Gemini Nano is Google’s smallest GenAI offering, which can run entirely on-device. This powerful AI will help identify potential scammers and spammers during the calls by tapping and identifying potential communication in multiple layers.

5. Gemini Live

Project Astra is one of Google's biggest AI leaps this year. Combining two flagship technologies, Google Lens and Voice Assistant, with AI, the tech giant is introducing Gemini Live. This offering will allow users to have real-time conversations with AI while showing it live footage, images, or videos of surroundings. Users can ask, interrupt the Assistant in the middle, and get long-context answers custom-built to their conversation style.

Google has introduced various other features, most of which will roll out gradually this year. While the top five features will surely become headlines right from the day of their official commercial release, the remaining aim is to dramatically enhance user experience.

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