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Augmented Reality is the technology that is used to overlay the physical world with virtual objects. We cover all the Augmented Reality news and updates for the tech enthusiasts, you will get all the information about Augmented reality here such as What is AR, how AR works and latest addition to the technology. We keep our readers informed about the latest updates in AR technology.

Pokemon GO Revenue, Statistics And All Figures Revealed

Pokemon Go has generated almost $1.8 billion revenue till date

By Akash Singh Chauhan

The First Eminem AR Show Kicks Off At Coachella

Huge Eminem was taking down the buildings and helicopters at Coachella.

By Akash Singh Chauhan

BBC's First AR App To Offer Historical Treasures To Users

Is BBC Up to Redefining The Lost Historical Civilization?

By Neha Baluni

Treasure Hunting App Seek To Become Hub For Augmented Reality Projects

Seek App To Explore A New Augmented Reality Hub for AR Projects

By Eric Jones


AWS Announces Amazon’s Jump into Mixed Reality App Building

By Eric Jones

Mozilla Brings WebXR- The Melting Pot for Virtual and Mixed Reality in the Browser

WebXR’s language will enable alteration implementation of concepts like object placement across ARCore, ARKit, Hololens, and other platforms

By James Lawson
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