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Tacotron, Google AI Can Mimic Your Voice

Google has also provided voice samples of the AI system

By Akash Singh Chauhan

Google Expanding Its Artificial Intelligence: More on Insight Story Here

Google’s DeepMind Is Ready To Explore AI Capabilities into Healthcare

By Neha Baluni

Are You Ready To Trust AI And Healthcare Apps With Your Life?

As A.I. and healthcare mobile apps slowly indulge in our lives, mobile app developers face monitoring challenges and cyber security threat.

By Joshua Anderson
news==artificial-intelligence news==artificial-intelligence

Can An AI Chatbot Help Humans To Prepare For The Death?

The chatbots act as caregiver for the terminally ill patients

By Eric Jones
news==artificial-intelligence news==artificial-intelligence

Here's How Human Workers Can Use AI to Learn New Skills with Coaching Cloud

AI will not eat your jobs, instead will make you better. Software solutions like “coaching cloud” show you how that can happen

By Eric Jones
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