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mobile app conference In this report, we are listing down some crucial mobile app conferences happening in 2023 along with their additional details like venue location, schedules, and ticket fees.

There are millions of mobile apps existing across the globe which has made the competition tougher than ever. So, to promote apps, app marketers have been coming up with revolutionary ways to promote apps and grow their visibility. Amongst these ways to promote your app, mobile app conferences exist as well.

Not only for marketing, but most mobile application conferences offer developers opportunities to onboard public stages from where they can interact with people, inform them about the app, share knowledge, learn new skills, or invite investors to fund their dream projects. 

To make it easier for you to find the leading mobile marketing events and mobile application conferences, we have prepared this in-depth list covering all events that might take place in 2023. 

Let’s begin without any further ado!

Leading mobile app events and conferences across the globe

apps for conferences

This list will cover month-wise the best mobile event apps for conferences along with their short descriptions and URLs that can be used to book or research more about these events. Hopefully, these app development conferences in 2023 will help you optimize your app growth strategies for more positive results.

Mobile app conferences in January 2023

1. iOS Conf SG

Dates - January 12 - 13, 2023
Location - Singapore
Fees - Conference only – $300, Bundle – $380

One of the most popular mobile application conferences, iOS Conf SG is organized since 2013 by leading iOS experts for the community. The Swift Community has recognized it as the best iOS conference as well in 2021. 

The event app developers are dedicated to helping the community of developers by providing them insights from app giants like Instagram, Deloitte, Allegro, and more. The conference helps developers know Swift better and find out about new iOS SDKs. 

2. Mobidictum Business Meetup

Dates - January 13 - 14, 2023
Location - Istanbul, Turkey
Fees - €79 - €179

For anyone looking forward to expanding their networking and learning new technologies, this app development event is a perfect opportunity. Mobidictum Business Meetup, the leading app development conference will be divided into two categories- sessions and networking. During sessions, top developers will share their valuable insights. 

Participants will also have the opportunity to connect with new peers during both events. However, on 14th January, more opportunities to build connections will be there due to interviews and interactive sessions.

3. 7th Japan IT Week OSAKA

Dates - January 18 - 20, 2023
Location - Osaka, Japan
Fees - Free if requested in Advance/ Without a ticket, the admission fee is  JPY 5,000/per person

If your goal is to enter the Asian market or you want to understand it, Japan IT Week Osaka can be one of the best mobile app events for the same. The event brings mobile app development firms together by covering 9 specialized exhibitions for the IT world. 

These exhibitions are- Information Security Expo, Digital Marketing Expo, Embedded & Edge Computing Expo, Cloud & BPR Expo, Advanced E-Commerce & Retail Expo, IoT Solutions Expo, AI & Business Automation Expo, Metaverse Expo, and Software & Apps Development Expo.

4. Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023 Conference

Dates - January 23 - 24, 2023
Location - London, UK
Fees - £79 - £1,299

As the name suggests, the conference is focused on the e-gaming industry. You will find experts from different e-gaming industries such as pc gaming, blockchain games, web3, metaverse, XR, mobile gaming, and more. 

To build connections and to connect with new developers from around the globe, Pocket Gamer Connects London 2023 Conference is the best option. The mobile app development conference is expected to invite 2,000 attendees, and 200 speakers with 70% of the crowd being game developers and 50% of the crowd being C-executives from 50+ countries.

5. SpeakHer Virtual Summit 2023

Dates - January 26, 2023
Location - Virtual
Fees - Free

The 4th Annual SpeakHer Virtual Summit is here to provide women speakers with a platform to share their thoughts with the global tech community. These thought-leaders are some inspiring women from various backgrounds who come together as speakers to interact with people and share their messages from a virtual stage. This year, attendees are coming from top brands like Uber Eats, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Picsart, Spotify, and many others such brands.

Mobile app conferences in February 2023

6. GamesForum Barcelona 2023

Dates - February 08-09, 2023
Location - Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
Fees - €170 - €1,399

Barcelona, one of the largest European mobile gaming hubs is hosting this conference to bring the UA and Ad Monetization sectors together to debate and discuss critical challenges in the mobile gaming industry. The GamesForum Barcelona conference will also focus on sharing the knowledge with the participants that can help them stay ahead in the rapidly changing e-gaming industry. 

Within two days of the app development event, the first will be dedicated to User Acquisition (UA) and the second day will be dedicated to Ad Monetization. As per the agenda over 50 speakers are given the opportunity to speak in 2023 and from representatives, 14% are C-suite executives, 16% are directors, 9% are founders, and 32% are managers among experts from other top profiles.

7. DeveloperWeek 2023

Dates - 

In-person -
February 21-23, 2023 (Conferences & Workshops)
February 22-23, 2023 (Expo)
February 01-23, 2023 (Online Hackathon)

Virtual -
February 27-29 (Conferences & Workshops)
February 28-29 (Virtual Expo)

Location - Virtual and San Francisco, USA
Fees - $100 - $1,595 

Easily one of the world’s largest gatherings of expert developers from the global IT community, DeveloperWeek 2023 is expected to host over 8,000+ tech experts. The entire event will be segregated into two categories- physical and virtual. There will be over 2,000 attendees to the physical event while over 6,000 attendees are expected to attend the virtual sessions of DeveloperWeek. Among the 48% of attendees, developers, engineers, and architects are expected to attend the conference. 


Dates - February 23 - 25, 2023
Location - Las Vegas, USA

Subscription/Plan (Early Bird Rates) Fees
For developers with apps on app stores $495
For MGA Members Free

Vendors and service providers can request through a sponsor form

One of the largest mobile marketing events, MGS23 LAS VEGAS brings some of the top names from the mobile industry together. The conference focuses on challenges of the evolving IT industry, solutions to these challenges, new tech trends, new technologies, and more. To expand and make new networking opportunities as well, this conference is a perfect option. During the two-day event, there will be over 40 senior speakers covering topics such as gaming, fintech, travel, esports, retail, payment processing, web3, etc.

9. App Growth Summit Los Angeles 2023

Dates - February 23, 2023
Location - Marina del Rey Marriott, Los Angeles, USA
Fees - Invite Only - Free

The latest AGS Los Angeles 2023 is being attended by 22+ industry experts who are planning to share growth hacks that are practical and suitable for the modern tech market. Attendees will also get the opportunity to expand their networking during the dedicated timeslots. The Agenda of this mobile app marketing conference includes speakers sessions, networking and breakfast, a co-working area, and happy hour. Attendees will be coming from top brands like Bumble, Konami, Picsart, Amazon, Uber, Brave, and popular tech brands from around the world.

10. Flutter Heroes 2023

Dates - February 24, 2023
Location -  Museo dell’Automobile, Turin, Italy
Fees - €19 - €149  

The conference focuses on Flutter specifically and invites experts offline and virtually to attend the conference. During the Flutter Heroes conference, Flutter experts share new Flutter strategies, resources, information, and more. The event also helps developers create collaborations and find people to connect with for potential projects. The conference is known for being interactive, engaging, and entertaining as well.

11. MWC Barcelona 2023

Dates - February 27 - March 02, 2023
Location - Barcelona, Spain
Fees - €799 - €4,499 

One of the largest mobile app development conferences to exist, MWC Barcelona 2023 expectedly will have thousands of attendees from the global tech community. The event will have experts of different skill sets including CEOs, managers, developers, and more from 200+ countries. To gather information about leading technologies such as blockchain, web3, 5G, XR, VR, etc, and to exchange ideas, MWC Barcelona 2023 is the perfect opportunity. 

12. Impact 2023

Dates - February 21-23, 2023
Location - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Subscription/Plan Fees
Virtual Basic Pass $59
Virtual Basic Pass + Membership $129
In-person pass $399

The mobile app conference will be a 3-day virtual conference and a 2-day in-person conference for the global tech community to connect with each other, exchange ideas, find collaborations, and more. The Impact 2023 conference will focus on revolving around digital transformation, mobile apps, enterprise IT, infrastructure, etc. However, the in-person conference slot has a limited seat capacity of welcoming 50 attendees. 

Mobile app conferences in March 2023

13. App Growth Summit NYC 2023

Dates - March 30, 2023
Location - Manhattan, NYC, USA
Fees - Invite Only - Free

The app growth conference has planned to invite 30+ industry leaders as speakers so they can share their strategies, insights, and examples with a wider tech community. There will be 12 custom-curated sessions, networking opportunities for brands and apps, a co-working area, gourmet food, and refreshments, and a happy hour slot with an amazing view. To make friends, connections, and collaborations, App Growth Summit NYC is the perfect opportunity.

14. App Promotion Summit London 2023

Dates - March 24, 2023
Location - London, UK
Fees - Free - £1,500

Probably the largest app event in the UK, App Promotion Summit London is the perfect learning opportunity for app developers to learn how to grow their apps. The event covers a wide range of app growth strategies including App Store Optimization (ASO), Influencer Marketing, User Acquisition, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, and more. 

The in-person conference will have workshops and multiple sessions by experts sharing their experiences and knowledge. Experts from brands like Bumble, Amazon, Fiverr, KFC, BBC, and other top brands will be there to share their insights with you.

15. Apprise Conf 2023

Dates - March 23, 2023
Location - Oslo, Norway
Fees -  kr990 - kr3000

A popular mobile tech conference based in Norway, Apprise invites a number of mobile app experts who share their knowledge on mobile topics with the attendees. The Apprise Conf is also an opportunity to find fellow developers, sponsors, speakers, and more to connect with them. Apprise Conf 2023 has workshops organized followed by an after-event party for attendees. 

Mobile app conferences in April 2023

16. India Web 3.0 Week 2023

Dates - April 03-09, 2023
Location - Delhi NCR, India

Subscription/Plan Fees
One Day Pass (8 April) ₹3,000
Two Days Pass (4 - 8 April) ₹5,000
Full Week Pass (3 - 9 April) ₹15,000
VIP Pass (3 - 9 April) ₹35000

This popular conference is happening in India for 7 days. During these sessions, there will be over 200 speakers, 7,500+ attendees, 50+ investors and VCs, and more. The India Web 3.0 Week conference will also include a Hackathon where participants will be able to build on web3, an expo to create networking opportunities, knowledge sharing by experts, and private meetings with investors to secure a chance of attracting funding for your dream projects. During these 7 days, there will be discussions on several viral technologies including Web3.0, metaverse, NFTs, gaming, and more.

17. Gamers Gathering 2023 Prague

Dates - April 10-12, 2023
Location - Prague, Czech Republic

Subscription/Plan Fees
Online only €19
Standard €79
Premium €119
Online+ €119
Business €199

The conference aims to invite attendees from across the globe on a single platform to discuss strategies, exchange ideas, and provide networking opportunities to each participant. There will be sessions from speakers, offline conferences, and parties as well. The Gamers Gathering 2023 Prague conference also invites investors and job creators to provide funding or job opportunities.

18. App Growth Summit Berlin 2023

Dates - April 19-20, 2023
Location - Berlin, Germany
Fees - Invite Only - Free

One of the major mobile application conferences where developers can have a great chance to grow the exposure of their apps and find new networking opportunities, the App Growth Summit Berlin 2023 details have been announced as well. The 2-day long app development event focuses on topics like how to drive growth, influence user retention rates positively, and more. There will be over 72 industry experts, 24 custom-curated sessions, a co-working area, gourmet food, and much more to look forward to. 

19. NYSwifty 2023

Dates - April 18-19, 2023
Location - NY, US

Subscription/Plan Fees
Early Bird $499
Standard $599
Late TBA

The app conference for the global iOS community is happening for two days in New York City. There will be 250 attendees along with 17 speakers who will share their ideas, help developers understand many new technologies and resources, and provide some practical tips. The NYSwifty conference also aims to discuss topics like; So you just got laid off, now what?; Take control of your dependencies; don't let them control you; Server-Side Swift State of the Union; SwiftUI animations - Chef's Secrets; etc.

20. DeveloperWeek Europe 2023

Dates - April 26-27, 2023
Location - Virtual

Subscription/Plan Fees
Open Pass €100.00
PRO Pass (Rate ends April 20 - SAVE €95) €565.00
PREMIUM Pass (Rate ends April 20 - SAVE €235) €1,355.00

As the name gives it away, the mobile app conference targets the global community of developers and is attended by over 40,000 attendees along with 200+ companies every year. The DeveloperWeek Europe 2023 event will be attended by over 3,000 tech professionals, 100+ speakers, and 1000+ companies from 50+ countries.

21. AndroidMakers by Droidcon 2023

Dates - April 27-28, 2023
Location - Paris, France

Subscription/Plan Fees
Student €70.80
Early Bird €262.80

Droidcon events have been inviting leading developers from around the world for the last 13 years. The event is attended by speakers from around the world to exchange their ideas, organize workshops, and help attendees grow their skills. On April 27th and 28th of this year, the global Android community will have the opportunity to attend the AndroidMakers by Droidcon conference to explore and get to know a range of experts from the industry.

22. Deep Dish Swift 2023

Dates - April 30 - May 02, 2023
Location - Chicago, US
Fees - $649

Another important conference for the global iOS community, Deep Dish Swift 2023 is happening between April 30th to March 2nd, 2023. The event will take place in Chicago and will focus on topics like how to develop and grow an indie app. Peter Steinberger, the Founder of PSPDFKit will be one of the keynote speakers of the event along with other leading Swift developers who will be sharing their insights on various beginner and advanced topics related to iOS development.

23. East Coast Game Conference 2023

Dates - April 18-20, 2023
Location - Raleigh, US
Fees - $20.00 - $540

An amazing conference for game developers and gamers is happening in April 2023 as well. The East Coast Game Conference is happening at Raleigh Convention Center and has invited game developers from around the world. There will be seasoned developers, students, creators, and more groups of gaming enthusiasts. 

Mobile app conferences in May 2023

24. GamesBeat Summit 2023

Dates - May 22-23, 2023 
Virtual - May 24, 2023
Location - Marina del Rey Marriott (Offline event)
Fees - $99 - $999

The global gaming community will be joining the GamesBeat Summit 2023 to exchange ideas, learn about new technologies, discuss industry trends and problems, find solutions together, create networking opportunities, and more. The event is focusing on discussing topics like gaming technology and innovation, novel business models, monetization strategies, gaming community, social responsibility, facing the competition, and the future of gaming among others.

25. AppDevcon Conference 2023

Dates - May 09-12, 2023 
Location - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fees - €85 - €740

The conference is planning to host over 800 attendees and 56+ speakers during 52+ sessions which will be organized in 4 days. The conference will talk about AI, tech libraries, APIs, software testing methodologies, Swift, UI designing, and more such topics. During the AppDevcon Conference, developers will also have the opportunity to interact with each other and build new connections.

26. MAU VEGAS 2023

Dates - May 23-25, 2023 
Location - Las Vegas, US
Fees - Free to $1,895

The event is full of learning, networking, and entertainment attended by expert developers from around the globe who share ideas, organize workshops, build connections, interact with people, talk about tools and tactics, and even provide opportunities that can help fellow attendees with branding and skills development. Experts at MAU VEGAS are coming from top brands like Meta,, Scopely, SmartNews, TikTok, etc.

27. Devoxx UK

Dates - May 10-12, 2023 
Location - London, UK
Fees - £745.00 + 20.00% VAT

The 3-day conference is organized to help developers find the right resources that can help them improve their skills, understand the latest technologies and build new networks. There will be over 170 sessions from which developers can choose. 

On top of that, Devoxx UK will be attended by 130+ speakers and have socializing events to help attendees know each other better. As per its records, Devoxx welcomes approximately 13,000 developers collectively every year in its events happening in the UK, Belgium, France, Morocco, Ukraine, and Poland.

28. plDroid Conference 2023

Dates - May 30-31, 2023 
Location - Warsaw, Poland

Subscription/Plan Fees
Early Bird €149
Standard €199
Late TBA

The European conference is being organized in Poland and has invited Android experts from across the world. The session will focus on discussing Android development practices, new resources, new technologies, trends, and more. For students, developers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, plDroid Conference will be a great learning experience.

29. plSwift Conference 2023

Dates - May 30-31, 2023 
Location - Warsaw, Poland

Subscription/Plan Fees
Early Bird €149
Standard €199
Late TBA

Just like its Android counterpart, plSwift Conference is focused on bringing iOS experts and learners under one roof to exchange ideas, share knowledge, organize workshops, and discuss different iOS-related topics. The 2-day conference will include several sessions focusing on iOS app development, StoreKit2, Swift on the Server Side, Typography with SwiftUI, etc followed by an after-party. 

Mobile app conferences in June 2023

30. Baltic Dev Days (BDD) 2023

Dates - June 01-02, 2023 
Location - Kiel, Germany

Subscription/Plan Fees
Indie Dev. Pass €149 Onwards
Business Pass €249 Onwards
Opening Day Pass €125 Onwards
Education Pass €25 Onwards

The leading conference for game developers, programmers, producers, game designers, decision-makers, students, and other such talents, the BDD conference is inviting speakers from leading brands like Ubisoft, Geogrify LLC, Stratosphere Games, and The Soul Publishing among others. There will be 50 speakers for overall 600+ attendees from 20+ countries and 15 Indie teams. To know the rapidly evolving gaming industry and understand modern technologies and trends, the BDD conference is the perfect event for any tech enthusiast.

31. Game Access The Game Dev Conference 2023

Dates - June 02-03, 2023 
Location - Brno, Czech Republic

Subscription/Plan (Early Bird Rates) Fees
Lite €136
Standard €177 Onwards
Premium €255 Onwards


An annual conference that invites thousands of creative souls from all over the world to help them connect with each other, Game Access The Game Dev Conference is happening in Brno this year as well. The event is organized to share ideas, exchange information, create workshops, and more. There will be 80 sessions and 5 stages along with a showcase of 90 Indie titles. The event will be feature experts from titles like Halo, Returnals, Valorant, etc.

32. MWC Shanghai 2023

Dates - June 28-30, 2023 
Location - Shanghai, China
Fees - To be Announced

The event will be organized at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on June 28-30, 2023 and include discussions on topics like 5G, 6G, immersive technologies and their impacts. For students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and more, MWC Shanghai will be a great opportunity to find collaborations, share ideas, learn new skills, and more. You will also have the opportunity to launch your product for which you can contact and enquire MWC Shanghai authorities to know more.

33. Developer Week ‘23

Dates - June 28-30, 2023 
Location - Nuremberg, Germany
Fees - €199 - €1963

The event will be attended by 150 speakers, 2500 visitors, and 20 partners, and will have 200 sessions. Developer Week Conference is designed for everyone who directly or indirectly works with app development companies or looking forward to learning more about the technologies related to the industry. There will be 200+ lectures and workshops along with dev sessions by experts to help attendees learn new technologies and skills.

Mobile app conferences in July 2023

34. Droidcon Berlin 2023

Dates - July 05-07, 2023 
Location - Berlin, Germany

Subscription/Plan Fees
Regular (Until June 09) €420
Student €130
Regular - Group of 3+ (Until June 09) €400 per ticket
Regular - Group of 5+ (Until June 09) €385 per ticket
Regular - Group of 10+ (Until June 09) €350 per ticket

One of the largest mobile app events for Android developers, Droidcon Berlin has announced its upcoming session which will be divided into a 3-day event. The conference will welcome over 1,300 Android developers and organize over 95 tech discussions for the community to know about new technologies and exchange ideas. There will be lectures from speakers, workshops, opportunities to build connections, and much more for the global Android developer community. 

35. MGS Canada 2023

Dates - July 20-21, 2023 
Location - Markham, Canada

Subscription/Plan Fees
Speakers Free
On-demand $199
All-inclusive VIP Experience $895
VIP All-Access Pass (Publisher Only) $149
VIP Supporter (Vendor Pass Upgrade) $2,500
Supporter Pass (Vendor Pass) $2,000
All-Access Pass (Publisher Only) $499
Adopter Pass (Publisher Only) $399
Early Adopter Pass (Publisher Only) $297

Dedicated to bringing mobile app experts together under one roof, MGS Canada is a perfect opportunity to learn, explore, and grow. Experts attending the event will share insights, talk about evolving technologies, help attendees build connections, and more. The Agenda of the event includes dinner, networking breakfast, and discussions on topics like metaverse, web3, AMA panel, and more.

36. WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023

Dates - July 27-28, 2023 
Location - Berlin, Germany

Subscription/Plan Fees
Congress Pass €359
Premium Pass €899

There will be over 10,000 developers from around the world attending this one of the largest gatherings of tech experts. The WeAreDevelopers World Congress will be attended by 300+ speakers as well along with 4,500+ companies, and 6,000 SQM EXPO on 12 stages. 

There will be workshops, lectures, interactive events, and much more. If you are a software developer, product owner, QA engineer, DevOps engineer, design digital products, software architect, security specialist, or have any other IT skills, you should definitely attend the conference and leverage the opportunity to become a part of the wider tech community.

Mobile app conferences in August 2023

37. Gamescom 2023

Dates - August 23-27, 2023 
Location - Berlin, Germany
Fees - To be announced

The much-awaited gaming event, Gamescom is again back with its original glory to welcome cosplayers, game developers, speakers, fans, etc. The event will share updates on games, talk about gaming technologies, have merchandise to sell, and organize interactive sessions. Attendees will also get to enjoy some titles in the entertainment area and hang out with friends and family. 

38. TECHSPO London 2023

Dates - August 31-September 01, 2023 
Location - London, UK

Subscription/Plan Fees
Visitor Pass £15
Training Pass £247
All Access Pass £447

A 2-day tech event, the TECHSPO London expo is announced to welcome the global tech community once again. The event will be organized in a luxurious 5-star Sofitel London Heathrow Hotel and welcome brand experts, entrepreneurs, tech professionals, marketers, designers, researchers, innovators, and others. The event will cover topics like the Internet, mobile, ad tech, SaaS technology, etc.

Mobile app conferences in September 2023

39. iOSDevUK 2023

Dates - September 04-07, 2023 
Location - Aberystwyth, Wales

Subscription/Plan Fees
Early Bird Conference ticket £160
Regular Conference ticket £230
Early Bird Conference ticket plus 3-night accommodation £350
Regular price Conference ticket plus 3-night accommodation £420

The  iOS development conference has workshops planned by experts from the industry to help developers grow their knowledge and understanding of the industry. The event also provides a package with 3 nights of accommodation which you can access by buying tickets. The iOSDev UK is for every level of iOS developer whether you are a beginner or an experienced tech professional. You will have new things to learn and knowledge to exchange with each other.

40. Droidcon New York 2023

Dates - September 14-15, 2023 
Location - Aberystwyth, Wales

Subscription/Plan Fees
Regular Price $545
Student Ticket $325

An Android development conference for the global mobile developer community, Droidcon New York 2023 dates have been announced as well and attendees are free to buy tickets for this 2-day event. There will be over 950 developers attending the conference with 80+ tech talks to take place during the whole event. There will be knowledge sharing, workshops, demonstrations, and networking opportunities. In other words, Droidcon New York is a perfect event to learn, participate in, and grow together. 

41. App Growth Summit SF 2023

Dates - September 14, 2023 
Location - San Francisco, US
Fees - Invite Only - Free

On September 14, 2023, developers in SF and around will have the opportunity to attend a one-day event for the app development community. The event will have expert 40+ speakers who are going to discuss the evolutions in the smartphone community through 18 custom sessions. The event is invite-only so if you are interested in attending the App Growth Summit SF, you will have to request an invite first and wait for approval. 

Mobile app conferences in October 2023

42. Droidcon London 2023

Dates - October 26-27, 2023 
Location - London, UK
Fees - To be announced

Just like its counterpart events happening in Berlin and New York, Droidcon London is also all set to host one of the largest events for the global Android community. The 2-day event will invite over 1,400 Android developers and have 100+ tech talks organized to exchange ideas and experiences. Speakers will organize workshops, share tips, and solve some queries as well. For Android enthusiasts and learners, Droidcon London is a great opportunity for skill development and networking. 

Mobile app conferences in November 2023

43. Web Summit 2023

Dates - November 13-16, 2023 
Location - Lisbon, Portugal
Fees - To be announced

One of the largest tech events of the year, Web Summit 2023 is an event tech experts are looking forward to. The event is expected to bring together over 70,000 people under a single umbrella and they will be attending sessions by 1,000+ speakers. There will be 2,300 startups, 340+ partners, 2,000+ media personalities, and attendees from 160+ countries. Whether to showcase your product, find investments, build connections, or just learn, Web Summit 2023 is going to be full of learning and entertainment.

44. App Promotion Summit Berlin 2023

Dates - November 30, 2023 
Location - Berlin, Germany
Fees - Free - £2,000
Registration for the largest App Promotion Summit in Berlin in 2023 is open already. The event is dedicated to bringing the global IT community together under one roof so they can exchange ideas, connect, and learn new skills. There are over 500 attendees expected to attend the summit with 50+ speakers. At the summit, topics like ASO tools, SEO, User Acquisition, Social Media, etc will be discussed.

Mobile app conferences in December 2023

45. DevTernity 2023

Dates - December 07-08, 2023 
Location - Virtual
Fees - $435 - $870

The conference is happening for the global community of professional developers and includes discussions about coding, architecture, engineering, practices, and tech leadership. A virtual conference, DevTernity will also have masterclasses organized by experts to help attendees understand new technologies.

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