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User rating on app store In 2020, the Apple App Store rewarded “Wakeout!” due to its creative UI, quality features, and user rating among others.

High ratings are the ultimate goal for any developer. Especially, if the app is supposed to serve a huge number of users. From the perspective of a user, apps with better ratings build more trust. Whenever a user comes across the list of apps, app ratings and reviews play a crucial role in convincing the user to download one of them.

Let’s have a look at one statistics shared by Statista to understand the importance of ratings and reviews. The Apple app store had 24.1% mobile apps with an average rating of 4.5 to 5. Additionally, only two percent of apps had a rating between 0.5 to 1. The reason behind such a low number of apps with the least rating is that the Apple app store filters out mobile apps according to reviews and ratings as well.

app ratings and reviews

If you have a look at the statistics mentioned above, you will find how important app ratings are for the download. If you want to tackle a large number of users for your app, you need a higher app rating as well. Ratings will not only boost the number of downloads but will also grow your revenue. 

In this blog, we are answering a few questions new developers are often worried about. These answers will give you an insight into ways that are trending to improve store ratings for mobile apps. Now, if you are intrigued enough to keep reading, let’s proceed further!

1. How to Improve App Ratings with App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a combination of a few techniques used together to improve the ranking of any app. Now, you have to understand that this is not something you can control directly to manipulate Apple app store ratings. But, you can use App store optimization tips to boost your app goodwill and increase the Apple app store ratings.

app ratings and reviews

Here are a few tips to make ASO effective:

  • Use mobile app marketing guides to frame a fool-proof marketing strategy;
  • Share your app on various platforms and ask users to review your app;
  • Add a contact address on the app store, so that your users can find it convenient to reach you;
  • Make a website and integrate your app download links, and contact info on the same;
  • Add a review section on the website as well.

2. How to improve app store rating through in-app feedback?

There are a few shortcuts you can integrate into your mobile app to earn reviews faster. For example, in-app feedback tools. These tools can be integrated into the app to ask for reviews from users. Moreover, advanced tools such as Apptentive, can also record user sessions and provide you with details including the activities the user did before, during, and after leaving the feedback. That way, you will be able to have an insight into the user’s experience. 

A few in-app feedback tools you can use in your app to increase app ratings:

app ratings and reviews

3. How to increase app ratings by building an amazing app?

Well, “an amazing app” can have many meanings; an app with cool features, unique games, etc. However, great apps are usually goal-specific and easy to use. If you are a newbie, you can refer to app development tips shared by expert developers as well.

For example, Netflix. The app has a huge number of audiences worldwide. Even without a pandemic like Covid, Netflix was still one of the most prominent apps used for entertainment.

After Covid came, according to a report shared by Netflix for the Q1 of 2020, Netflix saw a surge in the number of its users during the lockdown. It resulted in a 10% hike in shares of the app. Apart from providing entertainment, Netflix is known for its scalability, UI and UX, and personalization among everything else it has to offer. Now, you can boost the chances of having a good rating app by building an app like Netflix. However, keep factors such as cost to create netflix, features, functions, and target market.

4. How to increase app store ratings by asking?

Here’s a thing, not every consumer will take the trouble of giving your app feedback, even if they love your app. Now, here comes the proactive role. You will have to give the user time to have the experience, and then, through various methods, you should remind the user to share their experience. You can ask users through social media platforms, as mentioned above. You can also integrate in-app feedback tools, so the user can review your app with a single tap.

app ratings and reviews

5. How to improve app store rating with rewards?

Rewarding can be one of the important techniques you can use to gain reviews. You can offer users bonus coins, in-app features, unlocked items among many things in return for the review. With a simple pop-up, you can mention what benefits users will get in return for rating your app. However, do not try to influence the level of love they want to give to your app. Make sure to read app store guidelines before you proceed with this option.

6. How to increase app ratings with customer service?

Apps can be complicated to understand for a few users. Or, they can simply have glitches due to different hardware and software compatibilities. Now, if app users will not have someone to help them with the issue, they might get triggered and leave a bad review. The best option is to make sure you have someone to help consumers with their queries instantly. It can help you in building goodwill for your company, and the app itself. You can modify your app design guidelines as well and integrate an in-app feedback method.

7. How to improve app ratings and reviews through contests?

A few websites are already existing, rewarding users in return for reviews. Users can participate in games and contents involving the procedure of rating the app, and developers, in return, reward them with gift cards or other items. You can also organize random giveaways for users who reviewed your app and left their usernames in the thread.

8. How to increase app store ratings by targeting happy customers?

You can identify happy or most engaged users by tracking their session times. Tracking this information can help you in targeting the right kind of users to ask for ratings. As asking for ratings from new or unsatisfied users might annoy them. Therefore, you might end up having a bad rating for your app. Therefore, you can also interact with unhappy consumers through mobile application support networks, and boost their experience.

app ratings and reviews

9. How to improve app store rating by targeting negative reviews?

Negative reviews can ruin the reputation of your mobile app. However, you can try to figure out the reason behind such ratings and reply to negative reviews. Replying users and taking their feedback creates a positive impression on the users’ mind.

app ratings and reviews

With negative reviews, you get to know about your app's glitches, and other important issues other users might be facing. Therefore, taking them seriously is a good way to begin. You can reply to users individually to make them feel that there’s a real person on the other side taking their reviews seriously. 

Key Summary

App reviews are crucial for the survival of your mobile app. On any app store, Apple or Google Play Store, mobile apps have a minimum of criteria to qualify. App stores keep observing their databases to find the worst apps and remove them. One of the main factors they consider is reviews. Now, the ways that we discussed above are useful for you to get app reviews. For the revision, let’s go through a few points we discussed earlier.

  • App Store Optimization (ASO) can help promote the app, and boosting ratings;
  • In-app feedback tools make the review process easier for the user;
  • Building an app with USPs can improve the app popularity;
  • Being proactive and asking for app reviews at the right time can have a crucial impact;
  • Rewarding in return of reviews is also one of the popular ways to earn reviews;
  • Effective customer service and resolving creates a good impression;
  • Targeting happy customers after observing their engagement behavior can improve app user rating;
  • Addressing negative reviews with personalized messages makes a positive impact on the user’s mind.

As market mobile app development trends evolve, users will evolve as well. So, evolving with users and upgrading apps according to new trends can give your app an advantage. Now, to know about these trends, you surely need to have a reliable source. Don’t worry, MobileAppDaily got your back! You can visit the website to know about the latest app development trends, information, and news.

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