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how to market to gen z Gen Z are aspirational buyers and make up a large chunk of the global market. Albeit that not learning “How to market to Gen Z the right way?” is a missed opportunity. Incentivise on this article to gain more marketing traction with the Gen Z.

Before creating a solution, it is important to assess the demographics associated with it. It helps in understanding the adopters of the solution and roadmap to market it to the target audience. Currently in a global context, GenZ’s play a huge role in making a solution mainstream. However, both the app idea and the marketing strategy should be relatable, otherwise, it’ll lead to dismissal.

Here are some stats to support the statement related to the world and GenZ population:

  • As per Worldometers, the current world population is “8,011,903,756” and counting.
  • A report by Macrotrends states an increase in population growth by 0.88% from 2022 to 2023.
  • An article by BW Disrupt states an estimated Gen Z population of 2.56 billion worldwide. Another intriguing insight is the combined Gen Z purchasing power of USD 143 billion.

Based on the statistics provided above, the Gen Z population represents a huge opportunity for upcoming startups and established businesses. Right now, there are plenty of businesses that are turning towards the segment.

However, the real question is “How to market to Gen Z?” and “What can be the key marketing strategies for growth?” in the segment? Creating a product that fits the need is one ordeal, however, marketing to Gen Z is another challenge. To give an overall understanding of the topic, we have written this article.

To learn more…read ahead.

What is Gen Z Generation?

A pertinent question in the minds of a veteran marketer looking for higher outreach is “Who are Gen Z”. Gen Z is the generation that succeeds millennials i.e. anyone born after 1995, and before or in 2010. 

Types of Gen Z

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There aren't any prefixed types of Gen Z. To better understand their preference instead of researching about the types of Gen Z, one can focus on the age bracket i.e. between 11 to 26 as of now. It helps relevant marketers create relevant marketing Gen Z strategies that resonate with the generation’s ideologies. However, McKinsey & Company has defined Gen Z’s in four categories based on certain behavior traits.

Gen Z Mindset - Key to unlock Gen Z Marketing

The onset of the millennial generation was the beginning of the digital era i.e. the year the 1980s till now. However, technology has been evolving to today’s fruition where everyone is connected via the internet. The intention behind the premise is to establish that Gen Z's are true digital natives. They were exposed to the internet, smartphones, and social networks at an early age. They have been early adopters of multiple technologies and applications. Also, the Gen Z audience has responded well to the ever-changing technological ecosystem.

For marketing to Gen Z customer base, companies should start with three core ideologies:

types of gen z

To further explain, consider the two most widely popular applications from two segments i.e. gaming and social media. In gaming, PUBG is a widely popular name and has a huge audience worldwide. The application is free to download and generates revenue using in-app purchases. Adding to it, players can choose their own outfits and online PUBG avatar. 

For social media, Instagram is amongst the top platforms that is often used to voice opinion and self-expression. In fact, it has generated a new class of job profile i.e. influencers. Instagram constantly updates its algorithm to increase retention and assess user data to show content that might be appealing. They generate a major chunk of revenue using Instagram ads which are often from the people and by the people.

Gen Z as a generation looks for customization options to personalize their experience. The ordeal is often a medium of expression rather than a utility. Considering all the factors stated above, the companies should focus on a marketing mix that sticks closer to these propositions. 

Gen Z is constantly looking for new options, and easily rejects services based on their preferences. However, it isn’t impossible to turn them into loyal customers through constant innovation. Coming to the last proposition, avoid any unethical ways for marketing Gen Z audience even when the product is free to access. It is because Gen Z is vocal and often voices their opinion online for the world to know. 

13 Best Marketing Gen Z Practices!

To come up with key marketing strategies for growth, here are some of the best Gen Z marketing practices.

1. Short Format Content

The marketing campaign should focus on content that is short. It can be blogs, videos, social media posts, or any type of imaginable content. Albeit the technological changes, the preference for content consumption has changed to a short format. Numerous apps such as TikTok, Instagram, youtube, etc have all integrated the format and made their own.

2. Use their Language

Gen Z is known for using complicated acronyms and often dark humor. Understanding the sense of language and the way the generation communicates with each other is important. It creates a sense of relatability with the brand. However, staying relevant and not overdoing it is also important.

3. Stay Authentic

Authenticity with the content is a must. With so many sources to learn the truth, creating content that is a farce can often be damaging to the brand image. This point is particularly relevant to Gen Z marketing and consumption.

4. Transparency

Transparency is a great Gen Z marketing strategy to market a product. If the marketers are transparent about the value proposition, chances are higher to create a loyal Gen Z global market. 

As per a survey conducted by Statista on Gen Z consumers, there are several stats that describes the same:

  • About 45% of respondents are more likely to use a service considering the social media campaign seems trustworthy and transparent.
  • 37% of respondents favored the personalization of products.
  • Around 16% look for the brand’s vision and mission.

5. Create FOMO

FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out”. Creating a marketing campaign that taps into this attribute can drive engagement. However, it is important to deliver the promise made, otherwise, it can backfire.

6. Use Social Media and Stay Relevant

Stay relevant. There are several primary social media platforms that have the highest number of Gen Z audiences. These platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Anyone from the Gen Z generation who has ever had a digital footprint is accessible via these mediums. However, it is important that the format of content produced for these platforms are platform-specific. For example:

  • Memes work great on Instagram.
  • Slides with insights to achieve a task works great on Linkedin.
  • Twitter is often used for sharing news, perspective, and press releases in limited chars.
  • Pinterest for interesting design examples.

There is no particular thumb rule for success on social media. However, sticking to the format of the platform has a higher chance of creating better engagement.

7. Video Content

Videos are the most engaging medium of content consumption. Videos are easier to digest, require minimal effort, and provide higher value. Also speaking from a scientific perspective, videos tend to stimulate the audience in both visual and auditory manner. This is the reason a majority of brands take advantage of creative video ads to market a product.

8. Use Influencers for Marketing

Previously, big brands hired huge movie stars and celebrities to market a product. The idea behind the marketing tactic was its impeccable outreach. However, the situation has flipped. 

It is not that the star power of actors, singers, and other celebrities has gone down. Yet, picking up a relevant influencer who generates similar content as the product offering creates higher engagement. It is because today influencers are the face of trust. For example, to check out new and dependable smartphone reviews “Marques Brownlee” is a huge youtube name. For PCs and technologies, “Linus Tech Tips” is another very big name. These influencers can often be easier on the marketing budget and have the potential to reach millions of people within a week.

9. Participation from Gen Z

Reaching out to the audience for the product review is a great way to grab attention. Ask for both good and bad. Also, make upgrades based on the criticism. It creates a higher sense of transparency that often creates a loyal connection with the Gen Z audience.

10. Create Hashtags

Creating company and product hashtags is a great way of finding true engagement and reaching out to Gen Z customers. The target audience can use hashtags and create content related to the application or service offered.

11. Use Existing Customers to Market

The best way to market and increase credibility for a brand is by using the images of actual users. Using the experience of the existing customer is an excellent way of creating trust. It also entices Generation Z considering it shows transparency.

12. Use Both Online & Offline Medium

The marketing mix for Generation Z marketing should combine both online and offline marketing channels. Online ads are great but flex banners, advertisements on popular TV channels, and other outbound ways also create an association. The idea behind a good marketing campaign is to be omnipresent to compel the target audience to try the product at least once. Retention and customer loyalty would depend on individual preference.

13. Build Community

Community building can have huge advantages. It helps in aggregating new customers and building a loyal base. For marketing to Gen Z work on creating a Gen Z community. A dedicated community provides real-time value and helps the customer to make an informed decision. Also as a brand, it gives real insights to understand the way the target customer behaves.

Wrapping Up!

The question “How to market to Gen Z?” is not a big one. Just like any marketing campaign, Generation Z marketing also requires understanding the target market. Several best app marketing companies often overcomplicate it. However, it is important to understand that old ways don’t work in a new mindset. In order to sell to someone, one firstly needs to understand the needs, wants, and wishes. After that, understand how the target audience speaks? What are their preferences? Where to stop?. A marketing campaign that caters to these basic needs is a clear way to success.

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