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How is AI Impacting Mobile App Personalization in 2021?

As per a study, the companies that are using Artificial Intelligence have a better success rate than their competitors in the market.

How AI is Affecting Mobile Application Development

The launch of Siri by Apple in the year October 2011 marked the beginning of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps. Prior to that, AI was only used in iPhone application development. 

But since the year 2011, AI has experienced tremendous growth and unlocked immense possibilities in various aspects of development that include app development, integration of hardware and software, etc. 

Today, AI is transforming the whole technological landscape with pace. But let’s dive deep and understand what Artificial Intelligence in fact is. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) means the ability of a machine to imitate the intelligent behavior of a human. It covers many theories like natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge management, machine vision, problem-solving and so on. On one hand, it is a well-famed fact about AI that the possibilities with it are seamless. 

However, when it comes to mobile, it is especially integrated using chatbots or sensors. AI is used as a powerful tool by numerous companies to attract customers all around the world. Let's understand the effect of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development. 

How is AI Impacting Mobile App Development?

There are multiple brands such as eBay, Amazon, Uber, and others that are using AI and providing exceptional results. Artificial Intelligence development enables mobile apps to allow a business to give accurate and efficient customer services.

Brands like Uber and Amazon have certainly benefited from that. As for iPhone application development, Apple has always been quick in realizing the market needs before others, and this time, the tech giant has embraced the power of AI. 

There are of course several mobile applications that function with Artificial Intelligence in a number of ways. The presence of an AI-powered app becomes even more influential as it helps to develop an excellent experience for the user. But let's understand the impact of AI further in terms of driving mobile app personalization. 

List of Ways in Which AI is Driving Mobile App Personalization

Following are the ways by which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving mobile app personalization: 

1. Reasoning 

The reasoning is one of the most vital skills that a machine or application should have. The machines that were developed earlier didn’t have this feature in them. However, now it is possible because of the integration of AI. 

Let's take an example of Uber, The cab giant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its application. It helps the drivers find the precise route to pick-up or drop the customer at their destination. 

The same technology used in the Uber app even informs the driver about a particular route that will be shortest so the customer can reach the destination in the quickest time possible. In this way, many other enterprises can use AI to make their application interface better and smarter for their users.

2. AI-Powered Predictions

When you have mobile apps present on your phone, popping up of notifications about products, discounts or offers is a common phenomenon. This is done to attract more and more customers and engage the existing ones. 

But with that being said, AI plays a crucial role in this. AI algorithms can track the buying and searching history of a user and then provide them with personalized offers. These might be mere predictions but there are situations when users actually buy the products recommended to them. Hence, it is vital for companies to hire mobile app developers who can help them in the integration of Artificial Intelligence with their apps.

3. Artificial Intelligence and App Content 

The role of AI in driving the content of an app is again a talking point. Users nowadays see the recommended section in some applications. This mostly happens in apps having rich content. The AI technology in apps reads the way the users interact with the applications.

The kind of article or content the users read the most is tracked, and based on that, a recommendation section is made for everyone. This recommendation section of an app is personalized for every user and this is solely possible because of AI.

4. Personalization Capability 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential of making the user experience personalized. The applications that use AI can access the location of the users as well as track the buying history of the user. 

AI algorithms use this data and offer users services that are personalized for them. These kinds of capabilities can be integrated into a mobile application irrespective of its type, eventually bettering the user interface. 

The majority of the AI mobile app development companies have embraced the technology because of the benefits it provides. This is perhaps the best time to offer AI services as the competition is low and opportunities endless. The users need apps that understand them without providing much input. Personalizing an app can make the users connect with the application and make it easier for them to use it.  

5. Merging Home, Business And AI 

Amazon recently released Alexa, a smart device that can hear the owner and respond to the commands, play music, read the news, tell the temperature, read messages and call people. Alexa can also be connected with interior appliances. 

Once connected, it can then turn the lights and fans off or on. This was a masterstroke by Amazon and a perfect example of how AI can transform daily lives. Alexa can control the lives of people or maybe people can control everything around them easily with Alexa’s help. 

Besides, now that Amazon is planning to take Alexa out of home and merge it with the outside world and businesses, greater enhancements are expected in the coming days. It is already known that AI can provide many benefits to organizations by helping them automate most of the things that require human efforts. 

This will help them save costs and ensure accuracy. As is it there are minimal chances that AI applications make errors. Although, they cannot be used to do a task that requires high-level reasoning or logic creation even today. 

This is the reason why most of the enterprises hire mobile app developers who also know about AI. Integration of AI has become very important nowadays and looking at future trends, it is evident that AI will shape future technologies.


Impact of AI on Mobile Application Development and Marketing


AI technology, when combined with top mobile application trends in the industry, results in fantastic assistance to the user in many aspects.

  • With the basic functionality of the app, AI provides additional features to the user, by collecting and storing the data from the user by analyzing the behavior of the user.
  • AI collects information about the user's location, recent contacts, and app interaction time. It further utilizes it to serve the user with better and specific assistance.
  • With the consistent change in user demand, AI is chosen as the best and most reliable tool to enrich the app in every aspect. Retail giants like Amazon and eBay have proven the importance and strength of AI embedded apps.
  • Many IT companies are strategically integrating AI with their top products to generate maximum revenue with satisfactory and user-friendly UI. It profits the business in terms of high user engagement and better involvement. 

The AI-driven app collects all the information about the user daily and utilizes critical details to show or push the user-oriented content regularly, which ultimately benefits the business. This also enhances the advertising.

Summing Up

Whether we talk about AI in Android app development or iOS app development, It is certain that the technology is expanding its horizon and promises to be the future of mobile applications. An AI-based application will soon be seen ruling the market while driving mobile app personalization. 

This is the time when the users want everything automated and that is where AI comes into play. The points discussed above describe how AI is driving mobile app personalization and promises to do so in the future as well. With most of the enterprises have realized the power of AI, promising results are expected to be seen. 

So if you like this article on the impact of AI in driving mobile app personalization, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or head over and read more about world mobile technology to know what’s going down around the world’s technological landscape. 

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