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Snapchat vs Instagram Snapchat vs Instagram have some similarities like stories and AR filters. But there are many differences that you should know about.

Among all the leading names in social media apps, Snapchat and Instagram are very commonly heard. From content creation to conversations with friends, both communication apps have established a stronghold in the global market. In this blog, we are discussing Snapchat vs Instagram and their position against each other from the perspective of users. We will talk about different elements like features, pros, and cons of both platforms to identify which one takes the lead. So, if you are interested in this war between Instagram versus Snapchat, stick with us until the end of this blog. So, if you are interested in this war between Instagram and Snapchat, stick with us until the end of this blog.

Introduction - Instagram and Snapchat

For those who are not much familiar with both of these platforms, let’s go through a short introduction and background of the apps.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites currently existing which focuses on giving users a platform where they can share pictures and creative videos. In fact, there are Instagram captions that also describe the story behind the image. 

Recently, Instagram has also entered into the reel-making market where users can create Reels up to 30 seconds long and share them on their Instagram profile. With proper social media strategy, these Reels have a good scope of growing the outreach of the user.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded this photo and video sharing platform on October 6, 2010. Since then, it has seen many modifications in its UI and logos. Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 for 1 billion USD. On the app, you will find hundreds of filters, freedom to upload stories and posts, Reels, IGTV videos, and messenger among other features. 

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a secure messaging application that cares about user privacy and protection more than any other alternatives. It allows users to upload stories for their contacts to see. Moreover, during text messaging, each screenshot taken by any participant in the conversation informs others by showing them an alert about the screenshot taken. Thus, the app is quite good from a privacy and safety perspective.     

The American app was initially founded in September 2011 by its original creators, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Snapchat is now known for its AR stickers and filters that have become one of the huge reasons why users from all over the world find Snapchat fascinating.

Instagram vs Snapchat - Features of the Social Media Moguls

Both Instagram and Snapchat are feature-driven social media platforms. Therefore, to understand their key differences, it is important to learn about their core features. Also, we have provided a comparison table to help you create a balanced perspective.

Core Features of Instagram

1. Sharing and Discovery

The foundation of Instagram enables its users to post individual photos and videos or create slideshows with multiple clips. It does it through several formats:

  • Posts: These are photos that the user permanently uploads to their Instagram account. These are discoverable in your account to any other user that follows you.
  • Story: These can be both photos and videos. They last 24 hours on your story feed. However, if you wish to save them then you have to add them to highlights.
  • Reel: These are posts that are uploaded on the platform in video format. They are also discoverable by other users if they follow you. Also, they cannot exceed their limit of 90 seconds max.
  • IGTV: This format allows users to upload and watch long-form content for up to 1 hour. 
  • Live: In this format, the user can go live for up to 4 hours. Also, you can add 3 more people at the same time on the live screen.

2. Content Creation and Editing:

Instagram delivers a wide range of filters and editing tools. These filters and editing tools can enhance the look and feel of your photos and videos giving a more polished look.

3. Connecting with Others:

The USP (unique selling proposition) of Instagram is that it connects you with your friends, celebrities, brands, and anyone who interests you. In fact, people can even follow back to see your update.

Furthermore, you get features such as “Likes”, “Comments”, and “Share”. These features help you interact with your audience and understand their perspective about you. Also, the platform allows everyone to send private messages, photos, and videos either individually or as a group.

4. Additional Features:

There are several additional features that Instagram offers its users. These are:

  • Shopping: Explore and purchase products directly within the app via product tags and shoppable posts.
  • Highlights: Save specific stories that permanently exist on your account.
  • Instagram Lite: It is a stripped-down version of the app designed for people with a poor internet connection and less powerful devices.

Core Features of Snapchat

1. Ephermarility and Privacy:

The core function of Snapchat lies in its ability to send and receive photos called “Snap” that disappear. This happens once they are viewed by the recipient. This impermanence of content sets it apart from other social media platforms.
Also, the feature allows its users to share their location with friends (optional). This is called “Snap Map”. It can be disabled with ease for privacy-conscious users.

2. Creative Communication:

As discussed earlier, Snapchat is like any other social media platform keen on communication. On this platform, you get a variety of creative options to communicate or share content with your friends. Let’s explore:

  • Snaps: The user can capture and send photos/videos with captions, doodles, and stickers.
  • Lenses (AR Filters): It is a hallmark feature of Snapchat. Lenses use Augmented reality (AR) technology to add interactive elements to Snaps. These can filter like animal ears, costume changes, or interactive effects that change facial movements or expressions.
  • Bitmoji Integration: Integrate personalized Bitmoji avatars into snaps and use them in stickers and interactions.

3. Storytelling and Connection:

There are several formats of storytelling and creating connections on Snapchat. Let’s check out these options:

  • Stories: Snapchat Stories allow users to share a collection of Snaps, i.e., photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Chat: This feature lets you send private messages, photos, and videos directly to other users. Chats can also be set to disappear after viewing adding to the ephemeral nature of communication.
  • Streaks: Streaks are daily content sent to users in your following list. It encourages daily interaction through “Snapstreak”. Also, the users get rewarded if the back-and-forth of content stays for consecutive days.

4. Additional Features:

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat also has several additional features. These are:

  • Memories (Optional): It is a private space to save Snaps and Stories before they disappear. Users have control over what is saved in Memories.
  • Spotlight: It is a short-form video format within Snapchat. Here users can create videos for a chance to win a daily prize pool.
  • Custom Geofilters (Limited Availability): These are location-based filters for any events or special occasions.
  • Snapcodes: These are unique QR codes that allow users to easily add each other as friends on Snapchat.

Comparing the Features in Tabulated Format - Instagram vs Snapchat

Features Instagram Snapchat
Focus Sharing photos & videos Disappearing messages
Content Permanence Permanent or temporary Primarily temporary
Editing Tools Extensive editing options Fun filters & lenses
Account Privacy Public or private accounts Primarily private messaging
Story Feature Yes Yes
Filters Photo & video enhancement Fun AR Lenses & some filters
Messaging Direct messages, both disappearing & permanent options Primarily disappearing messages
Live Video Yes Not a core feature
Shopping Features Extensive shopping options Limited shopping options
Longer-form Content Up to 1 hour with IGTV Limited video clip length
Discovery Explore the page with curated content Focuses on existing connections
Ease of Use Generally easier to use Might have a learning curve
Monetization Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, selling products Spotlight challenges, promoting products, influencer partnerships (limited)

Which is Better: Instagram or Snapchat for Privacy?

Privacy is a concern that bothers most parents, especially when the number of teenagers getting onboard on social media apps is increasing rapidly. Thus, it is crucial to think about the question- which is safer: Snapchat or Instagram? Now, Snapchat features have something designed to protect the privacy of the user. Whenever a picture or even text is shared, and if any screenshot of the inbox has been taken, it alerts receivers for the same. 

Moreover, the major difference between Snapchat vs Instagram Stories is that users also receive alerts from Snapchat if a screenshot of their private story ideas has been taken by any of the contacts. These contacts will have a specific symbol in the form of “Arrows crossing each other” if they capture the screenshot of a story that you had uploaded.  

Instagram, for privacy, allows you to send images and videos that users can play only once. Moreover, you can also share images and videos by turning on the “Vanish Mode”. The Vanish Mode makes messages disappear as soon as you close the chat. Moreover, you can also choose a few people to add to the list of your Close Friends on Instagram so that you can share stories that are only visible to them. Moreover, Instagram also allows you to restrict profiles and to select people so that they can not see your stories. Now, the question- which is safer, Snapchat or Instagram, can be confidently answered that Snapchat is much more secure and private for texting.

Messaging and Communication Tools Comparison: Instagram vs. Snapchat

Essentially all the apps like Instagram or Snapchat, or the entire umbrella of social media platforms come under the category of messaging and communication tools. Therefore, it is important to understand the efficacy and effectiveness of these platforms based on their capability to fulfill the task with flying colors. So, here is a comparison table to sort you out:

Features Instagram Snapchat
Messaging Type Direct messages (private chat) Direct messages (private chat)
Disappearing Messages Optional (can choose disappearing messages) Default (messages disappear after viewing)
Group Chats Yes Yes
Video/Voice Calls Yes Yes
Screen Sharing No No
File Sharing Limited (photos & videos) Limited (photos & videos)
Live Chat Features Not available Not available
Integration with Other Platforms Limited (Facebook) Limited (contacts)
Focus on Privacy Moderate (controllable privacy settings) High (disappearing messages by default)

Additional Considerations:

  • Instagram delivers more flexibility with the disappearing messages features. It allows users to choose if they want their message to vanish or remain within a chat.
  • Both platforms provide video and voice calls. However, they lack features like screen sharing and file sharing beyond photos and videos.
  • Snapchat’s priority is more towards disappearing messages so the service keeps it as default. Contrarily, Instagram is more focused on privacy settings but it leans towards a more public experience.

Short-Lived Content: Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories

The first answer to the question “Why is Snapchat better than Instagram?” is short-lived content. In fact, many people consider Snapchat over Instagram for the same reason. However, the way this content is published and consumed is different on both platforms. So, it is important to create a balanced perspective by understanding this format on Instagram and Snapchat. Therefore, here’s a table that can help create that perspective:

Feature Snapchat Stories Instagram Stories

Content Duration

24 hours

24 hours

Content Type

Photos & Videos (up to 1 minute clips)

Photos & Videos (up to 1 minute clips, with options for longer formats strung together)

Disappearing Messages

Default (disappears after viewing a snap)

Optional (can choose disappearing messages for specific posts)

Editing Tools

Fun filters & Lenses (AR)

Extensive editing tools & filters


Can be saved to "My Story" highlights for extended viewing

Can be saved to "Highlights" for extended viewing on your profile


Limited insights

Detailed insights on views, engagement, and reach


Limited to friends or through curated stories

Public stories & explore page for discovering new content/p>


Swiping up for links, replies with text or snaps

Swiping up for links, replies with text or photos/videos

Live Features

Live stories with interactive features

Live stories with comments and Q&A features


Sharing moments with close friends

Sharing curated content for a wider audience

Other Considerations:

  • Snapchat Stories are preferred for their interactive AR filters and lenses.
  • Instagram delivers more in-depth tools to control the quality of the stories published.
  • Stories on Snapchat disappear by default.
  • Instagram Stories delivers more options for curated content and public discovery.
  • Instagram Stories provide detailed analytics that help in tracking performance.

Overall, the best platform for short-lived content depends on your goals. For instance, if you wish to share a private moment with close friends and use AR features, Snapchat Stories are better. However, if you like to share curated feeds of photos and videos then go for Instagram.

Which Social Media App Has a Larger User Network? - Instagram or Snapchat

Snapchat vs Instagram

Well, to answer the question- what is more popular Snapchat or Instagram, we will have to go through a few statistics. Snapchat vs Instagram statistics show that both are beloved by a huge number of people globally. Thus, current statistics might see a drastic difference in the future. But, let’s have a look at a few current Snapchat vs Instagram statistics to know where both secret chat apps stand.

According to a report by Statista, the number of Snapchat’s daily active users has boosted. As of the first quarter of 2024, Snapchat had 422 million daily active users globally. 

On the other hand, according to the most used social media apps statistics, Instagram, which is also a huge social media platform, has two billion monthly active users in 2024. So, to answer the question- which is more popular, Snapchat or Instagram, Instagram is definitely a winner.

Which is Better for Influencers? - Snapchat vs Instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram

Well, if you are a content creator and planning to grow your outreach to a huge number of people, Instagram is undoubtedly the best option. However, there are features like My Public Profile on Snapchat that can be used to grow the outreach on Snapchat to more users. Snapchat also has a feature called Spotlight which lets you grow your followers and make money by using concepts of affiliate marketing. But for the comparison of this segment for the Snapchat vs Instagram differences, Instagram definitely takes the cup. Instagram is easy to grow and has a much higher probability of reaching way more audience compared to Snapchat. This Snapchat vs Instagram difference also makes Instagram the best tool for businesses trying to grow virtually.


Well, after reviewing facts of Snapchat vs Instagram thoroughly, it is quite easy to say that Instagram has a higher position in the market. Also, it is useful for more purposes compared to the Snapchat app. Thus, answering the question, why is Instagram better than Snapchat, is quite easy.

Instagram can work as a messenger app, a social media platform, a platform for businesses, and much more. But for Snapchat, there are limitations that it has to overcome first to become more user-friendly for users. There are many similarities in both apps as well. For instance, Snapchat vs Instagram filters are almost the same. Thus, both apps are amazing if you are skeptical about the Snapchat vs Instagram filters.

So, that is all for the Snapchat vs Instagram. Now, if you have a smartphone app as well and you want to get your app reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily experts for the same. A review by MobileAppDaily can be beneficial for your app from a marketing perspective.

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