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Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime Confused between Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime? This comparison review will answer your question.

We are lucky to live in an era where the entertainment industry is at its peak. With so many streaming platforms existing in the market, not only quality standards but prices are also competitive. Ultimately, the audience is enjoying the benefits of the competition between streaming apps in terms of finances and quality content.

Now, whenever streaming services are the topic, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the names that come to mind first. Why? Because they are leading the streaming industry with a huge margin compared to other apps. Not only that, these streaming platforms have expanded their coverage in many countries.

In this blog, we are going to compare these three companies. We are going to discuss the features of Amazon vs Netflix vs Hulu. In the end, we will conclude this blog by answering the question Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon Prime: Which Should You Choose?

What's better: Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon?

Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon

Well, it might be a little difficult to answer this question as all three streaming apps are unique in their ways. For instance, Netflix does not offer ads but Amazon Prime is cheaper. So, we are going to discuss a few elements such as these to figure out the top among Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu. Now without wasting more time, let’s dive right into details.

Pricing: Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu

The very first comparison element will be Pricing. Pricing affects a huge chunk of people and their decision of picking the preferred streaming service. However, pricing varies from one country to another. Thus, we are discussing this element by taking the US market as the target location.

Amazon Prime Packages- In the US market, users can either sign up for the Annual Prime Package or a monthly subscription. Now, apart from the regular package, Amazon also offers a special discounted package just for students. Let’s have a look at the prices of these packages.

Prime Packages

Monthly Subscription Price

Annual Subscription Price

Annual Prime subscription

$12.99 per month

$119 per year

Prime Student Subscription

$6.49 per month

$59 per year

Netflix Packages- Netflix has packages divided into three segments in the US market. These packages vary according to their prices and offer features accordingly. The cheapest package begins with an $8.99 per month subscription fee and is called Basic.





Netflix Subscription Costs

$8.99 per month

$13.99 per month

$17.99 per month

Screens you can watch
on Netflix simultaneously




No. of phones and tablets
on which downloads are allowed




Watch on multiple devices




Stream unlimited TV shows and movies




HD included




UHD included




Hulu Packages- Hulu has gained quite good popularity in the US market. Moreover, its packages are competitive as compared to other streaming services. Hulu also offers annual packages, unlike Netflix. Which gives it an advantage.

Hulu Subscription Type

Hulu Subscription Cost


$5.99 per month

Hulu Annual

$59.99 per year

Hulu (No Ads)

$11.99 per month

Hulu + Live TV

$64.99 per month

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV

$70.99 per month

Is Hulu better than Amazon Prime or Netflix in terms of pricing?

Comparing all three streaming services, Hulu is the cheapest Amazon Prime and Netflix alternative for users. As mentioned above, the basic Hulu plan comes at a $5.99 per month fee. However, other services cost more. Thus, if the price is the choosing factor to pick a streaming service between Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu- Hulu is the winner.

Content quantity: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

All three streaming platforms offer content that users love. Thus, it is hard to say which platform has the better quality of content. As per a report by Business Insider, Netflix has over 1569 TV shows, including Netflix Originals along with 4,000 plus movies. Internationally, Netflix might have more than 15,000 titles. This data is mentioned in a report by uNoGS. Netflix’s show count is dipping for a couple of years as it is focusing more on producing original shows.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime has around 2,100 shows and 24,000 movies internationally. These numbers also include Amazon Originals. Moreover, Hulu is known to have around 1,650 TV shows, 2,500 Movies, and over 43,000 TV episodes. These numbers include shows and movies in languages other than English as well.

Availability: Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu

While Netflix and Amazon Prime have the largest streaming market, Hulu lacks the expansion to many countries such as India. Hulu is currently offering its services only in the US territories. However, Netflix has covered over 190 countries, including the US, India, Canada, Australia, The UK, South Korea, Japan, and more. Amazon Prime does not have a market as big as Netflix. It has covered the US, the UK, Austria, France, Germany, India, Japan, and Spain. 

User Interface: Amazon vs Netflix vs Hulu

If we compare Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in terms of UI, it is hard to pick one. But Netflix has a more intuitive algorithm to display its UI. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence also keeps you on track with everything that you have watched. It uses your watch history to predict titles that you might like and display them under Shows that you might like and Movies that you might like. 

In the case of Amazon Prime, the UI is amazing but not as good as Netflix. It does not play trailers automatically as well. To see a glimpse of the title, you need to first click on it and explore options further.

While Hulu is working continuously on improving its UI. You can choose your preferred Hulu channels to find them from the Homescreen itself. Moreover, the interface also just like its alternatives categories- Watching, TV Shows, and Movies, among others are available as well.

However, Netflix stands out to be a clear winner due to its UI that knows exactly what you want to watch. Moreover, you also get content that is mixed up with various moods.

Netflix vs. Hulu Plus vs. Amazon Prime Comparison: Download Links

Before we conclude this blog, here are the links from where you can download your preferred best streaming service.

Amazon Prime Video




iOS Android


iOS Android

Amazon Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu: best streaming service? - Conclusion

Well, after going through all the points that we discussed, it is clear that defeating Netflix is still hard. Thus, Netflix is a clear winner in our opinion. Not only in terms of features and the UI, but Netflix’s availability in 190 countries makes it the better choice. Especially if you are continuously traveling, or love international content- Netflix takes the cup.

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