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how to use midjourney Ideation and creativity of new designs often come to a halt with continuous similar work. Don’t stay behind, learn how to use Midjourney generative AI!

How to use Midjourney? How to conjure an image straight out of your imagination? If you are looking for an answer to these questions, MobileAppDaily has got you covered. Midjourney is among the popular AI image generators that let you create digital art within seconds. 

Midjourney generative AI is a great alternative to be boundless, unlike its conventional options of creating designs in multiple visual styles. Like ChatGPT, it is a generative AI specifically created to provide results in images. This AI art generator helps you spread your imagination and develop ideas from scratch just by text descriptions.  

If you know Midjourney’s unimaginable capabilities and want to use the tool, the article is solely dedicated to helping you. Therefore, let’s begin.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is a generative AI used for creating images simply by using prompts entered by the user. This AI-powered tool lets you imagine anything and turn it into an image (within community guidelines), making it one of the best AI art generators.

This art generator distinguishes itself from its competitors through a user-friendly interface and a beginner-friendly approach. This tool can operate within the Discord server and does not require additional setup. With exceptional AI qualities, this art generator has demonstrated compelling capabilities for generating artistic images from simple text prompts and commands. 

How to use Midjourney AI?

If you are seeking to create MidJourney AI art, follow the simple and quick steps mentioned below -

  • Sign-up to Discord
  • Next, sign up for Midjourney and accept the invitation to the Midjourney free online Discord channel
  • Pick your desired plan for using the Midjourney app or the site
  • Compose your prompt by adding the text and giving the desired command
  • Midjourney AI will now start generating the images based on your prompt
  • Edit and upscale your Midjourney AI art based on your preference
  • Save your Midjourney illustrations to a desired place

Let’s discuss these steps in detail below. The guide below will elaborate on all the steps that will help you access all Midjourney tools easily.

Step 1: Log in to your Discord Account

To use Midjourney generative AI, the user needs to have a discord account. The Midjourney Discord account can be browsed using all mediums: a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Also, before logging in to Discord to use the Midjourney algorithm to create images, it is essential to see if your account is verified.

Step 2: Choose a Plan of Midjourney AI on Discord

Midjourney plans

To generate images using Midjourney generative AI, visit Once done, sign in to your verified Discord account and choose a plan suitable for the Midjourney plan for yourself.

Below, we have mentioned the different Midjourney plans to choose from:

  • Basic Plan: Provides 3.3 hrs/month GPU time to generate images.
  • Standard Plan: Provides 15 hrs/month GPU time to generate images.
  • Pro Plan: Provides 30 hrs/month GPU time to generate images.
  • Mega Plan: Provides 60 hrs/month GPU time to generate images.

You can choose a desired plan based on the Midjourney features and functionalities that you wish to access.

Step 3: Join the Midjourney AI Server on Discord

To use the Midjourney algorithm, joining the Discord server of Midjourney is essential. Below are the steps to do that:

  • Open the Discord website and locate the list of servers on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the “+” button located at the bottom of the server.
  • A pop-up window will appear. On it, click on “Join a Server”.
  • Paste this Discord URL and click on the join button.

Step 4: Locate Channel

After you have joined the Midjourney Discord server, it is time to join the channel listed on the server. This search is primarily conducted in two ways mentioned below:

  • Midjourney Server: Look for any channel labeled as general-# or newbie-#. These channels are created for beginners, and the Midjourney algorithm will not work on other channels.
  • On Other Servers: The user must get an invite from the Midjourney bot. Once done, look for the instructions provided on the server itself.

Step 5: Learn to Use /imagine Command

The /imagine command is essential to creating an image from the text description. Follow these steps for using the /imagine Command:

  • Either type in the /imagine command or search it using “/” in the message field provided
  • Start writing the description for creating AI-generated images for free
  • Once done, the Midjourney algorithm will generate a relevant image based on the text provided. It is important to note that the description should follow the community guidelines

Step 6: Terms of Service

Once you have performed the step above, the Midjourney bot will ask you to accept the terms of service.

Step 7: Image Processing

The Midjourney algorithm will start running the GPU (graphics processing unit) units to produce your image. The resources you allocate for image generation will depend on the subscription plan.

Step 8: Upscaling or Creating Variations

Now, you will be given three options, i.e., U, V, and re-runs, where U stands for upscaling, V stands for Variation, and the reruns can help you verify the text prompts -

  •  Midjourney generative AI will provide U1, U2, U3, and U4 options
  • V stands for variations, and it will be represented similar to upscaling
  • The re-run button assesses the text description provided, producing different images for every consecutive iteration

Step 9: Modification of the Image generated by the Midjourney App

You will now have different options to modify the image at this step. Here are the possibilities for modification:

  • Vary (Strong) and  Vary (Subtle): This creates a variation of the image created by the GPU. Here, strong is meant for strong variation, while subtle is for little variation.
  • Zoom Out 2x,  Zoom Out 1.5x, and Custom Zoom: It extends the image beyond its original boundaries, helping you only use the amount you wish to use.
  • Panning: These are used to pan the image on a particular side. It could be left, right, top, or bottom.
  • Favorite: This allows the user to tag the image on the Midjourney website to find it easily.
  • Web: Use this button to open your images in the Midjourney generative AI gallery.

Step 10: Save the Image

Once you have made all the necessary changes, it is time to save the image in full resolution. To do so, open the image created, right-click on it, and click on the save option.

Types of Images Generated by Midjourney

The imagination of the user drives Midjourney illustrations. Therefore, it can create almost any type of image that the user wants. It could be a different color, style, era, or anything the user decides to integrate into their picture. Based on your desired Midjourney outputs, you can mention an appropriate prompt. 

To give a better idea, here are the different types of images the user can create using this one of the best AI art generators -

1. Style

mid journey ai

2. Look and Feel

The examples provided by the Midjourney AI image generator are enough to let the user's imagination loose. However, several painting styles, such as impressionism, realism, oil painting, modern art, landscape painting, symbolism, etc., can also be used within the prompt to create something compelling.

midjourney generative ai

Similar to Dall e2, Midjourney follows the representation in your mind. It can create any type of drawings and images. The difference in results between the continuous line and the charcoal sketch (examples mentioned above) is enough to establish the efficacy with which Midjourney can create pictures with a different look and feel.

3. Visual Style

midjourney app - visual style

Midjourney is considered among the best Artificial Intelligence apps, which offers users a series of visual styles to choose from. The representation above mentions images of cats in different decades of the 20th century. This can also be changed to a particular movie or a popular character. There are multiple other visual styles, such as abstract, illustrated, negative space, flat design, etc.

4. Emotion

midjourney prompts

Midjourney can also create characters with different emotions. All the user needs to do is simply integrate the feelings within the prompt. For instance, create a furry cat image that looks sad. This can be implemented with any emotion. There are 27 emotions, and Midjourney will try to make the best representation of the feeling mentioned in the prompt.

5. Color

midjourney illustrations

Millions of colors are a combination of RGB (Red, Green, Blue). However, with Midjourney, you can create images with all sorts of colors describable to humans. It includes all the primary, secondary, tertiary, and the different combinations of them.

6. Environment

best ai image generator

For the image, users can choose any environment. It can be a region, for instance, Rajasthan in India, the Sahara Desert in Africa, the Northern Lights in Norway, etc. It can also be a movie such as Matrix, Terminator, Star Wars, or even an animated one. Simply integrate the environment for your character, and Midjourney will reproduce the image for you.

Essential Element of Creating an Image Using Midjourney!

Essentially, there are two elements of creating an image using Midjourney, i.e., prompts + your imagination or creativity.

The user can create an image closest to their imagination by writing effective prompts. Therefore, let’s discover what a prompt is as per Midjourney and the different parameters associated with it:

Definition of Prompts by Midjourney, “ A prompt is a short text phrase that the Midjourney bot interprets to produce an image.”

The Midjourney bot assesses a prompt and breaks it into words & phrases that are smaller. These smaller pieces are also known as tokens. Once these tokens are extracted, they are compared with the training data. After that, an image is generated post-comparison. Therefore, the best way to create an image is by writing a well-crafted prompt that is unique and perfectly addresses all the elements required in the image.

There are two types of prompts, i.e., Basic Prompts and Advanced Prompts. Let’s explore them -

1. Basic Prompts

A basic prompt is a simple phrase, a single word, or an emoji used to describe an image. For example, a dancing teddy bear.

2. Advanced Prompts

These prompts have different attributes like image URL, more than one text phrase, and one or more parameters. These parameters are primarily defined in three categories by Midjourney generative AI, which are:

  • Image Prompts: These are image URLs that are used to give reference to the Midjourney algorithm at the beginning of the Midjourney prompts.
  • Prompt Text: This is the text description given to the Midjourney algorithm to produce the image as per the user’s imagination.
  • Parameters: Parameters are given to the Midjourney algorithm to control factors of images like aspect ratios, models, upscale, and many others. A peculiar parameter offered by this AI tool is ‘Weird.’ With weird, users get a license to experiment with more peculiar and strange things.

Additional Information related to Prompts -

  • Length of the Prompt: Concentrate on the concept of the image. Giving a longer prompt with a description ideally works in your favor. However, using super-long prompts with Midjourney AI is not recommended.
  • Grammar: The Midjourney AI doesn’t understand grammar. However, the user is required to use specific words. The user can even use synonyms to describe the image; sometimes, it works better. Additionally, use punctuations like comma, brackets, and hyphen to make your idea more concrete and understandable to the Midjourney algorithm.
  • Focus on the Construction: It is important to construct the prompt carefully for Midjourney generative AI. For instance, if you ask Midjourney AI to create a classroom scene, it will most likely generate an image of the teacher. However, if you don’t want the teacher, then you need to specify that in the prompt.
  • Details: Don’t be vague with Midjourney prompts. The more specific the Midjourney prompts are, the better it would be to create an image with close representation. Specify details like subject, medium, environment, lighting, color, mood, and composition. 
  • Use Nouns: Use nouns like birds, cats, or maybe a Persian cat to specify the subject in the Midjourney prompts for better results.

Blending the Image - Creating Images through Images

Midjourney generative AI also features image blends. The Midjourney AI allows you to upload 2-5 images and create concepts & aesthetics by merging images and creating something new.

The blending option is one of the most incredible Midjourney features that can be accessed by typing the command “/blend” on the console. Once done, the console will ask you to upload two images. To add more images for the Midjourney algorithm to work, the user can use the command “optional/options”. Doing this will allow you to upload three more images for the Midjourney outputs.

Additionally, it is important to know that this best AI image generator creates blended images in the aspect ratio of 1:1. However, there is another command, “dimension” that can be used to create images of different ratios such as 2:3, 3:2, etc. Furthermore, ensure that the uploaded images resemble the type of final output you want.

Community Guidelines - To Generate an Image without any Hindrance

The community guidelines are the only things stopping anyone from generating images using Midjourney AI. Midjourney can use even real-life celebrities, historical figures, your known ones (using blending), etc. Therefore, having community guidelines is essential. These are followed on Midjourney so that no one generates offensive or lewd content using the generative AI

To give you a better understanding, here are the guidelines as mentioned on the website itself:

  • Do not use prompts that are inherently offensive, disrespectful, aggressive, or abusive.
  • No adult or content with gore is allowed on the platform.
  • Do not repost someone else’s creation.
  • Be careful while sharing images with the community outside Midjourney.
  • Any violation of the community guidelines stated can result in a permanent ban.

Midjourney V.S. Dall e2 - Comparing the best AI Art Generators 


Basis Midjourney Dall e2
Overview An independent research lab's AI model for generating images from textual descriptions. OpenAI's AI model generates images from textual descriptions.
Image Quality Known for producing highly artistic and stylized images. Produces high-resolution and realistic images.
Resolution Offers various resolutions, typically high. Maximum resolution is generally 1024x1024 pixels.
Stylization and Control Provides extensive control over the style with specific commands. Less direct control over artistic style but offers “styles” as prompts.
Use Case Focus Often preferred for artistic and conceptual work. Strong in generating photorealistic and diverse images for various applications.
Community and Support Has a vibrant community on Discord, offering support and sharing creations. Backed by OpenAI, offering extensive documentation and community forums.

Wrapping Up!

This was our detailed guide on how to use Midjourney AI for your next creative project. Using this AI tool effectively requires understanding its unique capabilities and integrating its tools into your creative workflow. As an AI model known for generating highly artistic and stylized images, Midjourney excels in transforming textual descriptions into visually compelling artwork. 

As you explore the vast potential of Midjourney AI, stay updated on its latest features and community insights to continually enhance your creative endeavors. Whether for professional projects or personal exploration, Midjourney AI stands as a powerful tool in the evolving landscape of AI-driven artistry.

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