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How to use Dall-E 2 It’s exactly not rocket science to use Dall-E 2 for any creator. However in order to use it efficiently, there are certain aspects of “How to use Dall-E 2?” that one should know of.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing the field of computer vision and image processing. There have been so many AI image generator from text that are upgrading the way graphic designers and artists produce images, concept work, and beautiful art pieces. 

One of the latest addition in this domain is Dall-E 2 by OpenAI, the same company that is behind the development of ChatGPT. It is an AI system or AI picture generator from text that generate unique images based on the intent or input provided by the user. 

In this article, we will extrapolate on “How to use Dall-E 2?”  or “ How to generate image using Dall-E 2?” along with some exciting possibilities this technology can offer.

What is Dall-E 2?

As stated earlier, Dall-E 2 is an AI graphic generator or text to image generator AI created by OpenAI. Dall-E 2 is a revolutionary tool designed for artists, designers, and content creators to produce content fast, with great quality, and most importantly at will. The name “Dall-E” is a combination of Wall-E (a Pixar movie robot) and Salvador Dali ( a Spanish surrealist).

Dall-E 2 AI Image Generator Features

how to create image with dall e2

Dall-E 2 is a benchmark in the niche of best AI image generators. It has the capacity to create hyperrealistic images simply by processing the intent of the user. Basically, if you can imagine it then it can be turned into a visual representation.

However to further understand the capabilities of this AI image generator from text, here are the features of Dall-E 2:

1. Versatile Image Generation

Dall-E 2 AI is a versatile text to image generator AI. It can create a wide range of images, graphics, concept arts, etc, based on its textual interpretation via NLP (natural language processing). 

This includes different patterns from simple shapes and objects to complex scenes and landscapes that are hyperrealistic. The AI picture generator from text is capable of generating images with multiple objects and complex backgrounds, making it a capable tool with diversified applications.

2. High-Quality Images

Dall-E 2 is the best AI art tools. This top AI image generator has impressive features that include generating high-quality images that look realistic and detailed. The AI logo generator is capable of producing different resolutions of images i.e. from a range of 256*256 px to 1024*1024 pixels. 
The content produced by Dall-E 2 image generator online is suitable for multiple applications, including print media. The images generated by Dall-E 2 are so hyperrealistic that it is often difficult to distinguish them from real photographs.

3. Uniqueness

Each image generated by Dall-E 2 is unique in nature. It means the AI graphic generator produces images that are truly unique and stands out. This best AI image generator can be used to create unique illustrations, designs, and graphics that are tailor-made. Images that cater to your brand or project.

4. Fine-Grained Control

Dall-E 2 has fine-grain control over the images created by it.  In fact, the user can specify details to the text to image generator AI with details such as color, texture, shape, and size to create images that meet the exact specifications. The level of control is useful for creating images for e-commerce websites or designing custom avatars for video games and a lot more.

5. Creative Writing Prompts

Dall-E 2 allows users to generate images simply by writing creative prompts. This is very unique and opens up new possibilities for generating unexpected and creative images. This feature can be used to explore the full range of Dall-E 2's capabilities and produce images that are both unique and original. 

For instance:

  • Shark with Cat’s feet.
  • Dogs going to the office.
  • Human with a face of a mouse
  • 13 moons around the earth
  • 13 Earths around a moon
  • Napoleon Bonaparte as an anime character

6. Real-Time Image Generation

Dall-E 2 is capable of producing images in real-time. The text to image generator AI means that the user can see results based on textual descriptions almost instantly. This makes Dall-E 2 a great tool that can create images on will. Also, the tool allows quick adjustments to existing images that can be uploaded easily to the system.

How Dall-E 2 Works?

Dall-E 2 “the AI that generates images from text” works because of three different parts of it, that work together. The first comprises of the learning and its deductible qualities, the second caters to image generation, and the third is based on reinforcing its decision-making for learning.

To get a better understanding, here are these three parts:

1. GPT-3 and Transformers

dall e2 tutorial

To truly understand “How Dall-E 2 works?”, it is important to understand the AI engine integrated into it. Dall-E 2 is based on GPT-3. It is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. 

GPT-3 in essence is a neural network that can process huge volumes of text and generate natural language responses in the form of images. 
Transformers are the building blocks of GPT-3 and Dall-E 2. These are a type of neural network that learns from patterns using large datasets and generate predictions based on the learning aggregated. Transformers are particularly useful with natural language processing tasks as it learns from the relationship between words and phrases.

2. Image Generation Process

how to generate image using dall e2

The process of generating images that are used by Dall-E 2 is known as a “Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)”. It is another type of neural network that comprises two parts i.e. a generator and a discriminator.

The two-part combination of the GAN is used for creating new images based on textual representation and judging the quality of it.  Generates creates while the discriminator judges. Both the generator and the discriminator work in unison in a loop to create more realistic images. With the generator, the process of creating realistic images is gradual learning in increasing order. 

3. Training Data

dall e 2 ai image generator

The Dall-E 2 AI image generator has been created by training the model with huge volumes of datasets and textual descriptions. These datasets consist of millions of images along with their descriptions. These images are used to teach the AI model “How to generate image using Dall-E?”.

The dataset used for training Dall-E 2 is responsible providing diverse and high-quality images. The higher the variety in the images fed to the model,  the better will be the performance of the model. The dataset used by Dall-E 2 is public and in-house. It includes a variety of images that range from simple objects to complex scenes.

Now that we have looked into the working of Dall-E 2, let’s check the steps on how to use Dall-E 2.

How to Use Dall-E 2?

how dall e2 works

Here are the steps on ‘How to use Dall-E 2’ and “How to create image with Dall-E 2?”. Once you have access, you have access to the Dall-E 2 API. It generates images based on text-based inputs and user intent. The API is capable of processing a variety of inputs, including simple phrases, longer descriptions, and even creative writing prompts.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Dall-E 2

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Dall-E 2 photo generator for AI images

  1. Open the website of OpenAI by clicking here.
  2. Now click on “Try DALL.E”.
  3. Sign-up to the platform by entering your credentials.
  4. Purchase credits for generating the images.
  5. Once done, enter your intent in the “Generate” textbox.
  6. Voila! The Dall-E 2 AI image generator will provide you with 4 results to choose from.

Now that we have seen how to use Dall-E 2, let’s look into the tips to follow to use this AI-image generator effectively.

Tips for Using Dall-E 2 Effectively

Here are some tips on how to use Dall-E 2 image generator online effectively:

  1. Be as specific with the text-based input.
  2. Use creative writing prompts for generating unique and unexpected images.
  3. Experiment with different textual descriptions to explore the full range of Dall-E 2's capabilities.
  4. Use the generated images as inspiration for your own artwork or design projects.
  5. Share your generated images on social media to showcase your creativity and generate buzz for your brand or project.
  6. Ask the Dall-E 2 logo generator for creating creative logos with multiple options.

Exciting Possibilities for Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 AI image generator opens up exciting possibilities for multiple artists, designers, and content creators. Here are just a few examples of what is possible with this text to image generator AI:

  1. Generate illustrations for books, magazines, and websites that are unique in nature.
  2. Create custom emojis and stickers for using on multiple platforms such as messaging services, social media, etc.
  3. Generate hyperrealistic images of products for different spaces such as e-commerce websites, advertising, and other spaces.
  4. Create avatars, NPCs, and character designs for video games and animations that are unique.
  5. Generate surreal and abstract images for exhibitions.


Dall-E 2 best AI image generator is a powerful tool that has the capacity for generating unique images from text, however, there are certain limitations such as:

  1. The results produced by Dall-E 2 image generator online is dependent on the quality of the training datasets used for the AI model.
  2. The accuracy of the image is dependent on the specificity of the user intent.
  3. The top AI image generator will struggle with generating images that are too abstract or out of scope because of its limited training data.
  4. Dall-E 2 AI prompt image generator is in the beta stage and available for selected users who have signed up for the OpenAI beta program. 
  5. It is not yet widely available for public use.


Dall-E 2 is the AI that generates images from text. This is the reason a lot of initial adopters have stumbled upon the question “How to use Dall-E 2?”. It is a little complicated for early users considering it requires specific intent or input from the user. The top AI image generator can be an easy gateway to produce high-quality images using text-based descriptions. It can add up as a great assistant and maximize the output for different artists, graphics designers, and creative people. The only thing as a user you are required to do is to experiment with it as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Dall-E 2 AI graphic generator available for public use?

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    No, the top AI image generator is in the beta stage and is only available for selected users who have signed up for the OpenAI beta program.

  • How to generate image using Dall-E 2 and the time is taken for it?

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  • Can Dall-E 2 be used to generate animations or videos?

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