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best NFT games These best NFT games are designed to offer unique gameplay experiences along with opportunities to make money!

NFTs have joined several industries since their inception. Today, content creators, entrepreneurs, tech businesses, art owners, and even real estate owners are talking about the privileges of this modern technology. According to CTN News For some time, as the popularity of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) increased, plenty of top NFT games have joined the race as well. In this blog, we are focusing on these best NFT games to know them better. So, stay with us until the end of this blog to have some cool insights into these best new NFT games.

1. Gods Unchained

top NFT games

One of the best free NFT games, Gods Unchained is designed to offer a brilliant gameplay experience that will make you addicted to the game. In this new NFT game, you can play and earn cards to build decks. Items that you earn in this one of the top 10 NFT games, you will have sole ownership of those items and you will be able to trade or sell them to other players. 

There are multiple ranks in this one of the best new NFT games that you can progress through by leveraging its gameplay mechanics. Gods Unchained, a top name in the list of NFT games for free, offers a fair play style to ensure that even if you are not buying premium items, you still have the same gameplay advantage as your competitors. 

Click here to visit the official website of Gods Unchained

2. Axie Infinity

free NFT games

Another top name in this list of the best NFT games to invest in, Axie Infinity comes with cool features. The top game NFT allows you to collect in-game characters called Axies to build your own teams. These Axies are capable of reproducing generations and all Axies created are always unique from each other. Players can buy Axies to make their teams stronger or trade their own Axies by listing them on the marketplace of this one of the top-rated NFT games.

Until now, Axie Infinity has processed $3.6 billion worth of transactions, and its highest-valued Axie was solved for $820,000. Another fun fact about this one of the most popular NFT games is that it has over 2,800,000 daily active players.

Click here to visit the official website of Axie Infinity

3. Sorare

best NFT games to earn money

A perfect game for football players, Sorare is a fantasy league game where players can collect and trade player cards. These cards are divided into four categories; Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. The open marketplace is designed by developers of one of the top blockchain companies to make it suitable for everyone. Players can list their cards and explore others’ cards to buy and collect. 

With the help of cards that you own, you create lineups and earn points depending on the real-life performance of players on those cards. Your goal is to progress by defeating other Football managers and grow to prove skills. These winnings can also get players weekly prizes depending on their performances.

Click here to visit the official website of Sorare

4. The Walking Dead: Empires

top 10 NFT games

One of the best NFT-based games, The Walking Dead is a survival game set in a multiplayer universe. Here you can scavenge for supplies, team up, and fight zombies and other foes. To survive in this one of the best new NFT games, it is important to craft items with the help of supplies that you collect. 

Not only that, but you also have the ability to build bases in this one of the best zombie games. In these bases, you can invite other real players to become settlers and contribute to the growth and defense of the bases that you built. 

Click here to visit the official website of The Walking Dead: Empires

5. The Parallel

top game NFT

If you want to become a part of an infinite universe where you can play, create, and explore, The Parallel is the perfect game for you. You can join this one of the best upcoming NFT games by owning one of the Paragons (NFT characters of The Parallel). Each Paragon has unique powers and abilities that separate them from each other. You can either buy Paragons or create your own NFTs of Paragons with the help of Runes’ power. 

The Parallel is a universe where developers will release the best Metaverse games at different times. The first of these games is already released and is known as Ascension. This game includes multiple modes and offers a PvP experience with enriched graphics and amazing gameplay mechanics.

Click here to visit the official website of The Parallel

6. The Sandbox

NFT games

Another top name among the best Metaverse projects existing today, The Sandbox allows players to own virtual real estate. Here, you can explore multiple games, virtual locations, etc with the help of your own Avatar that you create. If you have ever played or heard about Minecraft, you will find this community-driven project very similar to that. Yet there are amazing unique features of this one of the best NFT games to earn money that make it unique and stand out. 

In this one of the top 10 NFT games, you can create games and assets to trade them off with other players. The token used in this one of the best NFT games to invest in is called SAND. There are plenty of ways to earn money on The Sandbox. You can trade designs, NFTs, estates, and more.

Click here to visit the official website of The Sandbox

7. Alien Worlds

new NFT game

Another one of the top NFT games, Alien Worlds allows you to stake Trilium (in-game currency) to vote in planetary elections. Players also have the freedom to participate in weekly council candidates’ elections. The play and earn model of the game allows players to earn NFTs and trade them. For the trading part, this one of the best NFT games supports Binance Smart Chain and WAX. The NFT cards can be also used for fighting battles, going on missions, and mining in-game currencies.

Click here to visit the official website of Alien Worlds

8. Splinterlands

newest NFT games

This NFT game is based on the card collection and trading gameplay style. To fight battles, you need to make strategies by taking a few factors into account like total Mana cap, playable splinters, and combat rules. In the game, there are two types of cards- Summoners and Monsters. 

Summoners use powers to summon powers and they possess one of the six forces available in the game. On the other hand, Monsters participate actively in battles and can be a person or any creature. 

To begin playing, Splinterlands require you to buy a card pack that you can use to leverage their powers in battles. The more battles you win, the more progress you make and increase your chances of building stronger teams. 

Click here to visit the official website of Splinterlands

9. Dogami

NFT based games

A unique experience of pet-simulator games, Dogami is designed to give you a 3D NFT pet that you can adopt, raise, and train. The game uses Petaverse as the term to define its universe. Here, you can adopt dogs from one of the 300 breeds. Each breed has unique features, personalities, and traits that separate them from each other. 

There are several DOGA challenges too in which players can participate and earn coins. Not only that, with the help of AR technology, you can use Dogami’s mobile app to view your pet interacting with the real world on your smartphone screen. The game has top investors and partners including Ubisoft, The Sandbox, animoca, and more.

Click here to visit the official website of Dogami

10. Illuvium

NFT blockchain games

One of the best upcoming NFT games, Illuvium is a graphically rich open-world experience set up in a dystopian universe. The game follows a play-to-earn strategy where you can explore amazing landscapes, hunt and capture 100+ Illuvials, and do much more. Illuvials are deadly monsters from the alien world that possess unique abilities. Each time you face one of these Illuvials, you face unique challenges in this one of the best survival games. You can also build your own Illuvial teams and train them to have the advantage against your enemies from the outer world. The better teams you build, the better chances you have to progress faster through the game.

Click here to visit the official website of Illuvium

Wrapping Up

Now, with this last addition, it is time to wind up the list of the best NFT games. Before we end the blog, you should know that each title in this list is reviewed by experts of MobileAppDaily to ensure you have only the best options available at your disposal. These experts go through the features of games, gameplay styles, their reliability, and other such factors to shortlist them. 

If you own any game or app that deserves recognition as well, you can get your app reviewed by contacting MobileAppDaily. It will help your app in getting recognized by a wider audience and you will also get an insight into the real potential of your NFT game.

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