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Facebook free likes app These best apps to get free likes on Facebook can help you increase your visibility to a larger audience from around the world by using their smart algorithms and other assistive features.

Facebook had over 2.9 billion people using it monthly by the end of 2022 using it to connect with people, communicate with them, create and share content with a global community, and more. The platform, due to its massive popularity, has also created a competition that its users want to ace by collecting as many likes as they can get. We decided to shortlist some of the best android apps to get free likes on Facebook so that goal of its users can be easily achieved.

The race to secure likes on Facebook has many justifiable reasons as well. For instance, likes to boost the visibility and reliability of the content. On top of that, regular likes help Facebook algorithms judge the quality of the content as well to show it among recommendations.

To begin with, a reliable internet connection is crucial, and this is precisely where Spectrum Internet comes in as a prominent internet service provider. Now as we understand that you are looking for some reliable apps to increase likes on Facebook, we have prepared this list after thorough research. Go through the further mentioned options and pick any of these apps to get likes on Facebook.

Are these best apps to get free likes on Facebook safe?

All of these apps to secure free likes on Facebook are published on the Google Play Store and Google has policies and measures to ensure its apps remain safer for Android users. So, you can pick any of the below-mentioned apps and click on the Android button to land on the download page. Now, let’s begin with the list.

1. Get Instant Likes

The best way to attract likes on Facebook is to optimize your posts so they look appealing and interesting to your audience. Get Instant Likes is the perfect app that can help you achieve that goal. The app to boost Facebook likes, includes story templates, background themes, inspirational quotes, and much more to help you boost the quality of your posts.

Features of Get Instant Likes, the top free liker for Facebook

  • Includes free story templates
  • Comes with fancy post fonts
  • Includes a range of filters and effects
  • Share on preferred social media platforms directly

Download this top free Facebook followers app for Android

2. BoostLike

Our second recommendation in this list of Facebook free likes apps, BoostLike is very simple to use. You can use the app without passwords and for free as well to boost your Facebook account’s outreach and engagement. The platform also provides multiple-language support and has been downloaded over 100k+ from the Google Play Store.

Features of BoostLike, the top app to increase like on FB

  • Earn credits through ads and keep using the app for free
  • Does not require passwords to give your FB a boost
  • Includes live customer support as well
  • Provides language support for multiple languages

Download this top FB free likes app for Android

3. Likes Pro

If you want to optimize your advertisement strategy and display to your audience how popular you are, Likes Pro is the perfect tool for the same. The platform provides animations displaying the number of likes on your pages and it updates these animations after every 5 seconds. 

However, before you decide to use the app, you have to remember that Likes Pro does not offer you any likes or engagements. It helps you impress your audience with your number of likes and engagement rate.

Features of LikesPro, the app to get likes on Facebook pictures

  • Display the number of Facebook likes to your audience
  • Refreshes data after every 5 seconds
  • The best tool to use in advertisement strategies
  • Every new like will display a thank you message

Download this free liker for Facebook for Android

4. Metal for Facebook & Twitter

Most free Facebook followers apps are battery-draining, so, you need an alternative that does not drain your phone battery. The app includes a dark mode that helps you save battery by optimizing your AMOLED display. You can also connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts on this app to get more likes on Facebook and secure your accounts with a finger lock. 

Features of Metal for Facebook & Twitter, the top FB liker app for Android

  • Connect Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Comes with a metal bar attached to the UI
  • Supports direct upload from the gallery to Facebook
  • Does not include any advertisements

Download this FB free likes app for Android

5. Quore Liker

A top app to get likes on Facebook pictures, Quore Liker is well-optimized for targeting the audience of your choice. You can customize your news feed to find trending posts based on your interests. The FB free likes app is the best if you want hashtags for occasions like Valentine's Day, Rose Day, Astrophotography, and more. 

Features of Quore Liker, the top Facebook auto liker app

  • Find hashtags for occasions of your choice
  • Best popular hashtags for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Designed to help you grow your post outreach
  • Customizable news feed 

Download this Facebook free likes app for Android

6. Swipa

The top Facebook auto liker app can sync with your Facebook account and lets you upload pictures to Swipa from there. You can directly pick your preferred Facebook post to upload on Swipa and attract likes on Swipa. Swipa improves your chances of ranking among the top posts the more you upload and engage with others' posts.

Features of Swipa, the top FB liker app for Android

  • Swipa is an alternative to Facebook and other such social media platforms
  • Rank better on Swipa by engaging and uploading more 
  • Check the scoreboard to have 
  • Upload posts directly from Facebook

Download this FB liker app for Android

7. ApentalCalc

The best free liker for Facebook lets you sync your Facebook account with the platform so you can attract more engagement on posts of your choice. Simply select the picture that you want to boost and get a chance of attracting up to 10,000 likes on posts of your choice. The app is fast, reliable, and provides results in minutes.

Features of Apentalcalc, the top app to increase like on FB

  • Sync your Facebook account with the platform
  • Select the FB post you want to boost
  • Get a chance of attracting up to 10,000 likes
  • Shows results within minutes

Download this app to get free likes on Facebook for Android

8. Get more likes + followers

The best way to get likes and followers on Facebook is to use popular hashtags. This app to increase likes on FB lets you generate hashtags so you can grow the outreach of your posts. These hashtags are suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Whether you want to attract more likes or gain more followers, the Get more likes + followers app is the perfect option for the same.

Features of Get more likes + followers, the top app to get free likes on Facebook

  • Generate popular hashtags for your platform
  • Thousands of top hashtags to pick from
  • Copy multiple tags with just a single click
  • Best hashtags for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Download this app to get likes on Facebook pictures for Android

9. Likers

This free liker for Facebook is helpful if you are still looking for some popular hashtags to use for your posts. For any posts, you can search and find leading hashtags that will help you grow your outreach. These hashtags will help you make your posts visible to a number of people so you can attract more likes and followers. 

Features of Likers, the top FB free likes app

  • Generate popular hashtags for your posts
  • Gain more likes by growing your post’s visibility
  • Attract more likes and comments 
  • Includes in-app purchases as well

Download the top free Facebook followers app for Android

10. MG Liker

The app to get more likes on Facebook, MG Liker is an engagement exchange service that attracts likes and comments for your posts. You can submit your posts on the platform and the auto liker will provide you amazing results. If you are lucky, you might have a chance of attracting up to 200 likes in a single shot. 

Features of MG Liker, the top free Facebook followers app

  • Provides a simple-to-use user interface
  • Attract up to 200 likes in a single shot on your posts
  • All likes are provided by real users
  • The best tool to get popular fast

Download this free liker for Facebook for Android

Wrapping up

Facebook’s massive competition requires the perfect strategy to grow your engagement. To help you achieve the same, our recommended apps to get free likes on Facebook will be super useful and these apps have proven that already to millions of people across the world. 

So, if you are looking forward to growing on social media and attracting more engagement, pick any of the above-mentioned apps to get free likes on Facebook and start boosting your post. You can become a blogger or list your product on Facebook to increase your sales, these tools will help you achieve your goals faster.

Additionally, securing more likes can provide you with an opportunity to make extra income as well, find the right people to engage with, and more. To help you with the same, hopefully, our recommendations will be useful.

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