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5 Best Apps for Students to Make University Life Easier

With hectic syllabuses and too many notes to keep track of, studying can be really cruel sometimes. However, these best apps for students are here to make studying easier for you.

Best Apps for Students

In the age of digital technologies, top college apps have become full-fledged tools, underpinning your everyday activities. And of course, there are a lot of free education apps that can smooth your way towards academic success. Like best admission essay writing services help with the admission process, mobile apps will also provide you with a lot of things. This one of the top college students apps helps to write assignments, prepare for exams, compose correct reference lists, get study guidelines, and much more.

You may lack ideas for your projects or be fed up with making notes during lectures. But be sure, there are best study apps for students for everything. Overall, these apps that help you study will allow improving your efficiency, waking up on time, or creating correct citations. For many students, these top college students apps are the way to stay up-to-date and bring matters under control.

Conventional ways to learn and revise materials are often less effective when it comes to mastering the curriculum. On the other hand, developers create the best study apps based on various techniques to enhance your productivity. With digital flashcards, the must have apps for college students for mind maps, notes made in no time, and other tools given in these top study apps, you do not need to spend hours looking through textbooks and writing crib sheets by hand.

What are the best study apps for college students? Let's find it out!

Top 5+ best apps for college students to Help You Study

Best apps for college students for scheduling

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Planning your schedule is a crucial skill for every student. And sometimes, we need a more reasonable motivation to get things done before it is too late. That is why the best apps for students gain traction. In fact, these best apps for students are more effective than their paper alternatives as you can set reminders, manage your priorities, and get alerts on your smartphone or via email. Among the most notable examples of such educational apps for college students, there is Timetable, one of the best apps for university students for Android and Class Timetable for both iOS and Android. Both of the best apps for students have user-friendly interfaces and multiple tools such as colorful notes, reminders, import and export features, allowing you to manage your study goals. You can also synchronize your schedule among multiple devices and use widgets for organizing events and activities with the help of these best apps for college students.

Top college apps for notes automation feature

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The time, when students had to note down every tiny detail during a lecture, has passed away due to these top study apps. Today, you do not even need to have a pen and a notebook to transform speech into text due to the existence of educational apps for college students. Many students brought laptops to type lectures but the best university apps went further. Now, you can launch a so-called lecture capture, one of the top apps for colleges, that will record every word of your professor and transmute it into a text note in a moment. The most remarkable characteristic of such best university apps is the excellent sound quality that makes it possible to distinguish even unclear words.

SoundNote is one of the best study apps for college students for iOS. You can use it as a notepad or recorder. Thus, this one of the best college apps, allows you to create both audio and visual notes. This one of the best school apps for students is a decent alternative for Android-based devices is Dictanote. This one of the study apps free integrates most of the SoundNote features. On the other hand, if you need to convert photos to Word or PDF, Office Lens, one of the apps that help you study, is the best option. These apps for studying also make it possible to store your docs on Google Drive or OneNote apps for colleges.

The best apps for university students to help with homework

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Preparing for tutorials and revising material can be even fun with study apps free. Tools of this kind are a must for every student to save time and optimize learning activity. Such top study apps for students as StudyBlue allows you to make flashcards of different types, develop them automatically based on the text, and create card sets for various subjects. Among one of the best learning apps worth trying is GoConqr. This one of the best college apps includes more options of revision tools such as quizzes, mind maps, charts, notes, etc. Besides, this one of the study apps Android works as a communication channel, giving you an opportunity to collaborate with other students - your friends, classmates, coworkers - asking for advice or discussing study issues.

Best college apps for the exam preparation

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Apart from study assistance, some best free apps for college students can help you enroll in the university. Such tests as LSAT, MCAT, GRE, or GMAT are often employed to assess students at the admission stage. And such best free apps for college students as BenchPrep encompass a variety of study materials to help you get prepared. You can use apps for college students to make notes and quizzes to learn and revise necessary information. Another good feature of this student app is a chance to contact other students to discuss common goals or find useful tips. Plus, it is easy to monitor the progress, tracking your activities with this one of the best study apps Android. One more among the best learning apps of this kind is TCY Exam Prep, intended for business students. This one of the free learning apps offers lots of study materials and tests to prepare for bank exams, GRE, CAT, MBA, and GATE.

The apps for studying for references

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Different subjects, various citation styles are the same old story that can put you in a bind. All in all, composing a bibliography is one of the most draining tasks. Fortunately, such best learning apps as EasyBib can completely eliminate this problem. While using this student app, you will not have to kill time for writing a massive bibliography, double-checking whether the references are correctly formatted. All you need to do is to indicate the title of your book or take a pic of a barcode, and the free learning apps will do the job for you. EasyBib, one of the best applications for students, deals with Chicago, MLA, and APA citation styles.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this blog answered your question- which mobile apps are best for university students? There are applications for students for everything in the modern world - every activity, domain, or hobby. And if you accidentally manage to find something that does not have a free education app yet, it is here to come in the near future. There are plenty of top writing apps, top learning apps, etc are existing to make it easier for students to bear the burden of studies. Studying is one of the most energy-consuming activities. Thus, there are a lot of apps that help you study for every discipline and field of study. However, we just slightly touched upon the student apps that aim at helping you enter college. 

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