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Big Companies Are Using Node.js For Their Apps, Why Aren't You?

These companies are leveraging the Node.js apps for offering flawless services Companies Are Using Node.js For Their Apps, Why Aren\'t You?

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Dot Com Infoway
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September 10, 2018 01:26 PM
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There are still some secrets that big companies like to lock away from others to stay big in the market. The Node.js is among those, many big names in the industry are using this Javascript for their applications. Node.js is the best Javascript runtime environment that could be used to build and maintain the most effective web applications. If you have any thoughts on which technology your app should be based than I have a list of A-type companies and leaders of the markets using the Node.js for their money-making apps. So, check out the list and that will help you in making the right decision for your app. But before jumping to the Node.js app examples here is a short description about Node.js for those aren't familiar with the term.

famous nodejs applications

What is Node.js?

I won't be baffling you with the technical definition just to show off my technical expertise. Node.JS is an open source server-side runtime environment that is built on the Javascript V8 engine of Google Chrome. Ohh, I guess it's still some technical, pardon my technical expertise, to put it simple words Node.js a convenient environment for developing a scalable and efficient web application. Besides, Node.js allows the front end developer to work directly on the web browser being a server-side runtime environment.

List of Node.js app examples used by the big companies

1. PayPal & Node.js app

paypal image

The one of the most prominent transaction portal uses the Node.js for its web application. PayPal enables the users from more than 100 countries to transact money seamlessly. PayPal owns 200 million happy daily active users who can successfully make quick money transfer at any time. According to the company initially, it faced problems while operating the filed as the team was performing a task for different browser and server-side applications separately. After it adopted the Node.JS for its customer side of the Node.js app everything is smooth.

Node.js helps us solve this by enabling both the browser and server applications to be written in JavaScript. It unifies our engineering specialties into one team which allows us to understand and react to our users’ needs at any level in the technology stack.”, said Jeff Harrell, Senior Director of Payments Products and Engineering, PayPal.

paypal use graph

nodejs users


  • With Node.js the average response time was reduced by 35%
  • The serving of pages increased to 200ms
  • Node.js helped Paypal in developing the app with  30% lesser codes and 40% reduction in the lines

2. Linkedin & Node.js app

I believe there is no need to tell how big and significant Linkedin is for today’s business word. The business-oriented social networking portal was founded back in 2002 and now available in 24 languages used by 450 million members across 200 countries. In 2016 the platform was acquired by Microsoft for $26 billion and guess what Linkedin is backed by Node.js.

Here is what Ikai Lan, who worked with mobile server team in Linkedin has to say,

I see that one of the advantages of the mobile server being in node.js is people could “leverage” (LinkedIn loves that word) their Javascript skills. Well, LinkedIn had/has hundreds of Java engineers! If that was a concern, we would have spent more time exploring Netty.


  • Node.js improved performance with reduced memory overhead, the process running 20 times faster in the same scenario.
  • Programmers could leverage their JavaScript skills.
  • Frontend and Backend team become a single unit for the Node.js app.
  • The server count was reduced to 3 from 30 that creates enough room for utilizing the resources up to maximum.

3. Netflix & Node.js app

I don't think you need a bigger name than the world's biggest video streaming service Netflix. The company delicately delivers the video content to users and Node.js behind it. Netflix used Node.js not only to decrease the build time but also integrated customized user interface. The streaming service with more than 200 million leverages the best Javascript runtime environment to provide unrivaled service.


  • The Node.js adoption has improved the page loading by 70% for Netflix
  • With Node.js application becomes lightweight, fast and modular

4. Uber & Node.js app

Uber is one of the best example in this list, and the ride-hailing company has shown us how Node.js can also be effective in cost factor of app building. We all know how Uber has been growing and doubling in size every six months. But, still, the Node.js app is working great which shows the data processing is unrivaled by Node.js.



  • Uber says that Node.js has given the app three major strengths, great data processing power, programs can be inspected and errors can see spotted instantly.
  • It has a massive active open-source community to optimize the technology
  • Continuously evolving
  • With Node.js app developers can create, publish and deploy new codes without restarting.

5. eBay & Node.js app

The amount of traffic eBay experiences makes it mandatory for the company to opt for Node.js that can bear this load. Node.js is the best option for the company to tackle massive daily traffic. The engineering team of eBay discussed and came out with Node.js as the most reliable Javascript runtime environment for the app.

Here is what ebay said about Node.js

Now we had our Node.js web service running in various stable environments. This whole deployment setup was quicker and simpler than we had expected. We had two primary requirements for the project. First was to make the application as real-time as possible–i.e., maintain live connections with the server. Second was to orchestrate a huge number of eBay-specific services that display information on the page–i.e., handle I/O-bound operations.



  • With 170 million loyal users, eBay needed a faster, simpler and reliable app, which was made possible by Node.js app
  • Node.js enabled the Single threading
  • Transparent processes and control over them
  • Able to handle the I/O bound operation improved performance and scalability

6. Walmart & Node.js app

On one of the world’s biggest retailer chain that dominates in most of the regions with its e-commerce services. The brand was struck with unfortunate data leak for six months which made it to move towards the Node.js for recovery. Now the company's app is not only secured but also offers excellent UI for the users. Besides, with such a massive number of users, the database requires a reliable & more helpful technology.

With the help of Node.js integration, the company uses it as a customizable layer over the traditional API’s. Now, the engineers can build a new API at anytime and deploy it within hours successfully.


  • With the help of Node.js, the company is capable of using SmartOS
  • Walmart uses its own developed open source framework HAPI
  • The adoption of Node.js also helped the company in using specific plug-ins and NPM packages.
  • The Node.js app also helps the company in acquiring precise results from the client side.

7. Groupon & Node.js app

Groupon is one of the most popular and well-established e-commerce services that connects the users with local services. The company ties up with the local business and stores in order to offer the services to users with benefits or discount prices. The user can access the nearest shop for the required service with a decent discount and special deals. The Groupon app also has a vast community of users that is growing with higher pace every day. This is the primary reason for the company to choose Node.js that could give stable and robust support to the app.



  • Compare to the earlier Ruby on Rails platform, and the Node.js app becomes faster as the web pages started loading with a 50% faster rate.
  • With Node.js the app becomes much more manageable as all the technical aspects are in one unit.
  • The Node.js adoption also helped the company to give a more vibrant and attractive look to the app.
  • With the help of Node.js Groupon became more stable and capable of handling the vast number of traffic single-handedly.
  • Moreover, the Node.js app is smooth, and flexible to integrate any new change instantly.

Above are few examples of the big organizations relying on Node.js for their app, there are so many others in the market. These big brands are using the best technology in order to enhance the performance, scalability and productivity of their apps. In case you have any query or suggestion regarding Node.js app let us know via comments.

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