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Overcoming The Challenges Faced In-Car Technology

Top in-car tech features to make driving safer

Overcoming The Challenges Faced In-Car Technology

We are moving towards a time period where the people will be concerned more about the car technology rather than its mileage before buying a car for themselves.

Looking at the advancements of the Automotive Technologies of this year alone, we can surely say that the in-car technology has come a long way.

Now the main objective of the mobile commerce is to transform into a type of commerce which characteristically follows the methods of advertising on a newer platform. This may also act as a key ingredient in promoting a new wave evolution of the commerce cars.

For the last year or two, we have been witnessing the transformation of automobiles, especially the cars which we are presented each year in annual tech shows and car expos. According to a recent report by FutureSource Consulting, from the year 2012 to 2017 the car entertainment hardware industry has grown by more than 75%.

consumers stats

Also, according to another report that is displayed above, the number of consumers from all around the world that are willing to buy cars from tech companies is significantly big. The other thing that is worth noticing in these statistics that the highest interest rate is from the people of age group ranging from 18 to 35 years, meaning that the millennials are preferring the technology in automotive industry.

Challenges for in-car technology in Mobile Commerce

Now, let's see what the in-car commerce industry has for us in stock starting from the challenges that are being faced in mobile commerce.


One of the biggest challenges that occur in this path of utilizing the latest technology in M commerce is the designing section. Because there surely is a demand in the market for in-car commerce technology but to fulfill that demand with a practical design is the tough part.

According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for the traffic safety, the Infotainment systems with extra features as digital boards were announced as dangerous because there chances of distraction the users are quite high.


Many users also stated that touch screens can be very hard to deal with while using some features radio, for example, adjusting the volume of the radio. The main aim of these innovative companies is to deliver a delightful experience to the user while digitizing their vehicle.


It is clear that the car itself will have some inbuilt applications for its driver but then what about the third party apps. How will they work in coordination with the in-car technology? In an interview, the Founder of the C2 Ventures 'Chris Cunningham' said that 'The car platforms won't be a major channel for the app discovery'.

At present, there may be a handful of pre-installed applications provided by the big tech companies in their advanced vehicles but as well as the discovery of new apps is concerned, much cannot be said in that regard.

The voice-enabled applications are a popular option that will be created as a mandatory feature for all cars with advanced in-car technology. This is because of the fact that with voice-controlled commands there is no need for the driver to press a button from the car's dashboard.


Smartphones are another challenge for the car-making companies as they see them as their competitor as the end-users are more loyal towards their smartphones. That's why the car drivers show more preference in using their smartphones instead of their car's digital dashboard for the same purpose.

In the last two years, the potential car buyers leaned towards buying those vehicles that have an in-car HMI i.e. Human Machine Interface. On the other hand, the digital solutions that are offered by giant tech companies are more famous in comparison to the onboard functions that were installed at the car factory.

Stems like Baidu CarLife, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay have become a must for a majority of potential car buyers as these systems are mainly limited to the basic functions of the smartphone including features like navigation, calling, texting, and many more for infotainment purpose.

These are the few main challenges that the tech companies are dealing with while working on the advanced in-car technologies.

Top In-Car Technology Features

Below are some of the best features of in-car technologies for mobile commerce that are worth mentioning:

1. Parking Assistance

For a large number of people, parking their vehicle in parallel that's why one of the features that the in-car technology offers has to be the parking assistance feature. This assistance is very appreciated by the driver as it can automatically steer the vehicle into the correct parking position. Here, the driver has to still operate the brakes and gas pedal of the vehicle.  This feature also scans the space around the vehicle to park the car in the right position.

parking assistant

2. Backup Cameras

Another great feature of mobile ecommerce technology for in-car tech is the use of sensors and backup cameras. This feature was developed because the usual side and rear view mirrors used to miss some spots while covering the traffic. So, in order to expose these blind spots the backup cameras came into the play. The live feed of this backup camera is displayed on the digital dashboard of the car for the driver to see. With the backup mirror also comes the backup sensors to inform the driver is they are too close to hitting an object.

3. ESC

ESC is also known as Electronic Stability Control and it is one of the most crucial features of in-car commerce. The feature of electronic stability control works towards providing stability to your vehicle by controlling where you are going. This ESC feature can be very helpful in rough weather conditions like heavy rains or on slippery mountain slopes. ESC constantly senses your steering activities and takes action whenever required.

backup camera

4. Lane Detection

The concept of the lane detecting system and backup camera are somewhat similar i.e. there are cameras and sensors involved which monitor the road along with the lane markings for the driver. For example, if the car driver starts to go over the lane line on the road, he/she will be alerted by the lane detection system itself. The notifications by this system can be in the form of vibration of the steering wheel, a beeping noise etc. to alert the driver.

5. Voice Commands

The voice commands are one of the most advanced features to be used in the mobile commerce because with voice controls the driver can easily navigate towards their destination or communicate via a call or even perform other basic commands. To set up the voice controls, the user should first turn on the bluetooth of their phone and sync it with the vehicle's digital dashboard to have an access to a hands-free experience.

voice commands

6. Automatic Braking System

The Automatic Braking System feature offers the facility of auto braking and this is again performed with the help of sensors that are installed in the vehicle. So, if you are about to collide with another vehicle then these auto brakes can stop the collision from happening before the driver can take any action.

automatic system

7. Crumple Zones

Crumple Zones are a significant feature to consider in terms of the safety of the driver as well as the passengers in the vehicle. It can not be classified as a completely advanced piece of technology but still, it has re-engineering involved in it. After proper R&D and studying about how cars crumple, the researchers have found a way to find out the critical spots of a vehicle and what changes should be made in the structure to ensure the safety of the people inside the vehicle.

So, these are all the top features that are contributing in the field of Mobile Commerce by being a part of the in-car commerce. Hope you enjoyed reading more about the challenges that occur in-car commerce and about the significance of Mobile Commerce in Automotive Industry.

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