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How To Download And Install Google Play Store

Know the technicalities behind the installation.

How To published date 7th June, 2018 Neha Baluni

How to download play store

When it comes to getting Android phones and tablets, there are exceptional deals available for the users out there. While the flagship devices from well-known companies come with Google Play Store preinstalled, some lesser known devices may lack the similar installation. The alternative stores (besides Google Play) are there but they lack big names like Facebook and Gmail. And for the same reason, there is no point in installing them on your smartphones. 

In case it seems a problem to you, worry not, I have the solution. It’s easy to install the Play Store manually on any supported Android device. The steps I will be denoting here are also applicable to the users who are looking to update their Play Stores. Let’s start the procedure step-by-step.

Here Is How To Install And Update Google Play Store

Step 1: What is your current version?

In case you are updating the Play Store version, the very first requirement is to see which version you have to update to the latest. You can do the version check with following steps:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Go to the settings
  • The build number at the bottom is your current version

The latest version of the Google Play Store is here to download:

Here Are The Links To The Previous Versions that you can download

 Video Source: Tree Academy

Step 2: Google Play Store download via APK

Just like any other Android app, the Google Play Store also comes in the APK format. And to download the same, here are the considerations to keep into the mind. 

  • Download the APKs from trusted sources only
  • It is a suggested practice to download the links from official Google pages
  • Store the APK to the preferred device(either your smartphone or the computer system)

 After the download, you will come across a window like this

download google play store

Step 3: Enabling Unknown Sources

The unknown source setting in the Android is a default feature that remains disabled. In order to add the desired APK, the users need to enable the settings with the following steps.

  • Enter the device settings
  • Reach to security
  • Find the unknown source option and check the box. You will see a message that you need to reply with “ok”  to enable the installation of APK from unknown sources

Step 4: Use file manage and install Google Play Store

Now that we are ready to go, it is now time to add on more installation. For the same, use your favorite file manager (ES file manager, File Manager, MK explorer etc). 

  • If you have downloaded the APK successfully, find the same and click it. Choose “Package Installer” if a pop-up appears asking you for which app you want to use. 
  • The next screen may or may not ask you to grant certain permission. In case, it asks, grant the same and click on the install. As soon as it is finished, you will have the latest Google Play Store installed on your device. 

You will have a screen like this

Install Google Play store

Step 5: Unknown Sources Disable

Disabling unknown sources is important to keep the security in the place. Therefore, go through the following settings to disable unknown sources.

  • Go to device settings
  • Go either to the security setting, application setting or privacy setting (whichever option is there)
  • Uncheck the box you will find there 

That’s all for getting the latest Google Play Store or to update the same using the current version. While installation, users may come across a number of issues. In case you face any such issue, click on the official Google page to resolve the concerns. 

In The Conclusion

In case you have gone through all the settings step-by-step, you are well-versed in the ways of updating and installing the Google Play Store. In case, you wish to go a step ahead to publish the apps on the Google Play, here is the compilation of the best ways

This post is an absolute offering for the Android lovers, but we care for non-Android-natives also. So, in case you are looking for app stores as an alternative to Google Play Store, do pay a visit here.  

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