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Latest iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2018

Exclusive trends for iOS developers. iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2018

Quoting the statistics at the beginning of an article is nothing new. But it surely helps to create a foundation that users can relate to. The purpose of the article revolves around the same, pointing the trends in the iOS mobile app development to let the users know about this industry. So, the App Store stats for the past year, i.e. 2017 claim that there are 2.2 million apps for the users. This is a huge number to consider and for users, it means a list of apps is there for them to consider for almost every purpose they would possibly come across. And, that’s an absolute offering for users.

From developer’s point of view, the more the number of apps in the app store, the more they require to keep the tab on the latest happenings. So, let me dedicate this blog to everyone who is a developer or an Apple enthusiast and is very much after the latest happenings in the iOS world. In case reading is not your cup of tea, have a look at this infographic to get the hang of iOS mobile app development trends.

Apps Infographic

The Apple HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit is an exceptional offering for the users because of the range of benefits it provides. The HomeKit helps users to communicate as well as to control the connected devices and the accessories in the home with the help of an app. Apple HomeKit creates an action to help users control the connected devices. Users have the option to create a group in order to trigger the same from a Siri voice command. Companies are working to create smart home products that could be integrated to such devices.

This innovative offering is going to help developers in creating products as well as apps that can be connected to Apple Homekit for ease of use. This will bring a revolutionary change in the home automation and the element of IoT will grow similarly with these innovations.   

IoT Focused Apps Will Become Prominent

Internet of things needs no mention today. The technique is becoming more and more prominent for the app developers worldwide. Internet of things facilitates connection and this is one of the reasons that is creating the buzz. Moreover, the iOS developers are already working on building apps that could connect to the internet-enabled devices. The buzz around IoT is nothing new. It has helped developers create exceptional offerings for the users by embedding better connection facilities in the apps.

IoT Focused AppsSpending on Internet Of Things Worldwide (in billion US dollars)

The future of internet of things is going to be a lot prominent. For iOS developers, it is an element that can be value-added with assistance to make the things easier for the end users. For example, IoT in pharmaceuticals helps professionals in developing temperature monitoring apps to detect if the temperature for certain processes (as desired for the same) is not exceeding beyond the allowed limits.

Apple Pay To Become More User-Friendly

The word “user-friendly” is not only the keyword for the iOS app developers but also for the Android professionals too. It basically is a concern that is inspiring the developers across the globe to create innovation while creating utilities for the users. In the iOS ecosystem, this user-friendliness will hit the Apple Pay this year. So, what does this user-friendliness actually mean for the users? Let’s get into the details with me. Apple Pay is there to make the financial transaction easier for the users.

Making the payments easier means allowing a more secure, easier and more trustworthy source of payment for the users. And, as per the stats, Apple Pay has grown impressively with a considerable 500% hike in the transactions by the users worldwide. The fact that users don’t need to store their credit and debit card details on the device is the icing on the cake. NFC or near-field communication embedded in the iPhones does the work for the users.

Core Machine Learning

For iOS app developers, core machine learning is a great tool for professionals. The machine learning framework is by Apple and is proving to be exceptional for the tasks related to QuickType, Camera or Siri. With the robust library, the Core ML integration offers communication capabilities to the iOS devices. The technology has also proved to be very impressive for face detection purposes.

Core ML acts as the foundation for domain-specific functionalities. It supports the vision for image analysis in addition to appearing as the foundation for natural language processing, when implemented on devices, the functionality of Core ML is optimized for the performance. The privacy of user-data is additionally added to offer more security.

Augment Reality And The ARKIt

Augment reality is important for all the developers alike. However, for iOS developers, the focus has shifted to ARKit with the release of iOS 11. The ARKit helps developers to create 3D and virtual-based mobile applications for the users. Worth mentioning, Amazon has joined hands with Apple in order to take ARKIt innovation to another level just to offer never-felt-before experience to the users.

With help from Amazon, the Apple ARKit is going to be more prominent for the users now. This is an invitation for businesses to add the goodness of AR and VR Into their client servicing requirements to offer impressive services to the clients. Viewing the things in a virtual ecosystem is the new way for the clients to perceive the business, which Apple is already doing by integrating the ARKIt in its app development technique.

The Advancement In AI and Siri

Ever since Siri was integrated to Apple device, the technology giant gained much recognition worldwide. The personal assistant, Siri was impressive due to the features and the functionality it offered to the users. With Siri, the quotient of AI or artificial intelligence added a major boost to the personal assistant’s working.

2018 Apps SummaryA graph to represent how AI is bringing revolutionary change in personal assistants’ performance including Siri

AI is there to help the developers to create applications that embed technologies such as machine learning. Development of instant apps gets more streamlined with the help of AI. We have seen some of the amazing apps that have embedded AI to offer an exceptional experience to the users.

How AI is bringing revolutionary change in personal assistance performance including Siri

File Management Is Going To Be A Lot Better

The release of iOS 11 has brought a number of offerings for the users and one prominent is an app with the name “files”. The app aims to make file management much easier for the developers. The cloud-based application allows the users to store all the information in a single file. The access is easier and thus it gets handy for the users and businesses to use the app.

The cloud-based functionality erases the problem of storage within the app. A single dashboard seems enough for managing all the details. Be it about storing images, videos or text messages, the file management offering is enough for the users for all such requirements.  

High-Performance Hardware

Similar to ARKit, the high-performance hardware is going to be another prominent offering that Apple will work on. Apple will keep an eye on making its hardware game much more impressive by integrating better processors in the device. A better device performance would additionally enhance the other components including lighting estimations, visual inertial odometry, virtual simulation, and more.

In addition to high-performance hardware, the role of mobile app developers is sure to grow prominently in the years to come. In order to make the device-browsing experience much more prominent, the iOS developers are sure to focus on the high-performance Hardware working.  

In The Conclusion

The iOS app industry is going through a massive transformation. The current phase is seen as an era that could create the milestone for iOS developers to follow further. The growth in technology is one aspect that is helping developers to bring innovation in the development procedure. The launch of two new offerings from the Apple including iPhone 8 and iPhone X has already changed the trends for the iOS lovers.

Apple also keeps the users on the toe by bringing the alterations after every few months. Providing a better experience to the end users has become a norm for the Apple to follow with the launch of every new service and the device. For best app performance, Apple keeps on updating the app features also. And, with the ongoing WWDC event, the users are sure to get something much bigger and better this time.  

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