Microsoft Will Bring The Tabs To The Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft Is Working on

Microsoft is planning to add tabs to File Explorer and other Window 10 apps Is Working on

Microsoft is about to change things in Windows 10 to make it more convenient while using in the coming time. According to the latest reports, Microsoft is planning to integrate tabs option to the file manager in Windows 10. The company first made available the tabs in Internet Explorer 6 back in 2005 but restricted it from its app to date. But, now Microsoft is testing the tab feature that will allow the user to group together various apps in a single window. The company has given the name ‘Sets’ to the tab feature that will be integrated to Windows 10 apps.



Microsoft said among all the request for features more than 20,000 votes were given to the adding tabs option to the file explorer. Currently, the company is testing the ‘Sets’ thoroughly and once the testers approve it the feature will be integrated into some of the Windows 10’s special  Universal Window apps. I order to collect the maximum feedback about the ‘Sets’ the company didn't put a timeline on it. However, the Windows 10 users can expect the ‘Sets’ next year most probably.


The addition of the tabs to the Window 10 apps will make things simpler while working on different apps simultaneously. Consider you are working on a project and you need to create a word document for it meanwhile you also have to research over the internet along with some PowerPoint task. The ‘Sets’ will allow you to put all your tasks or apps in a single window to carry out the whole process more easily. By having all the apps under the single window with multiple tabs it is easy to switch between them and also eliminates the annoying need of going to the taskbar everytime you want to open another app. In addition to this Microsoft will also allow the users to carry out their grouping tasks on mobile devices using the ‘Sets’. The company is also planning to enable the iPhone and Android users to use these 'Sets' and resume their work on the PCs.



The extended tabs feature will be available to the apps such as file explorer, notebook and other desktop apps with custom title bars. According to the Microsoft, the office app will start supporting the tabs form next year. The ‘sets’ also include a feature which is named universal search feature along with a blank tab option for the users. In the coming weeks, the sets will be available for some Windows 10 testers to acquire specific and more accurate feedback in a short period of time.

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