Level Up Your Writing Skills with the 10 Best Essay Writing Apps in 2023

Explore the list of the best essay writing apps for mobiles that can help any writer to get their writings sorted and published.
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June 29, 2023
Essay Writing Apps

With technology and innovations taking a leap in the recent years, mobile apps are more in use and in demand than ever before. We have witnessed many technological advancements around the world and there are a lot more projected in the future. Mobile apps equipped with the latest technology offers a fast and sustainable way to do possibly anything and everything. Let's discuss some of the best essay writing apps and their use for a professional writer or a learner.

Writing an essay may seem simple on the surface, but is filled with many complications and details at the core. In order to write a great essay, you must abide by a logical order that will give a defined meaning to your written piece. Alot of research, formatting, structuring, and plenty of omissions and editing goes into creating a perfect essay.

There are a plethora of writing apps that are available to make the job easier for any writer. Along with professional writers, many students also demand and seek help in writing an essay for their assignment and a variety of academic writing apps come to their rescue. Essay writing apps can save time and improve the productivity of professional writers and students.

We have discussed the 10 best essay writing apps that will surely deliver the best in class functionality and efficiency. Continue reading to know more about the benefits and features of the top essay writing apps.

Our Top Picks

The essay writing apps for Android and iOS benefit students and other users seeking assistance with academic papers and expert writing across various fields. In this article, we bring you the list of best essay-writing apps that will never fail to make you get accustomed to these!

10 Best Essay Writing Apps to Try Out in 2023

There is a mobile app for everything these days and this includes essay writing as well. Here is a list of essay writing tools that we think can help to develop and edit essays in the most efficient manner, to make the task easier for the writer. Have a look:



Apple 4.4
android 4.4

Grammarly is the best app for essay writing that goes beyond the correctness and writing of an essay, even checking for the narrative involved. It thus becomes a great help in typing emails and large reports as well. With several writer-friendly features, it is currently the most loved essay maker app in the world. 

At $25 per member per month, Grammarly Premium is priced slightly on the higher side, which can be reduced with annual subscriptions. However, we feel that for writing the best application essays, it is a price completely worth paying as the app elevates your writing to become more engaging and effective.

Features of Grammarly, one of the top common app essays for writing :

  • Ensures privacy and safety of all your writing pieces
  • Delivers real-time feedback and suggestions to improve the quality
  • Seamlessly integrates with all the other apps to correct speelings automatically
  • Offers writing statistics to analyze and review the narratives and writing pattern 
  • One of the best app for essay writing that includes automatic grammar checker
Download Grammarly:


Apple 4.4
android 4.5

Evernote is a well-recognized cross-platform note-taking app that’s great for processing handwritten notes and clipping articles from the web. With this app, you’re always ready when inspiration strikes. It is the best essay writing software for students and other users that need to capture ideas on the go, bring their notes and to-dos, and schedule them together to overcome life distractions. Moreover, the app syncs to all your devices, so any changes made on one device are accessible on all other devices. 

This one of the best free essay writing apps is best suited for users or companies that don’t have a server. The app is still free to use; however, it limits uploads to 60MB per month. This one of the best free apps for writing apps comes with various tools such as the web clipper tool, search for text within images, or share features. Evernote is the top app for essay writing and does pretty much everything a document processor requires, from drawing, formatting, checklist creation, and so on. The tool offers three tiers of service for personal use: basic(free), plus ($34.99 per year), and premium ($69.99 per year).

Features of Evernote, one of the best free apps for writing essays:

  • Automatically syncs your written documents to different devices
  • Supports a writing space of 10GB to write and store your documents
  • One of the best essay writing apps that is compatible with multiple devices
  • Organize and customize your dashboard as per your liking and preferences
  • Access the app anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection
Download Evernote:

Jotter Pad

Apple 5.0
android 3.9

Jotterpad is the best essay-writing app as it does not include any extra features of word processors. It is a simple, easy-to-use app that lets writers pen down their creativity and gives a shape to their innovative ideas.

Available for both Android as well as Mac platforms, JotterPad helps in writing books, novels, lyrics, poems, essays, drafts, and screenplays as easy as a  breeze to the writers. Truly this app is the best app for essay writing as suggested by various authors too.

Features of Jotter Pad, the best app for essay writing:

  • Enables and offers customizable typography as per user’s needs
  • The app allows its users to write and edit their work directly in Cloud storage
  • This top common app for essays can be used without an internet connection
  • The app includes several typefaces for the users to view and include in their writing
  • Supports inclusive features like dark theme, Markdown, extended keyboard, etc.
Download JotterPad:


android 4.3

Writco is among the best free apps for writing essays in 2023. The app offers a holistic writing platform with all necessary functionalities for word enthusiasts such as reading, writing, sharing, and publishing the work. It supports more than 30 categories and 15 languages for making essay writing more inclusive and versatile.

Though free in its basic version, Writco includes in-app purchases to make publishing and sharing write-ups easy

Features of Writco, one of the top essay writing app:

  • Writco allows easy publishing of stories, poems, thoughts, quotes, etc
  • Among the best apps for essays that enables bulk writing
  • Enables simple and easy copyright of the written content
  • One of the best free essay writing apps that rolls out contests to display creativity
  • Enables customization of wallpapers to enhance visual impact
Download Writco:
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Living Writer

Apple 2.8
android 3.3

Living Writer is among the best free apps for writing essays that lets you create essays, stories, blogs, poems, memoirs, and anything else you want to write. The app comes with powerful word-processing functionalities. This one of the best essay help apps is a cloud-powered top app for essays and other writing formats. 

You can create impactful stories, customize fonts, and formatting, and add notes to each chapter with robust tools specifically tailored for writers. This essay app can be easily used for all the professional work by novelists and authors and can also be used by beginners who are just starting with their writing journey. 

Features of Living Writer, one of the best free apps for writing essays:

  • Simple drag and drop features to rearrange chapters and points
  • Allows you to set writing goals for your stories and other writings 
  • Easy organization and plotting tools to help users plan better
  • Take notes quickly and rapidly without wasting much time on switching tabs
  • Supports an auto-save feature that saves all the progress to the AWS cloud
Download Living Writer:


Apple 4.9
android 3.5

EssayPro is one of the best free apps for writing essays that allows users to take help from experienced copywriters on any task. For instance, if you need help with emails, novels, scripts, or even YouTube videos, EssayPro is always available at your fingertips. It is a decade-old service provider and has justified being the best copywriting tool out there. The application provides 24*7 support and unlimited free edits. 

You can explore the profiles of the copywriters, chat with them, and see who matches your requirements. When satisfied with the service, you can payout with the balance within the app. This is one of the best apps for writing essays on iPhone and Android that allows you to add funds to the balance easily. Moreover, this best essay-writing software notifies you via email once the task is completed.

Features of Essay Pro, one of the best apps for writing essays:

  • Delivers top-notch quality for all writing pieces 
  • Offer the assistance of qualified and expert writers
  • On-demand essay writing feature with timely submission
  • Explore different writer profiles andgain insights about them 
  • Best-suited for students who seek academic help and excellence
Download EssayPro:


Apple 4.8
android 4.0

Simplenote is another writing app that writes your essay, blogs, and articles. It is an easy-to-use app that allows users to take notes and develop their to-do lists. You can also pin these pointers using various tag options. Additionally, as one of the best app for writing essays, it allows you to export your work into an assortment of applications and devices. 

Simply stated, Simplenote is one of the best note-taking apps that help get words out of your head and onto the screen. The best part is that this is a free-to-use app that can be used by one and all. Along with being an essay writing tool, Simplenote is also among the best note taking apps for mobile.

Features of Simple Note, one of the best essay writing apps:

  • Among the best free writing apps that is extremely simple to use and work with
  • Supports simple organization of notes with colored tags as per your priority
  • Quick searching and sorting between notes and points as and when required
  • Seamlessly syncs with multiple devices including phones and computers
  • Automatically replaces abbreviations with full text using TextExpander
Download Simplenote:

Libre Office

Apple 4.2
android 4.3

Next in this list of best writing apps is Libre Office. It is amongst the best apps that help write essays that have an Open Document Format. The best essay writing software for students and other users also enables them to take and store notes as well. Libre allows you to open these files wherever you like and read & search through them cleanly and simply.

Libre Office Writer is a holistic write-up cum notes developer and editor that allows its users to open, edit and share documents in varied formats, making it quite usable. The app offers its users a free version and also a premium version at a low price as per the functionalities they wish to utilize.

Features of Libre Office, one of the best essay-writing apps:

  • Fast, simple and well-integrated editing of documents within the app
  • Syncs file and saved documents with other apps like Nextcloud, Gmail, GoogleDrive, etc.
  • Libre Office Writer is an all-in-one document reader and document editor
  • Ensures the best security of written documents by password protection
  • It can also read out your documents using the in-built Text-To-Speech technology
Download Libre Office:


Apple 4.7
android 4.6

Diaro is among the smart essay maker apps that can be used as a personal diary to store secrets, diet diary logs, travel stories, sleep records, photos & maps, wish lists, daily expense records, autobiography pointers, etc. As one of the apps that help you write essays, it helps to pen down a user’s thought process as Private Journal and is one of the best note-taking apps out there.

Diaro is an awesome app to notify and save agendas, memos, notes, etc. The app offers its users a basic free version. There is also a premium version (at a cost!) that enables document export in more formats, priority customer support, and an altogether ad-free experience. It is simply a great app to write.

Features of Diaro, one of the best essay writing apps:

  • Multi-purpose app that can be used a journal, mood tracker, notes taking app, and more
  • The app can easily sync all user data across various devices
  • Diaro protects the user’s private diary entries with a PIN, security code, or fingerprint
  • The app enables the users to customize their UI options with varied colors & themes
  • The app is a free essay writing app that supports more than 35 languages
Download Diaro:

iA Writer

Apple 4.5
android 4.3

If you’re still thinking, which app is best for writing essays? We’ve got some more. iA Writer is among the best apps for essay writing in 2023 that offers a clean, simplified, and distraction-free writing environment for whenever you’re ready to focus on writing. Since the inception of this best essay-writing software app, it has set a common benchmark for Markdown writing apps. 

The app offers a focus mode that dims everything except the current sentence or paragraph to help stay in the flow. Also, it allows users to edit plain text in any app and does not convert files to a custom format. Moreover, the app is eye-friendly as it offers an inverted light-on-dark mode allowing users to work day and night without any problem. The app offers both owning the app and subscribing to it for additional features.

Features of iA writer, top app for essay writing:

  • Supports Markdown language
  • Extremely reliable and legit app that provides a clear writing space
  • Simple and smooth navigation throughout the app that ensures easy sorting
  • Highlight the important points with a specialized app feature- Focus mode
  • Customize templates and export directly to HTML, Wordpress, MS Word, and more
Download iA Writer:
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Writing an article or an essay is a daunting and tiresome task. Not only does it require adequate time but also effort and research. In the process of writing essays, you should begin by penning your ideas in the form of pointers and then giving them a final shape. 

To simplify the process further, you can use a suitable app out of the best essay writing apps mentioned above. These apps will surely help you get through your complex essay-writing tasks with ease!

We hope you like our report and found the perfect app for your needs. If you want to get your product reviewed, contact MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews can help in the progress of your app through useful insights and guaranteed reach. Until then, keep exploring MobileAppDaily for more such updates and useful information related to the dynamic world of mobile application. 

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