Best AI Face Swap Apps to Manipulate Your Photos with Insane Detailing

These best face swap apps will help you in producing the funniest content for yourself or your virtual communities!
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May 25, 2023
face swap apps
Face swapping is a fun way to entertain your followers or to put fun into a moment. You can use AI face swap apps to share your entertaining content on top social media apps to make your feeds funnier. With time, the face-swapping culture is getting smarter due to evolving technologies. Some face-swapping apps have started using AI to accurately replace the faces of people in pictures. The detailing, creativity, and possibilities that have become possible due to these AI face swap apps are mindblowing.

Now, moving further in this blog, we have shortlisted a few best AI face-swapping apps that offer smart and intuitive features to help you in editing pictures easily. These top photo editor apps are the perfect social media companion tools you can have on your phone. So, stay with us until the end to know about each of these best AI face swap apps.

Our Top Picks

To shortlist each best face changer app in this list, we have reviewed them thoroughly. These most popular apps to process AI face swap online and offline also have extra perks such as they are designed with intuitive user interfaces to make it easier for users to navigate through them. Based on the latest AI trends, every AI face swapper in this blog has a proven history of serving its users from around the world for different purposes.

Best AI face swap apps to create fun content

With each AI face swapper app mentioned in this list further, you will find its features and download links for Android and iOS platforms. These links are verified and take you to the official app stores of your preferred operating systems so you can install most of these AI face swap apps free that too without having to look for them separately on other app stores. So, ready to dive in? Let’s begin then!


Apple 4.7
android 4.0

A leading name among most downloaded apps, Snapchat is a treasure trove of smart filters and effects. From aging filters to face swaps, the free face swap app has been in talks multiple times due to its filters. To make your face look like Santa, or to use another picture where you want to add your face, just find the right filter, and you are done. Using this one of the top AI face swap apps free is just another one of the major perks you get with the popular messenger app. Snapchat is also usable as a video face-swap app. You can simply apply the filter and hold the capture button to record a video instead of a picture. 

Features of this AI face swap online app

  • Entirely free to use without any hidden charges
  • Smart filters and effects to help you with face swapping
  • Augmented Reality (AR) lenses that make your surroundings look fun
  • Stories that you can explore for more fun ideas or stay entertained
Download this photo and video face-swap app free

Face Swap Booth

Apple 4.4
android 3.8

Used by millions of people across the globe, this face swap online is a nice approach to making accurate-looking face swap photos. You can use this one of the best reface apps to blend faces, replace only eyes, and save faces for later. This one of the face swap apps for Android and iOS has smart features like auto-detection, multiple skin tones, and more to help you in creating more realistic images.

Features of this free face swap online app

  • Autodetects faces for faster editing
  • Includes ads and premium features
  • Swap all face features if you want instantly
  • Multiple skin tones for perfect blending
Download this one of the best face swap apps


Apple 4.8
android 4.2

Reface is a face swap video editor that includes additional features like face swapping between photos and voice swapping among others. The Reface app free download opens a world of possibilities for you where you can explore and create fun content without much effort. You can pick any video or photos and replace faces using this face swap online free tool. Install this one of the best free apps without thinking twice to generate some top-notch quality content easily.

Features of this GIF face swap app

  • Create realistic face swap animations
  • Face swap between photos and videos
  • Supports voice swapping as well
  • Merge your face with celebrities
Download this free face swap app


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

You might know Instagram as a popular social media platform. But it also has a user base spread across the globe. The top social media app has seen many upgrades in its UI trends and features since its inception. The free online face swap also offers stunning filters and effects that look realistic. Additionally, this face-replacing app has an in-built inbox as well which can be used to communicate with other Instagram users. In short, create a face swap online and share it with people publicly or privately.

Features of this free AI face swapper

  • Smart AI-based features to generate pictures or videos
  • Create funny content and share
  • Used by millions of users across the globe
  • Plenty of face filters and effects to use for free
Download this one of the top AI face swap apps free
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Apple 4.7
android 4.4

The face swap video app has been in discussions for quite some time due to its intuitive smart filters that help users in swapping faces easily. To export photos or videos, you can use FaceApp without thinking twice. The free face swap app offers some effects and filters entirely for free. However, to unlock the rest of the content, you need to buy a PRO version of the app.

Features of this one of the top face swap apps

  • Includes ads and in-app purchases
  • Smart filters for photos and videos
  • Add smiles, ages, and more to create content
  • Allows changing backgrounds
Download this face replace app

Face Swap Live

Apple 4.5
android 1.4

Face Swap Live is designed to let you swap faces with celebrities or anyone so you can create fun content. Not only that, but you can also use its face swap features even when you are on a live call. The face swap video editor comes with a cost of $0.99 and does not include any additional paid content or ads. 

Features of this face changer app

  • Costs $0.99
  • Uses ARKit to enable realism 
  • Swap faces with literally anyone
  • Allows face swapping on the live call
Download this best face changer app


Apple 4.5
android 3.9

If you have ever come across Instagram reels where people added their faces to pictures of stylish models, this one of the best reface apps can help you in doing that too. You can add your face to the picture of queens, kings, models, etc to extract results that will impress your followers. The app is free and comes with in-app purchases that can unlock all features for you.

Features of this best face changer app with AI

  • A range of templates to use
  • Swap faces with high-quality pictures
  • Export ready-to-use pictures easily
  • Generate AI-supported painting videos
Download this reface app for free


Apple 4.1
android 3.7

If you are looking for an option that lets you create fun face swap videos for free, FaceMagic is the right choice for you. With this AI-based face swap video app, you can add your face to new or old videos. A simple selfie is enough for you to upload your photos in the app so you can use them as a reference for your face. Generate drama videos or become a part of funny memes, FaceMagic is the perfect example of the face swap app free category.

Features of this GIF face swap app

  • Create fun and dramatic videos easily
  • Uses AI to smartly apply faces to videos
  • A simple selfie can be used to upload your face
  • Allows customizing swap videos
Download this free face swap app


Apple 4.7
android 4.3

One of the most popular camera apps, B612 also offers a face swap feature now. The face-changing app allows you to swap faces with the help of an effect included in the app that can simply change your face with friends or celebrities. The quality of its effect is manageable and suitable for some quick fun. However, from the perspective of detailing, the results might not be so great.

Features of this one of the best face swap apps

  • Highly-effective AI-based filters
  • Uses AI to select objects faster
  • Edit videos to add some cool filters
  • Swaps face quite fast
Download this face replace app

Face Over

Apple 4.6
android 3.3

Face Over is a perfect photo editor app that knows how to blend photos and fun. The swap face app free allows you to select faces in your pictures and a range of effects on these faces easily. Once marked, you can simply choose from a number of animals like a lion, chimpanzee, or tiger, and add them to the face in the picture. The AI face swapper comes with a range of additional effects as well to boost the quality of your results.

Features of this one of the best face swap apps

  • Comes with over 40 editing effects
  • The automatic face recognition maintains the fitting accuracy
  • Select photos or selfies both to have fun
  • Includes a range of colorful fonts
Download this face replace app


Apple 4.6
android 3.6

One of the best face swap apps for iPhone and Android, Deepfaker is a collection of some of the most advanced features found in the best AI face-swapping apps. The app offers high-resolution face-swapping features with no restrictions on the number of times you can use its abilities. Deepfaker is the best AI face swap app with amazing accuracy standards. And you can start using its services without having to pay anything.

Features of the best AI face swapper app

  • Amazing face-swapping accuracy
  • Supports high-resolution exports
  • No restrictions on the number of uploads
  • Comes with in-app purchases
Download the smart face-changing app


Apple 4.1
android 3.5

The other top name mentioned in our list of best tools for face swap online free, Facemix is focused on videos. The creative tool allows you to swap faces in videos. You can use this feature to create fun content with the potential to make it viral. Or if you want, you can create content to make new fun memories. Facemix is one of the best face swap apps for iPhone and Android that focus on optimizing the social media experience by delivering extreme creative freedom to its users. 

Features of leading video face-swap app

  • Swap faces in videos with the best possible quality
  • Share created content directly on social media platforms
  • Pick one of the ethnic costumes to apply on videos
  • Swap faces with celebrity videos
Download the free online face swap


Apple 4.4
android 3.9

Ever wanted to become a part of the movies you loved? HelloFace is the key to making that possible. The best face swap app allows you to swap faces with clips from movies, shows, cosplay videos, etc. You can also explore a range of filters that smartly capture movements in videos and generate final results with the best possible quality standards. You can convert in-app objects into animes instantly.

Features of the top AI face swapper

  • Convert your videos in animes using AI
  • Comes with a range of filters
  • Make your own cosplay videos
  • Swap your face with characters from movies
Download the best face swap app
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AI has enabled several ways of entertainment for humanity. Face-swapping is one such fun way to entertain yourself and others. Whether you have an online community of followers or you like making someone laugh, the above images are perfect to break the ice, kill the boredom, make new memories, and more. 

From onboarding the world of famous celebrities to becoming a part of cinematic experiences from the comfort of your couch, the best AI face-swapping apps bring amazing possibilities. Hopefully, with the help of this blog, you will be able to find the best face replacement app that suits your requirements.

In the end, if you are a developer and reading this blog to get some inspiration for your next project, you can always reach out to MobileAppDaily to list your product as well. Reviews by MobileAppDaily can give your app a chance to get listed on blogs such as this so a wider audience can know about it. Additionally, keep visiting the website because we regularly upload and update well-researched blogs and reports apart from this list of the best AI face swap apps for topics such as blockchain, IoT, mobile app development trends, etc.

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