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Yonder App - A Collection of Serialized Stories

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Updated on March 01, 2023
Yonder App - A Collection of Serialized Stories

Serialized stories have been around since the days of Dickens and Dumas, and with time, the way we access them has evolved. Following the widespread adoption of eBooks and the increase in popularity of audiobooks, there has been a lack of innovation in publishing formats. That is, until recently. Serialized storytelling apps  are changing how a new generation reads fiction and YONDER is a top name in the category.

In this YONDER app review, we will introduce you to the background and features of this serialized fiction app. You will learn why you should download YONDER and how the app is reimagining storytelling by delivering curated content from bestselling authors directly to your mobile device.

“YONDER is optimized to offer a premium reading experience, offering curated episodic stories from bestselling authors, publishers and established web novelists. Not only that, but using this reading app also empowers you to read more by providing you with free reading materials as a reward for reading.”

Background of the Yonder app

“YONDER takes mobile serialized reading to an entirely new level, with high-quality, curated content, and a model that rewards readers for doing what they love, reading! On YONDER, the more you read, the more you get, with rewards and perks to read even more. With some of the most exciting voices in fiction and a product that encourages and rewards reading, YONDER is the future of fiction, bringing bookshelf-quality stories to a serialized mobile app.”

- Hwalin Oh, President of YONDER

The Yonder app was launched by WEBTOON in October 2022. However, despite being a new entry, the story-reading app has been downloaded over 100k times from the Google Play Store already. One of the reasons behind such fast growth is likely its large database of curated content. Features mentioned further in this YONDER app review will go over additional reasons that have likely boosted the popularity of the good novel app.

YONDER Features

       These YONDER features are helpful for us judging the app better. Let’s have a look at these features-

1. Read your favorite stories asap

Yonder App Review

YONDER is a reading app that brings your favorite titles to the palm of your hand as soon as they are released. The serialized storytelling app is perfect for anyone who loves a good story and wants to read it as soon as it is released. Simply subscribe to your preferred titles on this free fiction app and get updated as soon as the new episode is launched.

2. Personalize the way you like to read

Yonder App Review

The storytelling app provides an amazing level of customization. You can modify the size of fonts, type of fonts, UI color, brightness, and more to ensure your reading experience is comfortable. The storytelling app also lets you control pages using volume buttons if you want to make the app comfortable for a one-hand usage experience.

3. Customized recommendations based on your taste

Yonder App Review

Another celebrated feature offered by the YONDER is its ability to customize recommendations. You can simply pick genres that you would like to read, and the app will curate recommendations to read accordingly. You can add these recommendations to your list to read them later or access them instantly.

4. An ad-free reading experience

Yonder App Review

Another top feature that deserves recognition in this review is the app’s ability to provide an ad-free experience. The free webnovel app ensures that you have an interruption-free reading experience. For the same reason, it offers a reading experience that is free from any popups, notifications, video ads, etc. 

How does YONDER work and how to install it?

YONDER is available to download for free on iOS and Android. The steps below will provide high-level details of how to use the app:

  • Install the Yonder app from the app store of your smartphone’s OS
  • Open the app and select your preferred genres
  • Explore recommendations on the Home Screen
  • Go to the Explore page to find trending titles from your favorite genres
  • The Reward page will include titles that you can read for free
  • Access your Library to access pages like Recent, Unlocked, Subscribed, and Downloads

Note- To access stories on YONDER, you will have to create an account. You can create an account using Google, Facebook, or email.

Yonder in-app purchases

Even though this free fiction app does not charge you even a penny to install it you might have to buy coins to access paid titles within the app. The first 7-10 chapters of every story are free depending on the length of the book, after which readers can buy coins to unlock subsequent chapters. As per the Apple App Store data, you can buy a minimum of 100 coins.

Additional features of the Yonder app

Additional features

Is YONDER worth your time?

Among the free webnovel apps out there that exist in the market, YONDER is a perfect option for fiction fans. Why? The free novel app is a database of paid and free titles for everyone to access, along with content from a huge range of genres, whether you are a fan of romance, horror, sci-fi or mystery.. 

To draft this YONDER review, we analyzed the app from the inside out, and on the basis of experience, content range, and ratings, YONDER is a great option you can have on your smartphone. 

In the end, we hope that you found this YONDER app review resourceful. Now, if you are a developer, you can also submit your app so our experts can review your product and provide you with in-depth feedback which will help you in boosting the quality of your digital product.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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