SproutGigs Review - Pros & Cons, Features, & Alternatives

A deep dive into the interface, benefits, and working of SproutGigs

Updated on March 25, 2024
SproutGigs Review - Pros & Cons, Features, & Alternatives

SproutGigs, formerly known as Picoworkers, is a micro-freelancing website where people from all over the world can sign up for contract jobs. This platform is meant for freelancers who are in search of micro jobs that can help them earn a good amount of money. It is now much easier to connect with talent from all around the world through various freelancing platforms available today.

Freelance platforms hold equal importance for both freelancers and employers. It helps freelancers to find small gigs and get paid for their jobs. For employers, these platforms connect them to the best talent available for a particular job.

SproutGigs is meant for younger kids who are looking for great flexibility and freedom outside their mundane office jobs. In our SproutGigs review, we will explore the features and benefits offered by this freelancing platform and see whether the hype surrounding it is worth it or not.

What is SproutGigs?

According to a Forbes report, 80% of the entire workforce worldwide will be captured by freelancers by 2023. Whether you call it an agile workforce or a gig economy, the number of freelancers working on a contract basis is rapidly increasing. With an increasing demand for freelancers, the availability of platforms facilitating jobs is also increasing.

Unlike other freelancing platforms, SproutGigs does not demand any additional skills or abilities to join the platform. If you know how to use a mobile phone or a computer, this platform is for you. This platform serves as an online marketplace that paves the bridge between employers and gig workers.

Whether a company is looking to hire a suitable candidate for a contract job or a freelancer is searching for a micro job, SproutGigs can assist them all. Providing a streamlined and efficient ecosystem for gig workers, it has emerged as a prominent player in the freelance marketplace.

You can easily earn your part-time income using SproutGigs from your mobile phones. We will discuss the complete process later in this Picorwrokers review.

SproutGigs is thus a great platform for both skilled and unskilled workers. This platform can connect employers and freelancers through the most convenient and secure platform. So, if you are looking to earn some extra income, this is the best platform for you.

What are the unmatched capabilities of SproutGigs?

Now that you have learned how to use the best micro-task site available through our SproutGigs review. Let’s explore some of the features that make it stand out from other platforms to hire top-level freelancers.

An inclusive account

A SproutGigs account works equally well for both employers and freelancers. It offers an inclusive platform where freelancers and business owners from all over the world collaborate and interact in order to realize their professional goals.

The best part about using this site is that you do not need to create separate accounts for being a freelancer or an employer. You can manage both aspects through a single id.

Easy Job Opportunities

A primary feature that differentiates SproutGigs website from other platforms is that is does not demand any additional or professional skills to make money. With a basic knowledge of operating computers and mobile phones, you can earn money by working on this micro-task site.

It has a variety of small tasks that do not require much of your time and effort. You can earn a significant amount with just a few clicks. As per many SproutGig’s website reviews, it is the simplest yet most effective way of earning money.

Grow Your Paycheck

Working at SproutGigs does not limit your paycheck to only one job. Through this micro-site, you can work as many jobs as you wish without any restrictions. The SproutGigs website lets you complete 10, 100, or 500 jobs a day, empowering you to earn as much as you wish.

Level Up Your Profile

The more jobs and tasks you complete on the SproutGigs website, the more you can earn. Along with this, a higher number of jobs also increases your presence on the website, enabling you to level up your profile. A profile with more jobs and experience is likely to get better-paying jobs and tasks in the future.

Convert Your Earnings into Spendable Funds

One of the most important and unique features that is worth mentioning in our SproutGigs review is that it lets you transfer your earned money into a spendable cash wallet. You can collect your earnings and use it for any professional or recreational purpose.

Excellent Interface

As per many SproutGigs reviews, the website is best known for its clean and clear UX.  All the columns are neatly organized, enabling users to find a suitable task/job for them without wasting much time.

Weighing the pros and cons of SproutGigs

Pros Cons
A collaborative platform for employers and freelancers Cannot be trusted completely
Simple and extremely easy to navigate for beginners Tough for beginners to find job opportunities
Most secure way to increase your income  
Explore job opportunities from anywhere in the world  

What do our experts say about SproutGigs?

You might have encountered many online crowdsourcing websites that are known to scam their users. SproutGigs website is a legit micro-task site that is trusted by millions of users across the globe. Employers rely upon this site to hire top-level freelancers for vacant positions.

Many freelancers from across the world use the SproutGigs website to find gigs and micro jobs to expand their earnings. This website is neither illegal nor a scam and is thus highly recommended. Many users question if the SproutGigs is worth the hype or not.  As per our expert reviews, definitely yes! If you have just started your journey in the field of internet or influencer marketing and wish to make a few extra bucks, SproutGigs is there for you. It is a great freelancing network for a beginner as well as an experienced professional who is looking for a side hustle.

On the flip side, if you are a business owner and wish to promote it at a low cost, SproutGigs is an excellent option for you. You can add low-paying tasks starting from $0.02 and can get the job done in an efficient and less expensive manner.

What are the Different Ways to Earn Through SproutGigs?

In this SproutGigs review, we will cover all the relevant information that will help you make easy money from this online marketplace for freelancers. The site offers two different ways for all users to earn money. The first and the most common way is to complete tasks and micro jobs, and the second way is to earn through referral marketing.

To get started with the process, you need to visit the SproutGigs website and sign up for your account. After logging in to your account, you will see a list of jobs displayed on the dashboard. Each job is listed with an estimated amount of money that you can make through it.

You can select a suitable job listed below your preferred category and get going with it. The two different types of jobs available for freelancers are:

Small Tasks

These jobs are basically small tasks that do not require much effort and time. Some of the small job types include the following:

Type 1: engagement-based tasks that require mouse-clicking

  • Visit a website and view a specific number of pages
  • Upvote Reddit posts
  • Google search and click

Type 2: small micro-tasks that demand slightly more time

  • Review a product or a service
  • Write a blog comment
  • Post comments on social media platforms

Type 3: social media marketing jobs

  • Upload a Facebook post
  • Comment on a Pinterest post
  • Share a Youtube video

Type 4: requires you to register by filling out a form online

  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Register on Crypto websites
  • Sign up for an online service

Type 5: mini jobs that require you to download software or a plug-in

  • Download and install a mobile app
  • Install a Chrome extension on your browser
  • Download a game to play and earn multiple rewards

Type 6: register online for free trials

Ongoing Jobs or Gigs

Ongoing Jobs or Gigs

Ongoing Jobs, aka Gigs, are meant for people who possess a specific kind of professional skill or ability. These freelance job positions are created as per the demands and requirements of the business enterprise. These jobs can include:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Product Development and more

How to Get Started with SproutGigs?

As discussed earlier, SproutGigs is a free online marketplace that facilitates collaboration between employers and freelancers. You can join this platform without any fees and can use it to earn money as per your preference.

To get started with SprouGigs, sign up using your e-mail id, your name, and your username. Verify your id and fill in the form displayed on your screen. On the SproutGigs dashboard, you will find the jobs section, where all the possible options are available.

You can filter the jobs as per your preferred category, job level, location, payment, and more. This site is extremely helpful and beginner-friendly and is thus trusted by many users.

What are some SproutGigs alternatives?

There are many websites similar to SproutGigs that are available for freelancers. However, with a robust and unique set of features, SproutGigs website is ranked at the top. Some alternative options available for the SproutGigs website are:

  • Microlancer
  • RapidWorkers
  • Jobboy
  • Microwrokers etc.

If you are a professional with a unique skill set, you can try other freelancing platforms like, Upwork, We Work Remotely, and more.

Final Verdict!

In the world of growing digital trends, there are many new ways of earning money online. From influencer marketing to blog writing and graphic designing, freelancing platforms can offer jobs in practically all the fields possible.

In our SproutGigs reviews, we have talked about the website and all its insides in great detail. If you are someone who is just starting with their career and are unaware of your unique skills, SproutGigs is meant for you. It opens up the gate to endless possibilities and job opportunities, allowing you to explore and identify your strengths.

This is also a great site for students who are looking for an additional and flexible finance source. Young children can use this website to find their side hustle and be financially independent.

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to get your product reviewed, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will ensure great reach for your website an ensure its success. Till then, keep exploring MobileAppDaily for more app reviews and updates on the world of mobile applications and more.

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