Soone App - Create Moments and Networks Smartly!

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Updated on August 26, 2022
Soone App - Create Moments and Networks Smartly!

Virtual dating came into the existence in 1995 when the very first online dating website called was released. Since then, the industry has seen plenty of innovations in the form of top dating apps, AI-based matches, blind dating apps, etc. However, Soone is one of the good dating apps that care about the crowd that wants to date and the crowd that is not looking for dates as well.

Soone real dating app is designed to help you in increasing your network for any purpose you want. Be it to create friends, find business partners, or explore the romantic side of the world, you get to choose your people accordingly. But, the app has more to offer than what we just mentioned. To know more about its features, you will have to proceed further in this Soone review and explore the part where we discuss features of Soone for Android and iOS.

Background of the Soone app

Soone, one of the best dating apps is a project co-founded by Austin Dill & Braeden McCarthy. Braeden defines the idea behind developing Soone through this quote

“Soone is designed to help our generation get out from behind our phones and start interacting in real life.,”

- Braeden McCarthy, Co-founder of the Soone app

Founders built this one of the best dating apps to promote the idea of connecting online but meeting offline. Users of the real dating app have to talk to the other person and decide on meeting outside the virtual world. To make the above statement clearer, let’s discuss the features of this app to find dates and friends.

Features of the Soone app

Furthermore, to understand the Soone for iPhone and Android better, we are discussing each crucial feature of the app separately.

1. Find nearby people and connect with them

Soone for Android

The first crucial feature that we need to discuss in this Soone app review is the app’s ability to help you in finding nearby Soone users. You can explore profiles and send requests to profiles you find suitable for connections. For any purpose, be it dating, networking, or friendships, there are people looking forward to the same things as you on the Soone for Android and iOS.

2. Explore the map to find hotspots and people nearby

Soone for iPhone

The Soone app comes with an in-built map that lets you explore hotspots and profiles of people nearby. It does not tell you the exact location of people for privacy purposes but you get to see profiles of people within one mile of radius from your location. Also, you can review the list of best and verified meetup spots on Soone for iPhone and Android to plan meetups better.

3. You get 2 hours to plan a meetup

popular dating apps

This one of the popular dating apps is promoting the idea of meeting offline as soon as possible. Thus, once you match, you have two hours to decide where you want to meet up. To help you with locations, Soone also includes a list of verified locations where you can meet up and move ahead with building a connection with each other.

4. Only verified profiles can signup

Soone review

To prioritize the safety of its users, it is crucial to discuss an important feature that the app offers in this Soone review. The app includes a face scan technology that is used to verify users by comparing their faces with the first picture they choose to upload. This way, the authenticity of profiles can be verified.

5. Doesn’t charge a penny

real dating app

Another best fact about this one of the top chat and dating apps is that it doesn’t charge a single penny for its services. You do not need to worry about any in-app purchases, app packages, or any one-time payments. Every single feature included in the app is usable for its users without having to pay anything.

Pros and cons of Soone, a real dating app

These features have already given us an insight into the pros of the Soone dating app. However, let’s understand a few pros in short along with the cons of the app to make this Soone review easier to conclude.

Pros of the Soone app

  • Includes a verification process for profiles
  • Allows you to find safe meetup spots
  • All features are entirely free of charge
  • The user interface is easy to use
  • Privacy features are carefully designed

Cons of the Soone app

  • Currently, it’s only available in Charlotte, North Carolina with plans of expanding to more regions

Additional features of the Soone app

Additional features

Wrapping up

Well, these were some crucial facts that we needed to discuss in this Soone app review. Through these facts, we were able to conclude that Soone is indeed a much-needed solution to fill the gap that previously existing popular dating apps could not. In the end, we hope that this in-depth review of the Soone free dating app helped you in understanding its potential and convinced you to give the app a shot. 

Now, before we wind up the blog, we also want to let you know that if you are an app owner as well, you can get your app reviewed by MobileAppDaily experts. For the same, you need to reach out to us and submit your app for review. These reviews are done to help developers in understanding the real potential of their apps and to help them in promoting their apps on a platform that is visible to millions of app enthusiasts from all over the world.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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