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MyHeritage App Review - The Deep Nostalgia App

Ever wondered where your great grandparents traveled from? MyHeritage app might have an answer!

Updated on April 07, 2024
MyHeritage App Review - The Deep Nostalgia App

7.9 billion people in the world and you never wonder that there might be more people related to you than you know? Well, maybe you had the thought but gave up on it because it was a little too tough to find them. However, the MyHeritage app found a solution and tackled the opportunity.

In this app review, we are going to have a look at this unique service through a detailed MyHeritage app review. Recently, the MyHeritage Family Tree builder app has seen a boost in the number of downloads. Features such as Deep Nostalgia have boosted these numbers. Deep Nostalgia is used to animate faces.

Moreover, there are other services included as well. For example, MyHeritage Family Trees  enables you to find and save records of your ancestors. With the help of the same, you can locate possibly related people that were unknown to you until now.

Moving forward, we are discussing a detailed MyHeritage app review consisting of its features, services, usage, and much more. This detailed review is useful if you are planning to invest in the premium services of this app.

History of MyHeritage app

Launched in 2003, MyHeritage is a brainchild of Gilad Japhet (CEO) of MyHeritage ltd. When Gilad Japhet started MyHeritage ltd, his first office was his living room in an Israeli village named Bnei Atarot.     For a few years, this genealogy company functioned from the family farmhouse of Japhet.

MyHeritage Ltd. received its first angel investment in 2005. Furthermore, the organization shifted from free services and became freemium. Currently, MyHeritage and its subsidiaries hold the majority of the genealogy data of MyHeritage.

In 2006, MyHeritage search used facial recognition software to link people together by scanning pictures. Moving forward, MyHeritage acquired Pearl Street Software, the creator of the family tree software.

Later, by 2007, MyHeritage had a database of 150,000 family trees, 180 million people profiles, 17.2 million global users, and 100 million photos. Moreover, the service supported 17 languages as well. Currently, MyHeritage is owned by Francisco Partners. It was acquired in early 2021 for a value of 600 million dollars.

What is the MyHeritage app?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, MyHeritage is a freemium service you can use to explore your family roots. Apart from that, you can put life into old photos and animate them with this photo animator app.

MyHeritage also includes a feature to colorize photos you cherish from the past. The AI-enabled photo colorization feature fills vintage photos with colors and improves the quality as well. So, in short, MyHeritage offers services to help you in exploring the history of your roots with the help of DNA, documents, and photos. To understand more, let’s discuss its features in more detail.

Features of MyHeritage App

Furthermore, we are discussing some crucial features of the MyHeritage app in detail to understand it better. The app has seen rapid growth in its popularity since the launch of its new face animation app feature. It is not only nostalgic for many, people also find it a perfect tool for history, or just for entertainment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into details.

1. Build and explore MyHeritage Family Trees

One of many features included in the app for quite some time, Family Trees is the feature to explore if you want to locate your unknown ancestors. With billions of ancestral records and millions of MyHeritage Family Trees, you can sign-up for its services and explore the MyHeritage app to find your ancestors or add records. As soon as you upload your details in the database, MyHeritage starts looking for people who might be related to you. Furthermore, you can have a look at your family tree building anytime you want.

MyHeritage App Review

2. Explore your ethnic origins and find new relatives

MyHeritage DNA test allows you to upload your DNA samples and find your ethnic origins. For example, your DNA result will include information such as the percentage-wise breakdown of the DNA from your ancestors from different regions like Asia, Europe, etc. Moreover, the app analyzes its database to find people sharing almost the same DNA like yours. The purpose of the MyHeritage DNA test is to connect people with relatives they had never met before. However, the DNA test falls in the category of MyHeritage premium services. If you want to take advantage of it, you will have to sign up for a MyHeritage subscription package.

MyHeritage App Review

3. Animate faces with Deep Nostalgia

This AI-enabled photo animator app feature is used to put life into your pictures. You can upload a picture of your ancestor, or even a painting with a face clearly visible, to enhance and animate it with the help of an AI. The accuracy of its animation has blown the mind of its users.

MyHeritage App Review

4. Use photo enhancement feature to improve the picture quality

The photo enhancement feature is useful if you have vintage pictures and you want to improve their quality. With the help of the AI-enabled process, you can colorize them, reduce the grain, and even improve the focus. Surely, with the help of this photo colorization feature, you can make sure you have high-quality photos of your ancestors to carry their legacy and memories.

MyHeritage App Review

5. Explore billions of historical records

With data of more than 12 billion historical records, the MyHeritage app is useful if you are a history geek. The SuperSearch feature lets you explore the records of your ancestors with first and last names along with supporting documents such as birth and death certificates. Moreover, this ancestry search app also enables you to explore other records such as court records, census records, yearbooks, and much more.

MyHeritage App Review

MyHeritage subscription plans

MyHeritage app offers basic services such as building a family tree of up to 250 people for free. You can also animate and enhance a limited number of photos with its Deep Nostalgia or Photo colorization features. However, to access more of its services, there are plans divided into a few categories.

  • The Premium plan begins with a price of $79/ year. However, for the first year, it costs you $49 only. The plan includes building a family tree of up to 2500 people, priority customer support, smart matches, and advanced DNA features.
  • Moreover, PremiumPlus asks you to subscribe for a $129/ year plan. You pay $89 for the first year to access services such as Instant discoveries, Tree consistency checker along other premium features.
  • The Data plan also costs the same amount but focuses on services such as access to 13.1 billion records, record matches, and save records for the tree. 
  • You can also subscribe for an ultimate plan costing $189/ year with a first-year fee of $119 to access all the services of MyHeritage. 

Pros and Cons of the MyHeritage app

Just like any other service, the MyHeritage app has its phases as well. Let’s have a look at them.

Pros of MyHeritage app

  • Access to billions of historical records and ancestral data
  • Allows you to search for your relatives you were unaware of
  • Get to know about your roots
  • Enhance the quality of vintage photos you have
  • Animate pictures to bring back the nostalgia

Cons of MyHeritage app

  • Its services are expensive
  • Fear of data leaks 
  • Requires stable and high-speed internet connection

Additional information for the MyHeritage app

MyHeritage App Review

MAD ratings

Features- 4.9
Navigation- 4.8
Pricing- 4.5
Security- 4.5
UI/UX- 4.8

Final Verdict

MyHeritage has gained a good reputation for some time due to its features such as Deep Nostalgia, Photo Colorization, and many more. The app received a good response from its users, and currently, if you look at social media, many platforms and influencers are using it to create content.

Some are using MyHeritage to revive memories of their ancestors, while others are using it to animate famous personalities from the past. With features like MyHeritage offers, it is clear it has a huge advantage over its competitors for now.

Now, in the future, if you are planning to develop something of the same kind, you will have to go through a great deal of research to come up with enough data and resources. Moreover, you also need to bring perfection into your app. To make sure you are going in the right direction, you can first get your app reviewed by the experts of MobileAppDaily. These experts will help you in identifying the potential of your app. Moreover, you will get an insight if your app will thrive or just survive in the market.

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