Liquid Avatar: Create your Digital Avatars

Liquid Avatar is a free avatar emoji creator app. Create a cartoon avatar that 100% looks like you.

Updated on April 03, 2024
Liquid Avatar: Create your Digital Avatars

Turning yourself into a realistic avatar, that not only looks like you but also moves - with facial expressions and postures! Isn’t it amazing?

You must have noticed that many people just take a brief look at your friends’ list; you will find people hiding their identity behind a cartoon avatar. This is exactly what we are talking about.

Avatar is nothing but a 2D animated character of you, a “virtual lookalike” that comes with a variety of customization options and themes. So even if you don't know how to draw, you can still create cartoon characters of yourself in just a few minutes. Many Avatar maker apps are available for Android and iOS.

These avatar-making apps help you create your representation on all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Many expressive cartoon avatars apps like Bitmoji, Facebook Avatars apps, etc., have become so popular that they are some of the most amazing things on the internet.

The problem? If you search for “avatar creators” on Google Play or App Store, there are many. But among the hundreds, how are you gonna decide the best cartoon avatar maker app?

The Liquid Avatar app is a very fun and powerful anime avatar creator app that introduces Gen-Z to Online Identity Control through personalized avatars. Apart from creating cool avatars, you can also store your avatar personas and update them as you need. It provides you an easier way to represent your online identity and quickly share information.
And, this is not the only reason why we have brought this amazing app for you. We found this app truly meeting all the criteria providing some of the fantastic features, blending creativity with digital security for its users. So, let’s get started with Liquid Avatar app review, a personalized emoji app that protects your identity.

What is a Liquid Avatar app?

The Liquid Avatar app is a free avatar creator app providing several layers of protection. The Liquid Avatars are specifically designed to be cool, fun, infinitely customizable, and based on the advanced architecture of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), which moves the process of digital identity authentication away from third parties and unknown servers while placing it under control of the individuals themselves.

“We want to make online identity authentication as simple and trustworthy as showing a passport or driver’s license. Liquid Avatar will provide users, vendors, governments, eCommerce programs, educators and others with the ability to easily and efficiently interact while preserving safety, security and data integrity.”

- David Lucatch, CEO Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.

How does the Liquid Avatar app work?

Liquid Avatars are powered by KABN ID, equipping users with a reusable, verified digital identity platform powered by blockchain-based technology and biometrics (facial recognition), ensuring that every user is unique and also giving each user easy to use, complete, and secure control over their profile picture and linked data.

The Liquid Avatar uses multi-layered technology, which includes a Visual or Presentation Layer, Public Data Layer, Private Data Layer, and a Security and Authentication Layer.

1. The Visual Layer

It is what others see and what a user sends when they share their Liquid Avatar and it contains a unique, personalized DotCode, allowing others to instantly scan and read the
public information.

2. The Public Data Layer

It contains “keys” to the items the user wishes to share with everyone. This could be social media and other information that people can generally see about a person when
they’re online.

3. The Private Data Layer

It contains information that requires authentication by the user and another party to be able to access that data. These could be “keys” to passwords, certain records, and information. Only the user can confirm the permission for others to view using multi-factor authentication.

4. The Security Layer

It provides a host of features that ensure that “you are you”. This will include a reusable Digital Identity provided by KABN ID and other authenticated DID providers.

Top Features of Liquid Avatar App

Creating cartoon avatars is fun. But, have you ever thought about how avatar makers can help you protect your digital identity? The Liquid Avatar app can help you with that. With features like Liquid Avatar locker, digital wallets, cloud-based bio-metric verification, it is among the distinct anime avatar creators, that protect your digital identity and manage your presence online. Let’s get to its amazing features.

1. Make a Character & Gate Digital Information

Liquid Avatar app free works on a multi-layered technology, which has 4 layers. Liquid Avatars include a Visual or Presentation Layer, Public Data Layer, Private Data Layer, and a Security and Authentication Layer.

  • Create an avatar with the presentation layer of the app
  • Information that everyone has access to is the public layer
  • Secure information can be gated and only shared with certain contacts in the private layer
  • Protect your identity with the security layer
  • Share your avatar and information through a code scanner

Liquid Avatar

2. Liquid Avatar Locker

Liquid Avatar Locker lets you store and manage your Liquid Avatar icons. Also, you can add, change and update your Liquid Avatar app icons for the personas you create.

3. Liquid Wallets

The anime character maker app connects your Liquid Avatar to digital wallets, verifiable credentials, and more. It also secures your digital identity by providing you with the ability to use  Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) wallets and services that are interoperable with all Trust over IP open standards. They are also working on ways to bring other non-interoperable wallets to Liquid Avatar and allow users to access 3rd party proprietary services.

4. Cloud-based Biometric Verification

Liquid Scanner app verifies your identity with a cloud-based biometric face scanner, which ensures that the only people you authenticate can have access to your information, credentials, wallets, and Liquid Avatar images and icons.

The cloud-based biometric verification starts with facial recognition and supports most camera-enabled devices. Even if your device is lost, damaged, or compromised, your identity and data will be safe.

Liquid Avatar

5. Digital Identity Protection

The Liquid Avatar app utilizes blockchain technology to safeguard your private data from people you don’t want to share your information with. You can also segment your groups such as friends, school, social media, business, family, and more by creating different icons.

Liquid Avatar

6, Verified Customer Community

Once you have successfully created your liquid avatar, you can now become a part of the verified Liquid Avatar Community, which is created for trusted users. As a part of a trusted community, you can ask questions, play games, and do your branding as well.

How to use Liquid Avatar App?

Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can make Avatars & protect your information.

  1. Create your Liquid Avatar - Liquid Avatar Creation
  2. Go through the steps on how to create and verify your account - Account Creation & Identity Verification
  3. See what you can currently do within the app, including managing your profile - Profile Overview
  4. A full walkthrough of setting up and using your app - Liquid Avatar App Walkthrough
  5. Learn how to share your Liquid Avatar in the app - How to Share
  6. Create app personas with different avatars and personal data - How to Create Personas
  7. View and edit your avatars in your locker - How to Manage Your Locker

Latest Update

The PHAZER Universe is coming to Liquid Avatar with Integrated Multi-Media, Avatars and AR-Enhanced, Cinematic Collector NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)


Liquid Avatar accounts are free, and avatars may be created for free, or premium avatars can be purchased from the Liquid Avatar Marketplace where dozens of different styles are available. The Liquid Avatar app is completely free to use.

Hits/ Strikes


  • Make Avatars & protect your Information
  • 5000+ active installs of the app 
  • Secure your digital identity with multi-layered technology
  • A Cloud-based biometric face scanner
  • Connect your Liquid Avatar to digital wallets
  • Liquid Avatar Locker
  • Available on google play store and app store
  • AR-enhanced experience
  • Free to use


  • Customizer is limited.

Liquid Avatar Reviews, Ratings, and Additional Information

Liquid Avatar

MAD Ratings 

Design- 4.2 stars
Usability- 4.5 stars
Features- 4.5 stars
Reliability- 4.8 stars

MAD Verdict

The Liquid Avatar app can be counted among the most secure custom avatars creator apps available on Google Play Store and App Store. It creates some of the most visually appealing and personalized avatar emojis, which not only describes “who you are” but also helps you in securing your digital identity with a cloud-based bio-metric face scanner backed by NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Using the Liquid Avatar app (iOS, Android, and web), a user can create their own online personality and style. The app has reached more than 5000+ active installs and is free to use. So, give yourself a new look with this cartoon creator app. For more information, get your own Liquid Avatar app, please visit or get the Liquid Avatar free download.

Do you have something amazing like Liquid Avatar? Our team will review your app and help you increase its outreach by presenting it in front of the right audience. You can get your app reviewed by us.

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