Last Pirate Survival Game: Test Your Odds

Do you have the right skills to pull through the hurdles on a distant island?

Updated on April 05, 2024
Last Pirate Survival Game: Test Your Odds

Leon C. Megginson -

"It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change."

The above statement strongly connects with the Last Pirate survival game.

If you are looking for a game that can ignite the thrills of survival and adventure together, Last Pirate Island Survival is a super thrilling survival pirate game that can keep you hooked for hours.

In our Last Pirate Island Survival app review, we will take you through the gameplay of this app and its exciting features.

About the Last Pirate Island Survival App

Last Pirate is one of the best survival game apps that comes packed with the most advanced free Pirate Survival simulator. The adventure game better relates to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, where the lead character is stuck on an island and gets through purely with his survival skills.

The storyline unfolds at a lost island, from where the player has to make his way. For survival, the player has to collect different objects like wood and coins from the island and add up to his food chest and inventory. The objects will help the player to build a raft on which the player can go fishing and keep himself alive.

Other vital elements of the game include:

  • Barrels
  • Crates
  • Piles to rifle
  • Coins
  • Trees
  • Stones
  • Fur pelts

But that’s not all. The journey is full of dangerous creatures from the afterlife zombies, bears, and other monsters like Kraken and Godzilla. The only way to stay safe is by killing these monsters.

With time, the character becomes skillful and masters war-crafts like using the stone hatchet, stone pickaxe, stone spear, and more. New challenges pop up from time to time.

How to Go With Last Pirate: Island Survival Game?

When you are ready to be a nomad and have survived until the stipulated duration on the island, it’s crucial that you go by the rule book.

At the onset of this adventure game, you will find yourself on a beach with remnants of a shipwreck, palm trees, and a few hens. Not to forget, the shipwreck will be your first shelter.

Before you head out to endure the hurdles of the island, keep track of the gauges that are on the screen.

The green color gauze is the health bar, which, of course, indicates the left out energy. Then there are gauges for hunger and hydration, which increase or decrease depending upon your game activities. It also signifies that it’s just not the wild animals, zombies, and skeletons that you have to survive, but you even have to race against time to make ends meet.

Then there are the loot items that you need to collect throughout your way. The availability of all these loots can vary from places to places and must be grasped at first sight. You can even craft new items depending upon your needs. The items that can be crafted include:

  • Axes
  • Knives
  • Bows
  • Spears
  • Torches
  • Containers and more.

As it’s an island, the existence of wild animals is inevitable. These wild animals can be a danger, as well as advantageous for you. If killed, animals can provide you meat, fat, bone, and pelts. But if not handled, they can put an end to your journey.

Last Pirate: Survival Island In-App Purchases

To survive on the island as a nomad, the player will require coins. There are places on the island where the player can find the coins, but to propel your stay, one may need additional coins, which he/she may grab from the in-app purchases.

The following are the different coin packs of the adventure game app:

  • 100 Golden Coins- $1.99
  • 390 Golden Coins- $4.99
  • 755 Golden Coins- $10.99
  • 2500 Golden Coins- 24.99
  • 500 Golden Coins- $9.99
  • 1520 Golden Coins- $19.99
  • 4000 Golden Coins- $49.99

Apart from this, the player can even go for the survival pack and domination pack pro, for which, the prices are as under:

  • Survival Pack- $1.99
  • Domination Pack Pro- $3.99

MAD Verdict: Last Pirate Review

Unlike many other survival games apps, the Last Pirate starts with you hitting the ground running, which can be a surprise for many players. But that’s not a worry because it’s evident from the game’s settings and surroundings about the gameplay.

The survival pirate game controls are easy and the player can master it within minutes. And being a retro game, the graphics are quite decent.

As the game is new to the app stores, we can expect additional features and functionalities to make the game more exciting. There can be improvements regarding the storyline tutorial, which many players prefer to watch before getting into a game. Rest, we need to wait and watch.

Till then, download the Last Pirate Island Survival app and unleash the retro-driven gaming streak.

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