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Caviar: Get Food Delivered At Your Doorstep

Your first delivery fee is always on Caviar. Another reason to love this food delivery app!

Updated on January 31, 2020
Caviar: Get Food Delivered At Your Doorstep

With the high rise in technology, people nowadays look for a mobile app to get their work done. From buying groceries to bank transactions, everything can now be done through mobile apps. Human life is so dependent on mobile apps that people have started to rely on mobile apps for getting food also. 

Food delivery apps have just made the lives of busy people so much simpler with their variety of choices, hundreds of local restaurants, free and fast delivery. 

Food Delivery apps have become an instant popular choice among the users and are not going to go down anytime soon. And today we will be sharing a comprehensive app review of one such app that is known among the top apps used for delivering food, ‘Caviar.’ 

best food delivery app to order

What Exactly is the Caviar App? 

A food delivery app that connects users with the best local restaurants near them. The app gives a meal delivery service option and you can also order food for pickup. The Caviar app was founded in 2019 and was recently acquired by DoorDash for $410 million.

The app offers excellent learning opportunities for its delivery employees and also gives them an accidental insurance policy so that they are protected while they are delivering food to the users. 

Tony Xu, co-founder, and CEO, DashDoor said, 

“We are excited to announce that DashDoor is acquiring Caviar. The combination of DashDoor and Caviar will create the most differentiated company in the industry, which is able to offer customers wide-ranging merchant selection.”

Distinct Features of Caviar App

Caviar, a food delivery app, has access to a wide range of local restaurants providing a variety of food at your doorstep. Check out these primary features that you’ll find in the Caviar app. 

  • First Delivery fee-free - The first time you order through the Caviar app you will not be charged a delivery fee. 
  • Accidental Insurance for delivery employees - Caviar wants to ensure the safety of its delivery employees so it provides them with accidental insurance. 
  • Order for Delivery or pickup - The app also gives you the option to pick your food so if your location is somewhere near the restaurant, order through the app and apply the caviar app promo code and pick your food. 
  • GPS tracker - The delivery boy updates the status of your order so that you can keep a track of your food. 

Areas Where Caviar App Serves

The food ordering platform currently serves a limited number of areas including Boston, Brooklyn & Queens, Chicago, IL, Dallas, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas, Greater Philadelphia, PA, Los Angeles, Manhattan, NY, Marin Country, McCormick Place, North Jersey, New Jersey, Northern Virginia, Orange County, Peninsula, Philadelphia, Portland, Richmond, Rockville, SF: East Bay, Sacramento, and San Diego.

But the Caviar delivery app is working hard to expand its reach to new locations and allow users to order fast food from their favorite restaurant with real-time GPS tracking. 

Caviar App Review

How Much Does the Caviar App Cost?

The whole food delivery app, Caviar provides two options for its users - self-pickup and home delivery. 

For self-pickup: There is no minimum order and no extra charges on the Caviar app. 

For Home delivery:  The fee ranges from 0 to $8.99 depending upon your distance from the restaurant you are ordering at, plus a service fee of 18% of the total order whenever you get home delivery through Caviar. 

MAD Verdict - Caviar App Review

Food delivery apps have turned out to be a blessing for young generations who are so packed in their schedule that they don’t get enough time to get food for themselves.

Caviar, a food delivery app lets you order food from the best local restaurants in the USA. The app is very simple to use and has minimal charges for delivering your food at your doorstep. The food delivery service app should work to improve its customer support feature to give a better food ordering experience for its users. 

However, in order to have the best experience, we at MobileAppDaily recommend our users to take a look at the precise app reviews and before making the final decision of installing that particular mobile app.  

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