Hinge Review- Find Your Perfect Better Half Here!

Find your better half today with Hinge app filters and preferences

Updated on April 08, 2024
Hinge Review- Find Your Perfect Better Half Here!

Dating apps have changed the scenario of finding people to date. When traditional ways of dating were not a cup of tea for everyone, these dating apps came to the rescue. And soon, they became a part of our everyday lives. Well, dating apps are also able to offer a safe space to introverts and socially anxious people, which also helped them in getting a boost in the market.

A report by BusinessofApps states, dating apps generated a revenue threshold of USD 3.08 billion globally in 2020. It was a huge growth compared to 2018-2019 when the dating app revenue increased from USD 2.23 billion to USD 2.52 billion globally.

Anyway, now that there are many top mobile app development companies that build dating apps available in the market, it is quite confusing to actually trust one app. Thus, we have decided to give you an insight review of one of the top dating apps in the world- Hinge. Furthermore, you will find an introduction to the Hinge dating app along with a look into its features, reviews, and other information.

Hinge dating app review- History and Introduction

Hinge dating app works with a motto of “helping people find long-term connections”. Founded in 2012 by Justin McLeod, Hinge got its first mobile app in 2013. The real journey of the Hinge dating app began when The New York Times mentioned the Hinge app more than other dating apps in 2017.

Initially, until 2018, Hinge was dependent on Facebook as well. The app required a Facebook login and predicted compatibility according to the Friends of Friends algorithm. In 2018, the Hinge dating app brought other log-in options as well and ended its dependency on Facebook.

Hinge dating review- Features of Hinge app

Furthermore, we are discussing a few crucial features of the Hinge app as a part of this Hinge review. Later, we will have a look at other parts of this Hinge review like Pros, Cons, and additional information later.

1. Finds the most compatible partner for you

Hinge App Review

Hinge has an algorithm that is designed to learn your preferences. Accordingly, you can download the Hinge app to find the partner that suits you best. Hinge online dating app believes in being a reason that you ditch dating apps by finding someone perfectly made for you.

2. Basic features are free

Hinge App Review

Hinge online dating app has a few basic features that will not cost you any fee. Moreover, you do not even need to sign up with a debit or credit card to utilize the benefits of these features. You can like profiles up to a limited number of times within 24 hours for free. Moreover, each week, you get One Rose to send someone who you want to get noticed by easily.

3. Premium features unlock more opportunities

Hinge App Review

The Hinge app download comes with a few premium features that will make creating a Hinge profile worth it. These features of the Hinge dating and relationships app include unlimited likes, see who liked you, and setting advanced preferences.

4. Available in more than 20 countries

With more than 5 million users, Hinge dating and relationships services are available in 20+ countries, including the USA, India, Canada, Australia, the UK, and more. These countries have a well-established network of Hinge users. So, you can join the app from anywhere in the world.

5. The majority of Hinge users are millennials

Users from the age group of 25 to 34 have the majority share in Hinge app downloads. Moreover, according to Hinge dating reviews shared by many millennials, Hinge is a perfect app for them. As a better alternative to Tinder, Hinge dating reviews have praised the dating app quite often. The app is also inclusive and can be considered as one of the safest dating apps for LGBTQ communities as well.

6. Hinge subscription costs

The Hinge app comes with three plans for premium subscriptions. Let’s have a look at them-

Hinge App Subscription Costs

Type of Subscription

Cost of Subscription


$29.99 per month


$19.99 per month


$14.99 per month

Hinge dating app review- Pros and Cons

Furthermore, we are having a look at the pros and cons as the crucial part of this Hinge dating app review.

Hinge dating app review - Pros

  • Too many options for shortlisting preferences
  • Free basic features
  • Free conversations with matches
  • Easy to report fake profiles
  • Active customer care assistance

Hinge app review- Cons

  • Expensive premium features
  • Way less basic features compared to Tinder
  • Making fake profiles is easy

Additional information for the Hinge app review

Additional information

MAD rating

Navigation- 4.7
User Interface- 4.5
Features- 4.6
Security- 4.8

To conclude, Hinge, one of the top dating apps like Tinder, is still evolving and growing to compete with alternatives like Tinder. Even though for now, Tinder has a bigger user base than Hinge, surely, the Hinge dating app has the potential of catching up with it, and maybe soon, it will rule the future of dating apps. If you are impressed with the features of the Hinge dating app, you should definitely download the Hinge app without more delays and give it a shot. Who knows who you end up finding here!

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