DooriGo App: Assures Your Complete Security

With DooriGo, your loved ones can be assured of your security and you also get an option to send your location.

Updated on April 05, 2024
DooriGo App: Assures Your Complete Security

To achieve the best in life, you need to push your boundaries and work outside your comfort zones. You brush your edges every day to become a hustler and stand out. With such empowering spirits, you have to move out of your hometown and leave your loved ones behind to embrace glory and make them proud of the person you are set to become.

It is not possible to talk to people every day in your busy schedule and there can be a number of reasons as to why you chose to live independently.

Today, we have got an app for you that will ensure your safety and update your loved ones about your health and location efficiently so that they can catch up on you. And here we’re talking about the DooriGo app.

Without taking much time ahead, let’s unravel DooriGo in our detailed app review below and see what the app has to offer.

What is DooriGo App All About?

DooriGo is set to take care of you by asking you about your health on a daily basis on a set time according to your convenience. While you are required to respond to the app as soon as you can on set hours which can vary from 6 to 72 based on your choice.

If you don’t reply to DooriGo on a prerequisite timing, then the app will ensure that your last location is sent to people from your selected contact list through a mail and asks your contacts to catch up on you manually.

Co-Founders take:

“Life is full of uncertainties,” said DooriGo co-founders Ji-Young Kim and Jennifer Davis.  “We could be healthy and independent one minute, then facing a crisis next. DooriGo aims to help you stay connected with your chosen contacts, so you’re not left alone in need of help when emergency strikes, whatever your age.”

A striking fact about DooriGo is that the name itself is a hybrid of the Korean word “doori” meaning “two people” and the English word “go” - to imply “going together.”

DooriGo App Review

How to Get Started With DooriGo?

DooriGo is a highly customizable mobile application that you can get your hands on. Below mentioned are the ways of how to get started with Doorigo safety app:

  • Download and install DooriGo from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and add your basic details like name, mobile number, email id.
  • Set your own password and make a payment through your card.
  • Select frequencies of billing and daily texts with other options like preferred daily text time, wait period before the app reach outs to you.

After choosing all these options, you have to select your desired contacts that Doorigo can share your information with once you don’t reply to the app.

Notable Features of DooriGo App

The app keeps you in priority and understands your independence. Below are the listed features of DooriGo, mobile tracker app that can help you to be safe and your loved ones informed:

  • Daily Report: The app checks on you daily and asks you if you’re alright and sound, you’re supposed to respond to the app within set hours.
  • Send Alerts: If you have not responded to the messages sent by the app, then people selected by you from your contact list will be sent a mail including your location.
  • GPS Tracking: The app sends your location to your chosen contacts through the mail so that they can reach out to you in case of any emergency.
  • Hold Your Report: You can choose to pause the app for a specified time period in case you want to isolate yourself.

These features can help you and your loved ones to know about your whereabouts in an effective way and lets you live independently on your own terms.

Do You Really Need DooriGo?

Its a choice and a necessity sometimes to stay independently or isolated from your friends or family members, but you cannot completely detach yourself from them as they are an integral part of your life and care about your well being.

With an app like DooriGo, you can give your loved ones a sigh of relief by letting them know that you are doing alright without having to contact them. The app offers great functionalities that can help you to share your location to let others know about the place you’re currently at.

Pricing Plan Of DooriGo?

DooriGo makes sure that your people are well aware of you and your health and comes with a billing frequency of:

  • $0.99/ month (Monthly Auto-Renewal)
  • $1.99/ month (One-time payment)

If you choose the annual plan of DooriGo, then you will be charged $19.99 annually.

Note: Your card details will be saved by DooriGo and the first month of your subscription will be free of cost. You can choose to cancel your plan within your free trial period if you want.

mobile tracker app

MAD Verdict: DooriGo App Review

DooriGo is a plain sailing mobile application to use which is adamant to make your safety a top priority. DooriGo monitors your texts and if you are unable to revert back to the app, then it makes sure to send your location to contacts that you have allowed DooriGo to share your messages with.

The app is one of the best GPS location tracker app that you can use to help your know people to have an idea about you and they are satisfied. 

In case of any emergency, an app like DooriGo can help you save all your valuable information like bank account details, location of will and so forth while being accessible to your shared contacts and encrypted to adhere to the security norms.

So why not try an app that can aware of your loved ones and knows your location to keep their worries at bay. Read our detailed app reviews to know more about multitudinous mobile applications.

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