Crave TV - Stream Shows & Movies From HBO & More

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Updated on May 20, 2021
Crave TV - Stream Shows & Movies From HBO & More

In the last few years, the entertainment industry has changed so much. Especially during the Covid 19, when everything was on hold and theatres were closed, streaming networks saw a growth in their popularity with an unimaginable count. Even though it is much safer and convenient to use streaming apps, still, it can be an expensive and annoying choice for a few. Why? Well, with so many streaming services, there are so many exclusives being released on each platform. Therefore, you need to get multiple subscriptions to enjoy all of them.

Crave, cleverly identified and targeted this issue. The Crave app provides you a single platform with a single subscription to enjoy exclusive content from platforms such as HBO, Starz, and SUPER ECRAN, among others. With a huge range of shows and movies to stream, Crave TV app is a perfect entertainment companion for you.

History of Crave streaming service

Owned by Bell Media, Crave is a Canadian subscription service that was earlier known as the Crave TV in the market. The service was initially founded in 2014. At the time of its announcement, Bell TV used “Project Latte” as its title. Later, in December 2014, the official CraveTV title was revealed to the general public.

Crave’s journey somehow began when Netflix launched itself in 2010. Many local media companies and cinema operators decided to jump in the race as well, which resulted in a few video-on-demand platforms such as Cineplex store and streaming service Shomi.

When CraveTV was released, its subscription service was available at a monthly price of $4, which was equivalent to a cup of latte in Canada at that time. With time, Crave witnessed revisions in its prices along with the platform upgrades and content additions.

Features of Crave TV app

Before we proceed towards the Crave review, let’s have a look at the features that make Crave TV app one of the best streaming TV apps for streaming.

1. Watch hundreds of shows and movies

Crave app

The Crave app includes a huge range of shows from esteemed platforms like HBO and Starz for you to stream. Be it horror, romance, thriller, or comedy, Crave download provides you access to the world of never-ending entertainment.

2. Supports cross-platform usage

Crave TV shows

Crave has been developed with the help of one of the best hybrid app frameworks. Therefore, you do not have to worry about buying multiple accounts for multiple devices. One subscription can give you access to the Crave TV shows from your phone, tablets, or website.

3. Stream content in multiple languages

Crave streaming

Download the Crave app without thinking twice if you love watching content in more than one language. Crave streaming service unlocks a world of shows and movies in languages such as French, Korean, and English, among others. So, you can just keep up with the entertainment that suits perfectly to your taste.

4. Comes with subscription plans

Crave streaming service offers multiple types of subscription plans for your various needs. Let’s have a look at these packages along with their costs. Before you pay for the service, you can also access a Crave tv free trial for 7-days to make yourself sure of its quality services.

Monthly Crave Subscriptions

Pros and Cons of Crave

Crave app has advantages that foreshadow its cons. For anyone who loves high-quality entertainment, the Crave streaming service is the best choice. However, let’s have a look at its other pros and cons (if any) as well.

Pros of Crave TV

  • Watch high quality shows from Crave tv channels 
  • Stream HBO shows and Starz shows as well
  • Watch international shows with its subscriptions
  • Stream Crave originals that you will not find anywhere else

Cons of CraveTV

  • Comes with expensive subscriptions

Additional information for Crave TV app

MAD Rating  

Features- 4.6
UI/UX- 4.5
Security- 4.4
Pricing- 4.1

To conclude, Crave has almost everything you need for an amazing binge-watching experience. Moreover, the free 7-days trial makes sure you are satisfied before you plan to invest the money. Now, if you are looking for a subscription service that includes movies as well, Crave might be the one perfect choice for you. And, it’s a perfect choice for lovers of high-quality shows of many genres as well.

If you are reading this Crave review to get inspiration for your next app, hopefully, it is useful. Moreover, you can also get your app reviewed once it is developed. It will help you in identifying its real potential in the market and if any changes are required before finally publishing it.

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