Boomrang App Review- Make Funny Prank Calls

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Updated on April 07, 2023
Boomrang App Review- Make Funny Prank Calls

Prank calls have entertained humanity for decades and with time, ways to make these calls have evolved alongside technology. In the 21st century, we are lucky to have tools like Boomrang which make pranking more entertaining. To help you understand why Boomrang Prank Calls are fun, we will have to take you through its background, features, and other details in this Boomrang app review. So let’s get started!

Background of Boomrang

"There is not enough laughter in the world."

-Founder of Boomrang

The Boomrang app was launched on October 06, 2020 by the owner of Impulz Technologies. The goal behind launching this top prank call app was to provide users with a tool that could entertain them, help them make memories, and spread laughter in the process. There are some features that the best prank call app offers, let’s have a look at them.

Features of Boomrang

Boomrang is used by Android and iOS users to make funny prank calls. But that is not its only special feature. To try the features of this prank call app for free, you can simply install and use the free credits you get for the first-time installation. 

These free credits will let you make the best free prank calls for a while so you can test the app and buy more credits to keep using it.

1. Includes a list of pranks

choose from a list of pranks

You probably will never get bored of this best prank call app and the reason is its list of multiple pranks that will keep you hooked to the app. You can pick a Chinese Restaurant prank to let the AI call and pretend to be a Chinese restaurant owner asking for the order’s price; you can also call and pretend that the call is from a person delivering a funny package. There is a range of such fun pranks to try.

2. Save the receiver’s recordings of getting pranked

get the recording of your prank call

The best app to prank calls lets you use its system to make calls and save recordings of the receiver getting pranked. If you want, this one of the top audio prank apps will save the entire conversation in an audio format.

3. Uses AI to make pranks smarter

send the prank call through our system

As these are automated pranks, it is important to make them sound natural. This best prank apps takes care of that part by integrating a smart AI. This AI stops whenever a person starts responding and responds in real time to make pranks sound real.

How to use Boomrang

Install the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to start using the Boomrang app. As mentioned above, as soon as you install the app, you get 2-free credits to make free prank calls.

  • Once the installation is done, open the screen to land on the page with subscription details
  • Pick a subscription or skip to receive 2-free credits
  • Pick one of the pranks calls from the list
  • Click on the Play button under each prank to hear them
  • Click on the Send button to pick a contact to send the prank
  • The Wallet sign on the top right corner gives you details of your credit balance
  • You can get more credits by clicking on the Get More Credits button
  • To check your prank history, you can click on the Calls button given in the middle

Planned future updates for Boomrang

  • Developers are planning to integrate the Spanish language into this funny prank call app
  • Another feature to provide autogenerated calls that use text-to-speech ability is also in development

Additional features of Boomrang

Additional features of Boomrang

Wrapping up

Well, that is all for this Boomrang review. But before winding up this review of the Boomrang mobile app, here’s our opinion: The Boomrang app is perfect for some lightweight fun that you can have with multiple people. There are features like Love calls that let you prank more than one person at the same time. So, to change moods and spread laughter, you can definitely trust Boomrang. 

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