10 Best Voice Changer Apps for iOS to Download Right Away

In this article, we have listed the top voice changer apps that can be used for fun as well as practical reasons. These apps have been shortlisted on the basis of their features, ratings, and functionalities.
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January 31, 2023
voice changer apps for ios
Nothing beats a good prank, but it may be difficult to carry off, especially when you want to portray yourself as someone else over the phone or videoconference. If your friends always identify your voice, a voice-changer app can help.

The ability to distort your voice to the point where it is completely unrecognizable is as thrilling today as it was when it was first invented. The idea of replacing your voice with something fanciful can be used for fun and practical reasons.

Good voice-changing apps are hard to come by. The irony is that the smartphone is an ideal medium for producing and preserving such sound, but the audience is admittedly small. So, this is a challenging subject to investigate.

However, some developers have created great prank apps that can change your voice in various ways other than the imitation approaches commonly seen in the App Store. Below are the widely used voice changer iOS apps.

Here are the best voice changer apps, which are also free voice changers. So, if you are someone who’s into good voice changers that best suites smartphones, this article is for you.

Our Top Picks

In recent years, voice changer apps have been one of the most overlooked genres of entertaining smartphone applications. Here is a list of the finest voice changer apps for iOS or apps that change your voice. You can use this top voice prank app to have fun with your friends and make some entertaining memories.

Best Voice Changer Apps for iOS

All these apps have the easiest-to-understand user interface, features, and updates every user should look out for. So, without wasting much time, let's look at some of the best AI voice generators. Here are the 10 best voice modulation app you don’t want to miss.

Call Recorder

Apple 4.6

Call Recorder for iPhone saves any incoming or outgoing call in seconds. Convert your phone conversations into useful voice notes for later use. It's a must-have app for both personal and business calls.

Notable Features of Call Recorder, a voice changing app

  • There are no restrictions on recording incoming and outgoing calls
  • Take advantage of clear calls with high-quality recordings
  • Simply enter the contacts you require and begin recording
Download Call Recorder


Apple 4.5

With Voxbox, you need to simply tap and speak into the microphone to instantaneously transform your voice to that of any celebrity. It will recognize the voice automatically. For the first time, you can speak whatever you want in English, and it will take no more than a few seconds to generate a video of your modified voice back to you.

Notable Features of VoxBox, a voice changing app

  • VoxBox creates technology and user-generated voice using user-generated material
  • The users can easily change the pitch and texture of their voice
  • You can save and share the video with your new voice as well
Download VoxBox

Funcall - Voice Changer & Rec

Apple 3.5

Funcall, one of the best and free voice changer apps, makes international calls to landlines and cell phones simple and inexpensive. Funcalls has you covered whether you want to make a standard call or turn your voice into something altogether different. You may communicate with your friends and family from anywhere in the world.

Notable Features of Funcall, one of the best voice changing apps

  • Record your calls and listen to them later or share them with your friends
  • Can make a demo call to hear your voice change before placing your call
  • Get amusing and hilarious sound effects and voice changers to jazz up your discussions
Download Funcall - Voice Changer & Rec

Celebrity Voice Changer Parody

Apple 4.2

Celebrity Voice Changer, a real-time voice changer, allows you to immediately alter your voice to any celebrity voice by simply speaking into a microphone. This is not a low-cost voice changer like others on the market. Instead, it's a free voice changer app. 

Notable Features of Celebrity Voice Changer Parody, the best voice changer app

  • It supports recording and audio voice changing
  • You have the option of selecting high-quality audio effects
  • It has an easy-to-use user interface
Download Celebrity Voice Changer Parody
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Live Voice Changer

Apple 4.5

The app transforms your iOS smartphone into a voice changer app during call. You can use it to play prank calls on your buddies. It is also a superb audio recording tool. The software can modify your voice in real time and acts as a voice changer app during calls. 

Notable Features of Live Voice Changer, a voice changer app during call

  • You can choose from 11 different live voices
  • Adjust the tone color with a specially developed 12-band equalizer.
  • There is also a live microphone with 15 reverb effects
Download Live Voice Changer

Rev Call Recorder

Apple 4.4

Rev Call Recorder is the only iPhone software that allows you to record calls in a single step. There will be no more fumbling with call merging with other apps. To top this off, call recording is 100% free, with no restrictions on incoming or outgoing calls.

Notable Features of Rev Call Recorder, the best voice changer

  • Recording and playback of high quality
  • You can freely share and export your recordings (via email, Dropbox, SMS etc.)
  • The best app for recording phone calls for journalists, podcasters, and content providers
Download Rev Call Recorder

Voice Changer

Apple 4.0

This is an essential tool for recording speech or other sounds, be it Android or be it a voice changer iOS app. It lets you record sounds and instantly apply special effects to make them more interesting. For example, you can make yourself sound like a guy, woman, or child, or use other effects. You can use this voice changer app for free. 

Notable Features of Voice Changer, the best voice changer app

  • The built-in recorder makes it simple to record sounds
  • It is quite simple to select amusing voice effects
  • Enjoy the playback right away
Download Voice Changer

Voice Changer Plus

Apple 4.6

Voice Changer Plus, the best voice changer allows you to change your voice in interesting and exciting ways! Choose from a variety of amusing voices and sound effects. For example, try singing with Bad Melody or Bad Harmony instead of just talking! You can even reverse your voice. 

Notable Features of Voice Changer Plus, the best real-time voice changer

  • With 55 voice effects and background sounds, you can change your voice
  • It's completely free to store and share your recordings
  • Open previously-stored recordings to add more effects
Download Voice Changer Plus

Famous Voice Changer

Apple 4.1

Simply speak while impersonating renowned celebs. The deep-learning voice AI will blow your mind. The users get to choose from a variety of voices. It's a widely used voice modulation app. Also, the app is easy to use and download. 

Notable Features of Famous Voice Changer, the best voice modulation app

  • Choose a voice, hold it for a few seconds to record, and wait to modify your voice
  • Discover amusing videos created with video editing software and be delighted for hours
  • It takes a few seconds to make a video of your modified voice being sent to you
Download Famous Voice Changer

Funny Voice Effects & Changer

Apple 4.2

It's a simple and enjoyable technique to make your voice sound like that of others. To record a brief video, choose a voice or hold. Then, it will apply a cool realistic effect to your voice in seconds.

Notable Features of Funny Voice Effects & Changer, the free voice changer app

  • Save the recording and then add realistic sound effects
  • Select from dozens of amusing sound effects such as robot, bunny, alien, and ghost
  • Make a voice recording or a video
Download Funny Voice Effects & Changer
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Have you ever imagined how your voice would sound if you were a cartoon character, a robot, or a younger version of yourself? Changing the tone of your voice has never been easier, regardless of the Smartphone model, because voice changer applications or voice modulation app can be utilized on iPhone devices. These apps are fun to use and understand and are ideal voice changer for mobile devices. You can use all these voice changer apps for free. These voice-changers for mobile are surely entertaining!

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